Econo-boy is coming…


My second son is coming to visit and he’s nearly on US soil.  Actually he has about 2 hours to go but as he’s already been in the air for 12 hours another two is pretty trivial.    He has a 4+ hour layover in San Francisco and eventually lands in DC at 11.59pm tonight!  (I’ve told my boss I will be very, very tired tomorrow but I will make every effort to be at work on time).   Tomorrow morning he flies to Cancun and then comes back to DC on the weekend and stays for a week.  

I’ve been tracking the flight,  like any anxious mother.  Poor guy has a seat in that horrible middle section; and not on either aisle  –  no idea how he is threading that 6’3″ tall, wide shouldered body in there!



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    • I’ve only been in that middle section once and it was absolutely horrible. It was a tangle of feet and people’s stuff. It was lovely seeing my son even though it was such a short time – he’ll be back on Sunday.

  1. I can’t imagine being in a crowded airplane in a center seat for 12 hours. San Francisco International fortunately is a very nice place for a layover. They have fairly good free WiFi, a large bookstore, and a few good restaurants (though there’s one coffee shop with chronically rude service—I wish I could remember the name, which is in bogus French). They even have a place where you can shower and rent a cot for a nap!

    Hope you and he enjoy his visit! I imagine there are tons of things to do in D.C. at this time of year.

    • Poor guy got to spend a *lot* of time exploring all those airport shops as his next flight was delayed and delayed and delayed. First they were delayed for an hour while they found new windshield wipers for the plane (!!) and then some of the crew was missing which meant another 57 minutes (seriously, why not say an hour). Then they had another plane ready to go and had some seats on a first come basis so he rushed to that – then that plane sat on the runway for 40 minutes before taking off.

    • LOL – it’s a worry when he moves about! He was incredibly lucky and ended up on the aisle – the original aisle person was a young woman who looked at him and said “you look very uncomfortable, would you like to swap?” He said that then she talked non-stop and that when he had his headphones on & eyes shut she’d dig him in the ribs to get him to respond. LOL – that sounded like an expensive seat!

  2. What a wonderful treat! I am so happy for You. I know how I feel when my son comes home from VA. LOL I know that at this very minute you are hugging him like crazy! Enjoy! Oh and check to see if he has room in his suitcase for you to go along with him to Cancun. 😉

    • Thank you Denise – it was a wonderful hug at the baggage carousel. I don’t think he’d be too keen to find his mother in his suitcase – this trip to Cancun seems to be a “boys only” thing LOL.

    • Thank you FD – I’ve had a couple of messages to say that Cancun is “amazing” – I’m not sure that Washington DC will be able to compete with that in a young man’s mind…… but I’m hoping for some lovely quality time next week.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time with Econo-boy Emjay and I sympathise with him being tall and jammed up in a centre seat for all that time. I’d had enough after just 2 hours CNS – BN recently and at least I had an aisle seat to stretch my legs out occasionally.

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