Which colour?


After 2 years of saying “we must paint the front of the house”  we’re finally ready to start  –  as soon as we decide on a colour!

It took us 3 weeks just to get to the point of selecting colours we’d like to try on the wall.   Now we’re stuck again.

And, once we’ve decided on the wall colour we’ll be back to the charts for the shutters.

So far painting seems to be a very frustrating experience.

We tried the paint in a couple of different places to see if that helped (it didn’t).  The guy wants to start tomorrow!  I think I’ll take a glass of wine out there and see if that helps the decision.


45 responses

  1. I like the blue at the top of the door (Federalist blue, I think it’s called by some decorators). The gray next to it would be my second choice, with a really bright color like the mauve or purple for the shutters. Purple as a door color is very popular in the Northwest, but painting an entire house that shade reminds me too much of a giant Easter egg or those overwrought Queen Anne houses in San Francisco that are sometimes painted four or five different colors. I want to tell those homeowners that one bad color is enough.

    (Of course, other people will be looking at it most of the time, not you….)

    • The house 2 along has a deep purple door – it looks great as a door but you’re right I wouldn’t want it for the entire wall. I did think I wanted a mauve colour but I’ve seen a few really bright purple houses on my walks and I’ve wondered if those people thought they were getting a nice mauve colour up till the moment the paint dried.

      LOL – we’ve also thought that it doesn’t matter what colour we use as we’ll only see it for 3 minutes as we walk up the street to the door.

  2. I kinda like the bright blue, it certainly would stand out. I like the other bluish green shade as well. I think it looks cool when there are a lot of houses in a row with bright colors on them. If it’s not like that in your neighborhood, maybe you can start a trend. On a related note, I am really glad my house was painted not long before I moved in because it still looks good and I wouldn’t want to have to make the color decision and especially make the payment! My front door is similar to the bright blue you have here. Although it’s mostly covered up by the storm door. :-/

    • Our row consists of 11 or 12 houses which were originally all the same grey painted brick. Then the end guy painted his (hideous) yellow with maroon trim and the adjoining house did theirs lime green. A couple of years later the next house did theirs mushroom and the next one painted dark blue. The rest of us stayed the original grey until now – and there are 3 of us painting at the same time (us and the house either side of us). It will be interesting to see what the remaining houses do.

  3. My vote is for first picture, 2nd one down.

    The Law of Sod is that you will get as many conflicting opinions as people you ask 😀

    Glad I’m not the only one who prevaricates over paint patches on the wall though.

    • LOL Clare – that’s so true about the Law of Sod. I’ve asked people at work, friends and even neighbours but no colour has a huge majority. The neighbour who is going with an olivey colour chose hers off a chart without trying anything on her wall – I wish I was that confident! 🙂

  4. I like the 2nd one down, I’m not as keen on the purple ones. But then it’s not my house so I don’t get to choose!! Maybe the person above is right, go for a neutral gray and lovely bright shutters?

  5. Lol!
    I know that my cousin said she and her husband about divorced over the color to paint the house. She was definitely exaggerating, but I know the stress!
    I like the three that are on top of the door! Lol. I am sure that helps!

    • LOL – your cousin might not have been exaggerating by much Lauri.. We didn’t even start with the same rainbow! Everything I liked he hated and vice versa. I wanted tones of green; he wanted yellow or aqua. These colours we’ve sampled are our compromises.

  6. Before an informed decision can be made, I’d have to know what COLOR the adjoining houses are since it’s a row-house.

    Or, you could just have the painter do a patchwork design of all the choices you’ve made!

    • LOL – color just isn’t the same without a u. We were starting to think we’d make our wall into Joseph’s technicolour dream coat with samples. Funny you should say that about the neighbours – I wasn’t going to worry about matching up with them as they are that same greyish colour as ours but after we started talking to a painter he got in touch with them and talked both of them into painting as well by giving all of us a good discount. The house on the left is going with a bluish color and the one on the right is going with olive.

        • While we and the left side neighbour have tested samples, the right neighbour has chosen from a chart – it looks olivey in that half inch square – I’m not so sure it’s going to look the same once it’s on the wall. They pressure washed the wall today, caulked what needed to be caulked and stuck mortar where it was missing. Tomorrow the actual painting starts so we have until 7am tomorrow morning to decide on the colour.

    • The azaleas are gorgeous though they’ve now been trimmed back from the wall in readiness. There are 3 bushes along the front; that lovely bright colour, a pink and a white. It’s a shame they don’t flower year round!

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