The second coming…


A second exciting arrival happens today  –  the locksmith and his wife Amanda.    They are coming in through LA and have a *much* tighter connection than Econo-boy had through San Francisco and the locksmith has a tendency to dawdle along not worrying about things – definitely not my genes there!

Econo-boy arrives back from Cancun tomorrow evening and I will have a wonderfully crowded house for a week.    I am sorry the princess will not be here also but she assures me she intends to have a quality one-on-one trip next year.

And yes,  I’m tracking the locksmith across the Pacific and once I know they’re on the connecting flight I’ll be doing the same as they fly across the states.


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  1. Wheee! Full house! I love it when my kids all come over to visit, though I suspect it’s not always fun for them. (I have to give them credit for attempting to converse with their grandparents, but Dad is so deaf and Mom so loopy that they’d have better luck talking to the dog.)

    Hope you all have a great time. The cherry blossoms out here came early and were destroyed by the rain. I hope they’re holding out in D.C. so you and the boys and Amanda can enjoy them.

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