Not disappeared; just slacking…


I don’t have an excuse like lack of sun to fire up my power, as  GOF occasionally uses, (not with the wicked summer we’ve just had),  and I’m not frozen in the Australian winter as suggested by GOM (though I did leave DC when the thermometer read 100 F and 22 hours later walked out into a 50 F degree Sydney morning – and my body felt it could freeze!).
Nope; I’m just slacking off back in DC.    When I stayed with my eldest son & his wife my room-mate seemed to spend his days in idyllic slackness.  Halo would lie in the sun along the window sill above the spare bed.  I’m emulating him to a degree  by seeing summer out  as much as possible on the couch in air conditioning.
No, he’s not jammed in thereit just looks a bit like it.

When he wasn’t slacking he was scheming:


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  1. Let’s hear it for slacking and jamming and scheming! I have hibernated this summer almost as much as I do in the winter. But, it’s all good. 🙂 Nice to hear from you!

  2. Glad to see you back! We missed your birthday last month, so happy belated one. Hope you had wine and cake and all the chocolate you could devour in one day!

    It has been so confounded hot up here in the Northern Hemisphere. I think the only place that has defied the heat is San Francisco, which is swathed in its summer fog as usual. But I used the summer as an excuse to doze off a lot. Heat and siestas just seem to go together. 😉

  3. I missed your blogs! I was thrilled when I clicked on your name and your new post came up. Hope your Birthday was wonderful! Good to know you have been well and flipping back and forth around the world. 😉

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