Outside the lines…


People have now scribbled outside the lines of the  “Before I Die”  board and a poster has appeared –  First they Came for the Immigrants   –     “First they came for”   is the beginning of a quotation attributed to pastor Martin Niemoller   – though there is some argument as to when it was said (and if at all according to this site) ,   the quote/poem is often used now in relation to  human rights, constitutional rights,  individual rights and the danger of political apathy.

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  1. My FOX News-loving, flag-waving brother was pulled over by sheriff’s deputies last year as he was driving across Texas, and asked for proof of his citizenship. He and I don’t fit most people’s stereotypes of Asians: our skin is brown, our eyes are large, and we’re more “solid” in build. We laugh at the number of times we’ve been mistaken for Latino or Native American. I fear we won’t have much to laugh at if anti-immigrant sentiment continues to grow, however. I’m considering carrying my US passport if I leave the state. It’s almost a form of apartheid, American-style.

  2. Things have always been shitty and are getting shittier (being 40yo; my parents said a few years ago “I’m sorry for letting people do this to America. It used to be the Dream.”)

    I think everybody bitches about wherever they are and I *know* things are worse other places. That doesn’t mean we should allow things to go on here.

    In my area, a wall like that would’ve been painted over for having any liberal sayings and I guarantee you, I’ve never seen any such liberal agenda on display. People still fly the Confederate flag here (Missouri WAS NOT a Confederate state, something these people wish hadn’t been true…they are still hoping to secede and have slaves/ only white people/ no womens rights, etc.). I really should move away before I get too old because I don’t believe it’ll get better here having only seen the opposite. My sister moved away a few months ago and she just won’t shut up about how “crazy” it is that race isn’t an issue. Nobody even “gets” what living in a segregated society is like (we are not legally segregated but outsiders always talk about how weird it is here and I don’t mean out where I live…that’s just trees).

  3. I found this T-shirt in Seattle 5 years ago saying the following:

    Loved it and had to have it. Because it says about everything.

    America would be a very empty continent if we would remove all the foreigners. 😉

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