A temperature to match the scene …


Today there was a correlation between the arid look of the  image I use as my screen background and the temperature. (I took the photo on Mauna Loa, Hawaii) 

Nearly 40 minutes later it’s 2 degrees hotter!   I’m really not looking forward to walking to the metro this afternoon.  I think I’ll take the shorter .8 mile route and try not to feel guilty about cutting short my daily exercise.

OK – now this is just ridiculous  –  this is Washington DC,  not Arizona …   I’m not feeling guilty about the shorter walk now.   Hell, I’m wondering how to make it shorter!


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  1. I have that same weather app on my computer, and our forecast looks very much like that (clouds and lightning). Our temp is a teensy bit lower, though. We’ve been “down” to 96-97 degrees the last few days…

    • I love that little weather app – mostly because it allows me to quickly swap between Fahrenheit & Celsius depending on whether I’m talking to Americans or Australians. I’d love to be back down to 96 🙂

  2. Wow, I can’t believe it’s hotter there than here. It’s 100 right now here. I don’t want to step outside. I can look out the window and see that it’s hot! lol

    • LOL – yeah it’s pretty bad when you can “see” heat. At work I don’t have a window but I get to see the effect of heat on anyone walking into the office – and those people weren’t looking pretty today! 🙂

    • Humidity is making the entire experience even more “special” now…. No pleasant evenings expected for the next week. Oh, I am so looking forward to that cold winter Jane keeps whinging about!

  3. Haha – it’s been 105 here in the last week, but it’s “only” 99 outside right now.

    I’m going to Death Valley in a couple of weeks. My guy is crossing his fingers for record temperatures there – it’s always been his dream to be there when the temperatures are 130 or above. 😛

  4. I can’t believe it: everyone here has hotter temperatures than where I sit, and I’m in California. It’s supposed to be in the 90s to 100 at this time of year, but it’s just 85 right now. The weather service says it’ll inch up into the high 90s by the 4th of July, but it’s still a lot cooler than last year, when we had the air conditioning running every afternoon through August. My friends in Minnesota in the meantime say it’s been in the 90s almost all month, and the humidity is killing them. I almost feel guilty listening to them. Almost. 😉

    • Almost is right. I had to wear pj’s and two blankets last night here near the bay, in the uninsulated bedroom. I remember being in HG’s city for the 4th several times and it was always in the 90’s or even over 100. The cats are enjoying the warm but not hot weather, and the open windows.

      Considering everything else is on fire and our firemen are probably elsewhere helping with that, it’s good we’ve been cooler. Plus, the guys who sell overpriced sweatshirts in San Francisco must be making a lot of money off tourists from icky-hot places (even more than they usually do). Also, my car has a dark gray interior and no A/C, so I’m good with it only being (checks) 70 out there at 4 PM.

    • @ HG LOL, yes you should feel guilty for enjoying your cooler weather while most of us are baking! 🙂 We’re forecast to have a hot week, we officially got to 104 today though my little weather app stayed on that 103 until I turned my computer off. There must be a lot of heat records being broken in the country at the moment.

  5. None of those weather apps that I have had around, or even the websites giving weather prognoses have been right lately. Blame it of being wrong and that there is no way in hell that it can be that hot 😉

  6. Exactly! We’re the same and we’re not MEANT to hit 100, let alone above. It did this last summer (for like 2 months). Plus, with drought, 200+ yo trees are dying — everything else is dead. The ground looks like white sand, although we’re not white sand, and it’s cracked.

    As GOF said, we’ll prolly get 2 years of flooding next. Oy.

  7. You’d think if the world is going to end in December the Supreme Organiser would at least have arranged for more pleasant weather leading up to it.
    Stay cool Emjay.

  8. I’m at work, all head-achy and cranky, because it is a balmy EIGHTY-EIGHT degrees. I must learn to count my blessings.

    I think everyone here needs a keg of iced champagne.

  9. OMG, I love those weather apps. It’s like a combination of extreme doom and total silliness. Did you see they have an app so you can be alerted when it rains?

    Have some iced tea my dear, it’s a rough summer for those of us out east.

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