For the last few weeks I’ve been miserable with red eyes, scratchy throat, streaming nose and some really impressive  a’choos.

I expressed to everyone that I’d never had allergies like this before.  Never!    I was doing my blood pressure readings some damage with all the stuff I was taking to get everything under control enough to leave the house.    People at work asked if I was affected like this every spring and I’m sure they didn’t quite believe my “nope, never before”  answer.

Now I’m vindicated …..

Last night my weather lady said:   From 1998 through 2011 the average daily pollen count was 361 gcm (grams per cubic metre) and this year the average daily pollen count is 841*.       I arrived here in 2000 so it is therefore true that I’ve not experienced such a load of evil yellow stuff before.

* I emailed my weather lady today to ask if that was an average over 365 days of the year or just spring and she responded:     It’s my understanding that it is the Spring average

About an hour later she sent this nifty chart.  It will be interesting to see how the rest of April and May compares …..

And I look forward to summer when everything dies!

Econo-boy had a very normal vacation to Cancun and DC and has returned to work in Sydney.  Oh,  he did forget the pin to his fancy iPhone and when it was reset he lost all his holiday photos  – that sucks but it wasn’t life threatening.

The Locksmith & Amanda are currently enjoying the sights of New York before returning here this weekend.    Then they head off to California for a week on their way back to Sydney.



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  1. Oh wow. feel better!!!! It has been a pretty bad year. In addition, when you move somewhere new, they say it takes some time to develop an allergic response to stuff….My first 3 years in Florida were awesome that way, now…I’m allergic again.
    Feel better!!! glad you enjoyed seeing your family. I know you are still missing your Dad too, so I hope you are feeling mroe and more peace with this every day.

    • Isn’t it funny how allergies “build up”. One day in my 20’s I was suddenly allergic to penicillan – I must’ve had heaps of it, without problem, during childhood as it was probably prescribed for everything during the 60’s. I loved seeing the kids and I think I’m just getting to the stage where I can think about dad without getting all sad.

  2. It IS bad. Like you I don’t normally have a problem with allergies: yet for the past two weeks I’ve felt like I was coming down with a bad cold. Drugs help, but at some point I have to stop taking them, otherwise I can’t sleep.

    I hope you get a good hard rain to clean the air. In the meantime, take it easy and feel better soon. I’ll keep an eye out for your son and daughter-in-law!

    • I hope we get inches and inches of rain soon – not very likely though accordng to our forecast. I had Amanda wipe down the iron table the other night (we had a BBQ) and she was amazed at how thick the pollen was – I don’t think she knew what it was at first.

  3. Even though the trees and flowers bloomed so early this year, I didn’t notice any of the yellow crap on my car until maybe last week sometime, and it hasn’t bothered me all that much except on Monday, I felt like I had swallowed pollen. I don’t normally suffer that terribly, it’s mostly just sneezing like a mofo (as I like to call it) and the subsequent runny nose. and my eyes may get a bit irritated. But then, wearing contacts, my eyes are easily irritated so it’s hard to tell what’s what. I have just been spraying saline nasal spray a lot, as I have all winter. I think it helps.
    I hope you feel better and I hope the kids enjoy the rest of their trip and have a safe uneventful journey back home.

    • Yeah, I’m a big proponent of saline nasal spray. I read somewhere once that the salt creates an environment “unfavorable” to bacteria – so I want to believe spraying it up there willy-nilly prevents me getting colds. We’ve had some really awful big-wind days here and that blew the pollen around making everything worse plus my new office is on a street lined with some horrible smelling blossom trees (not like the nice cherry blossoms – I think these might be Dogwood – but I’m a very poor horticulturalist so I don’t really know what they are other than that they smell horrible and make me sneeze).

  4. Poor Emjay, pollen can indeed make your life miserable. Antihistamines pretty much suck cause they make you a zombie. Coming from where I did with lots and lots of pollen there, I can say shut the windows, hoover often, change your clothes when you get inside and wash them, wash your hair every day, and take some Benadryl just before bedtime. Keep the windows rolled up in the car and run the A/C. My son suffered mightily when he was little and even had asthma from it.

    • LOL @ rolled up the windows Bettina – I remember locking the car by pushing down the button and holding the door handle up as the door was shut! No fancy electronics… I had some Phenergen from Australia which everyone seems to use as a sedative though its primary use is as an antihistamine! I was pretty much a zombie at work and hoped no-one asked me to do anything the company’s future depended on!

  5. We really need some rain badly around here, too. I never had allergies, either until about two years ago….but, yes, this year is the worst! I am taking Zyrtec, and that is helping a lot, but I still have constant drainage and therefore a cough that drives me crazy. Pleh!!!
    I sure hope you feel better soon!

    • Yeah we’re down about 4.5 inches in rainfall which puts us in “moderate drought”. I take Zyrtec too every night but it doesn’t seem to work as well as it did. It’s so annoying that the manservant is not affected at all and wants to have all the windows open and “fresh” air wafting in 🙂

  6. I’m so thankful that I do not have allergies! I sneeze a little more in the spring, but nothing like some of my family members! I wonder why there’s more pollen this year than before?

    • You are very lucky Alicia. I think a combination of no real winter, hot temperatures last month (we had days in the high 80’s while we were still in “winter”!) and really dry air has confused the plants.

  7. ((((((((hugs)))))))))
    Allergies are awful and this year has been TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! TERRRIBLE!!!!!!!
    I’m so sorry you’re going through this; I hope that things calm down soon.
    That’s a super chart. No wonder we’re miserable!
    I’ve been struggling with them, too, and those new tiny tissues that are all that’s available on the store shelves (have you noticed how they’ve been downsized?) just aren’t big enough for one allergy nose-blowing!
    And this year for the first time, my skin itches when I go outside. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    • I was impressed that the weather lady followed up by sending the chart to me. I suppose they don’t have a lot to do between those 3 minutes they’re on screen. Yes! I thought the tissues had shrunk – they certainly are one use only now. My skin has felt “dirty” after walking outside. Today we are having some drenching rain so all the pollen will get washed away….. until the next plant/tree pollinates!

  8. Ugh, sorry that is happening to you. For next winter try the raw honey. Also taking showers at night has been a godsend, and as you mentioned, nasal spray. Allergies are such a pain!

    • I hope next year we are back to “normal” levels. I think showering before bed is a good idea but I tend to leave it too late and then I’m too tired; I need to walk straight in from work and shower instead of having my wine LOL – that’s probably not going to happen.

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