Before I die…..


A couple of days ago a large blackboard appeared on the side of a construction project…..  much more interesting than the usual plywood stuff:

Thursday 10th –  edited to add that I was just tidying up before closing the office for the day and came across today’s Washington Post newspaper.  There is a story on this board on the front page.  You can read it here



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  2. I see that someone wants to see a blue whale, someone wants to live in Detroit – and someone else wants to buy their parents a beach house! Why, oh, why isn’t there a blackboard like this over here?

  3. I love this, Emjay. As our society becomes more divided I like innovative ideas to bring people together.

    One city had a chalkboard next to an abandoned city lot; it said, “I’d like this space to become a……..” People had some great ideas; a community garden, playground, etc.

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