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The house painting was finally finished on Saturday.  After dithering around  deciding on colours,  once we’d chosen Blackberry and Leapfrog we were anxious to get things started and finished but the weather really sucked.   We’d get a clear day and then a wet day or a clear morning with a stormy afternoon or just a straight out rainy day.    It was pretty frustrating.

So here is the before shot – ours is on the right:    ~

And here is after  – as well as painting we both had our stoop extended past the width of our front doors –  this should prevent any more visitors falling under the Japanese Maple:

The lady on our right also had her house painted – she changed her mind on the base colour when it was half done and then twice on her trim – it was interesting to come home not knowing what combination would be done while I was at work.   I think she’s happy now.

Here is our decorative flower plaque up close: ~

And here is the common flower –  a combination of our neighbour’s red accent and shutter colours with our Leapfrog: ~  

And here is the common faux window …  actually it is a real window but it goes into our closets (our houses are mirror images).   At one stage it would’ve provided light in the stairwells.   The common goal is to replace the boarding with glass bricks at some stage: 

Three others in our row have now signed up to have their houses painted so in a couple of month’s time there will be pretty houses all in a row.



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    • It’s lucky they complement considering neither of us talked about what colour we were going to use. I think the lady on our right changed hers when she saw that her original choice looked very dull up against ours. One of the reasons I wanted to start before the others was so I didn’t feel I had to select a colour based on what they’d chosen….

  1. I love it! I was worried the purple would be overwhelming, but with the light green shutters and white trim, it’s both elegant and fun. I’m not so keen on the blue your neighbor chose (robin’s egg? sky?) but it compliments your side nicely. You’ll have to throw a party and show off the new paint job!

    • Her blue is not quite as bright as the photo suggests though I’d probably not have thought to go with a red accent – but it ties together as she painted her wooden front door (it’s open in the photo so you can’t see it) in the same red and her decorative flower.

    • I’m told that the colours will fade a bit – we’ll see. I knew when we bought the house 5 years ago that I wanted to paint it but first we had to save the money and then we had to agree on a colour.

    • Purple and green are my favourite colours – though I always imagined having a greenish coloured house. LOL @ “pops” – that’s what the manservant said when he came into our street after they’d painted about half the house – “wow, it pops” ..

  2. Oh, I LOVE it! Both sides look lovely together, too! Blackberry and Leapfrog! The names are half the fun. I swear I choose paint colors half the time because I like the name. My daughter’s livingroom is “Pickle”. Our lovely chocolate brown garage door is “Monkeyshines”. One of my spare bedrooms I had to get around the name because I liked the color so much. The name was “Paper bag”. I mean….really!

    • Oh your paints have wonderful names – though I laughed at “Paper bag” I still think it sounds fun. One of the colours I liked was “Irresistible Iris” – sadly the manservant resisted having it.

    • Oh no – I should’ve put some exclamation marks there 🙂 Perhaps I thought everyone else would think it looked awful. I could tell when people at work didn’t like it – they’d say “I like the shutters” , “the guy did a good job on the flowers” or “dark colours make a house hot” LOL.

  3. I couldn’t picture it when you just had the samples up. It’s SO fun! It reminds me of when Ireland when I was little and all the villages painted their houses fun colours instead of the usual grey. So pretty. Love it!

  4. I love these bright and earthy colors! Adds nice character to the building. Where I lived in NH you’d think it was against the law to have anything but a white house.

    • LOL @ you’d think it was against the law to have anything but a white house. I think that happens in a lot of places – people in general are not very adventurous and it can be a bit scary to slap a lot of colour on a house – you have to live with it for years.

  5. I love it! The houses in our street are mostly fairly boring, either white or exposed pale brick, all except one which is approximately the blue of your neighbour’s house with white trim. It really stands out.

    • Thank you ginger. It’s funny how we had so much trouble choosing a main colour but the accent I chose from a paint chart and never considered any others. Luckily it worked! 🙂

    • I’m hoping we can do the glass bricks by the end of the year – I’ve started saving for our half. Luckily we get on well with our neighbour considering we have to agree on all the common things.

  6. Interesting to see the flow of colors from one rowhouse unit to the next (including some hints of color from the unit to the right of yours). It will be interesting, and hopefully pleasing, to see what develops as your neighbors join in! — JG

    • I love walking around our neighbourhood and entering a street where the row houses are painted all different colours. Even if some are colours I’d never consider, the flow of them along the street can be really pleasing to the eye.

  7. It must be such a joy to live inside these colors! You wouldn’t think they would complement each other, but by god they do. And the flower plaques are just full of joy.

    • It’s such a shame we don’t get to enjoy our colours from the inside. I need to prop a mirror in the Japanese Maple so I can sit in the armchair by the window and admire the outside.

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