All in a row….


We decided on our paint color and then the weather turned too dicey for much painting….

We’re in this row of 13 little houses; houses that are only 16 feet wide.  Clicking on the photo will make the houses bigger….  

The bright blue is a nail salon, the back of which joins onto the first house of our row.  The patch job on their side is covering some nasty graffiti which appeared a couple of months ago.

Once upon a time all in the row were the same pale grey. Then one day a fanatical Redskins football fan bought 2 houses and painted them the team colours – yellow & maroon.  Hidden behind the tree is a bright green number and then the first showing the original grey.  The fawn one was painted last year while we were still dithering over colours.  The steel blue is a colour I might’ve chosen except they already had it – they also have a gorgeous purple front door.

To the left of the steel blue is our neighbor – her house is being painted at the same time as ours.  Then we have Emjay & her manservant’s house with their   newly painted (in Leapfrog) shutters  – the only thing that got painted before a couple of days of stormy weather.   Our neighbor on the left, Miss A, is also painting – yes we three got a deal from the painter.  The remainder of the row is in the original grey and it will be interesting to see if they are motivated to paint.

Hopefully we’ll get the trim finished and some Blackberry on the wall tomorrow!




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  1. It’s gonna look great! I just love that you 3 agreed to do it and got a deal. Keep us updated when the rest of the neighbors start following suit (make sure you get the painter’s business cards to give out!)

    • Yeah, it was funny how the deal came about – we asked for a quote and the guy did one and then said it’d be cheaper if we got one neighbour to paint and even cheaper if we got two. I wasn’t going to knock on doors and ask but the painter did and Miss A said yes straight away. It took the other lady a few weeks to agree.

  2. Yellow and maroon! Agh! Those are also the colors of the University of Minnesota’s Gophers. (I still laugh every time I hear the name: at the behest of an overpaid football coach, they redesigned the mascot so it looks a bit more buff and macho, lol.) One of the fraternities near the U painted their house yellow and maroon, so that it became something of a local landmark. “Turn right when you see the yellow and maroon house.” Then the fraternity got new management, and they ordered the house painted a bland white. I’m glad you’re choosing a more lively color. It’ll look a lot warmer in the winter, and your guests will be able to spot it among the other houses.

    • Just about everyone knows that my favourite colour is purple so first-time visitors always assume that the house with the beautiful purple front door is ours… LOL – that’s how we first got to know those neighbours when all our friends kept knocking on their door. Yellow & maroon is not a combination I like at all (and I think you’re right, it’s a sort of macho combination – I remember a lot of “hotted up” cars from my teenage years being that combination) and it’s been a very long time since the Redskins won a super bowl…

  3. heh my HS’s colors are “crimson and gold” or ketchup and mustard. At least when I graduated we got brand new white gowns instead of the stanky old yellow ones ( &the guys got a more burgundy color than the old red)

    • My school’s colors were Royal blue and gold – so regal LOL. The first line of our school song was “(town name) High proudly rally to our colors blue & gold” sung to a Beethoven tune while our motto was “success with honour” in Latin. A somewhat confused identity! 🙂

  4. 16 feet wide? On my I would feel claustrophobic I fear, especially in winter and with all that snow keeping you housebound. Painting is so scary, as nothing on the sample ever looks the same on the house. That is why I love brick homes, but even that was a difficult task agreeing on which brick style when we built.
    I love the fumes of free paint!

    • @ the free paint – we have enough to do some small projects like painting book shelves – though I’m not sure I want shelves in any of those colours! Yeah 16ft is not much – all the rooms are just in a row downstairs – lounge, dining, kitchen, sunroom – all 16 ft wide. Upstairs there is a hall running along one side so the rooms are narrower but longer as there are fewer of them (3 bedrooms/2 baths). The houses are brick – we thought about stripping the paint off but that is really expensive once they’ve been painted like these have.

    • I must say it’s looking pretty good – I just wish it’d stop raining so they could totally finish off the 3 houses. We’re mostly finished but there are little bits to touch up.

  5. I love it when houses do the wild (in the Midwest, you have RED barns–maybe white trim if they’re mental; white houses with neutral rooves OR the occasional John Mellencamp-literal pink house; hard to say which came first the song or the “movement” but we had some pink houses in the area before it came out…).

    Point is: usually brick (natural color) or white–usually…no rule. Oh, and of course log cabins are wood (natural color).

    • Yeah I know a lot of people don’t like painted brick – we thought about stripping the paint off and having that “distressed” look but it was very expensive and can be damaging to the brick. We’re the first ones to paint our decorative flower (those little white plaques along the top are flowers) and now the other neighbours want to do theirs! I thought ours was going to be different and I liked the idea of being the only ones.

  6. So … if the houses are 16 feet wide … and by clicking on them I can make them bigger … how wide are they after I click them? 20 feet? And if I keep clicking, does it continue to grow? And does that work exponentially because several other people have already clicked?

  7. Colourful street.
    My grandmom decided to paint her house white recently about the same time her neighbours did theirs. The neighbours painted their houses orange (yeah, orange!) and green (trust me!) as it happened, and the three houses look like the Indian flag now !

    • My local neighbourhood association is trying to get some properties listed as “heritage” – although it is important to keep the integrity of some of our historical buildings it must be frustrating to be restricted in what you can do/paint on a residential property.

  8. Hi Emjay, I’m a bit behind so I’m sure your house has long been painted by now. I’m sure it looks great. I’ve always loved it when houses are painted in bright colors. Very cheerful.

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