Zazzle ain’t so dazzling


I’ve used Zazzle quite a lot, both to print cards using my own designs and to have posters and canvas prints done.  The cards have generally been good and any issues have been with my layout but I’ve had problems 90% of the time with the posters/prints as the word “framed” seems to become invisible on the order and my items arrive rolled up in a tube  – so not framed!

In the middle of a sleepless night in February I did some sympathy  thank you cards and placed an order.    They were ‘created”  and “processed”  during daylight hours and allegedly  “shipped”   the next day.    Constant checking of the tracking number showed that  “a label has been created”.

I’d paid for 2 day shipping so after a couple of days I contacted Zazzle and asked when that created label would be attached to my package.  It took them a day to respond with:  We are very sorry to hear that you have not yet received the items that you ordered. At this point, sufficient time has passed from the shipping date that we can now pursue your issue with the courier as a package that has been officially “lost in transit”. 

They offered to place an  “urgent replacement”   in their production queue which I accepted as I wanted the damn cards –  I need to get my thank yous out.

Guess what?   More than one week later and I still have no confirmation the “urgent” order has been put in their production queue, let alone something as exciting as a shipping notice.

Now,  Zazzle has always been quick to offer replacements in each case they did not send me what I ordered but I  wonder why they do not have better quality control/inspection.   I don’t suppose I can assume that I’m the only person to ever have problems with Zazzle (that would be horrible luck)  therefore Zazzle must spend a lot of time replacing orders and that must increase the end cost to their customers.

If I’d declined their offer of an “urgent replacement”,  had my account credited and placed a totally new order  I’d have the cards by now.

I’m glad I didn’t have a date specific occasion that I had to have these for.  And someone out there, in the middle of their holiday prints, probably has cards that say thank you-for-your-sympathy,  with a photo of my father Max.



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  1. I’ve heard about vistaprint. Do they do two sided business cards? I’ve been printing my own. I haven’t used Zazzle. Sounds like they have some issues! Have you tried Snapfish? They do all my printing. I’ve been really happy with their enlargements. I know they do cards, too.

  2. Ouch. I like the t-shirt designs on Zazzle, but the last time I ordered one from them, it came ‘way late, like the following month late. Like you I had to wait until so much time went by before they would admit the item was lost. Fortunately, I’d bought this shirt for myself and hadn’t paid for premium shipping, but Amazon spoils you by shipping their items within 24 hours if they’re in stock, so waiting for three weeks for this tee was very disappointing. When it finally arrived, I was very happy: but I don’t think I’ll order anything from them any time soon.

    • Oh a month late! I’d have been furious. I’ve been very happy with the quality of Zazzle cards and they’ve not messed up with them before (of course I haven’t really wanted them in a hurry before – I was just sort of building up a supply for myself). Today I received 5 cards – out of the “replacement order” for 25 !! Now I’m getting very angry ….. it shouldn’t be this difficult.

    • When I got the poster and canvas prints without their ordered frames Zazzle replaced the order correctly framed and I didn’t have to send the unframed items back which was nice. It was almost funny when it happened to 3 subsequent orders and I had all these spare posters and canvas prints to do something with.

  3. I asked somebody who does TONS of prints (for her home business) and she uses a LOCAL company, called Diversified — which does you no good apart from the fact that you may have a local business that does the same work for cheaper, too.

  4. Good lord! I admire your patience. When something like this happens more then once suppliers of any kind have lost me as a customer.
    Only recently I ordered my first photos online. Did it at ‘Snapfish’. And all I can say is that is was a pleasurable experience from start to finish.

    • Yeah my patience is out now – I got 5 of the 25 “replacement” order today and when I contacted them they said to wait until tomorrow to see if the other 20 turn up! I said “well, don’t you know whether you printed 5 or 25 – if you only printed 5 waiting until tomorrow is not going to make the other 20 magically appear”. Their cards have always looked really nice and I’ve never really had a problem with their shipping before – of course I’ve never wanted anything in a hurry before….. It was annoying that they couldn’t get the framing right but they did replace those orders but they did lose me as a customer for framed “art” after that as I haven’t ordered any more framed items since.

    • LOL – yeah, there has to be someone out there wondering what happened. Hopefully their wedding invitations turned up as well – it would put a damper on the wedding to only get my cards.

    • I was thinking about how I’d feel if I got someone else’s cards – I’d try to find the person through the internet. It would be difficult for someone to locate me I think – although dad’s full name was on the cards it would take a good bit of detective work to get to me. Actually I just googled his full name and got the death notice in the Australian newspaper – I think it would take a determined person to send them to either the funeral home or search further for the family – so I have little hope of the original set turning up. I just hope zazzle get their act together quickly now with the rest of my replacement order.

      • Indeed! I hope they get them to you too. I think if I got those cards by accident I would end up writing a condolence note to someone I had never met….and then not know where to post it to!

  5. How VERY annoying and this is one of my pet peeves. I am always like, how does this company stay in business? And to add insult to injury, you’re grieving, and want thank you cards for sympathy gifts and they frak it up.

    But you wrote it so well and with such sharp wit. As always.

    I think they must have rabbits processing the orders and they eat most of the photos. Or potheads who fall asleep in the middle of putting that label on.

  6. Your little something I sent you took AGES and I was quite annoyed. How does it take so long to get things to the post office? I again apologise for that.

  7. How frustrating! While they are a bit more business-oriented, I’ve been pleased with Their site is easy to use, prices are reasonable, small quantities are offered, and I’ve never had an issue of any kind with quality or delivery time.

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