Where’s the toilet paper….


I always laugh when I see news footage of people racing out for toilet paper at the slightest hint of a weather “event”.  I couldn’t  imagine being so perilously low   in an essential item as to require some panic buying;  I’m way better organized than that……..

I buy our groceries from Peapod.com because our closest supermarket is iffy and also so we don’t have to lug heavy things home from the decent supermarket a mile or so away.

The manservant took delivery of our groceries yesterday afternoon and put everything away.   As I sat on the toilet in the middle of the night looking at the paltry 2 squares on a roll I shouted  “Did Peapod bring the toilet paper?”

Nope, out of stock of the brand I’d ordered and I have a “no substitution” policy on our account……….

How could there be not one roll of toilet paper in this house?   We have 3 toilets for God’s sake!

Luckily we always have a huge stock of boxed tissues.  Oh, I would’ve once said that about toilet paper too!    I have to get my act back together.



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    • I love Peapod – I’m sure we save money too as I’m not seeing anything to impulse buy. When we do actually go to a supermarket I’m a bit like a kid in a toy store – I’m amazed by what’s available.

  1. Oh Emjay they sell giant packets of toilet paper at our tiny supermarket every so often, 48 rolls for $20. And every time I put this giant packet of toilet paper (that is bigger than my kid) in my trolley I think I must take a photo for you, because you and your toilet paper hoarding ways would be proud 😉

    • LOL Elizabeth I can imagine that giant pack taking up your entire trolley! It’s such a good price I’d probably want 2 packs! I usually buy a pack of 12 rolls every week and the manservant laughs at me – we don’t go through 12 rolls in a week but I just like to know they’re there and building up. But with a few weeks of not shopping “normally” and some visitors we’d apparently used my hoarded supply. My paper towel supply is still at my comfort level of about 25 rolls 🙂

  2. I buy the giant collections on sale as well. It fills up my whole cart and sometimes people look at me funny, but I don’t care. I gots to have my Charmin.

    I wish we had Peapod. I really miss Webvan. Our delivery guy even got on great with our cat at the time.

    • Oh, I buy Charmin brand too. With the exception of a couple my Peapod delivery guys have always been really helpful – when I was on crutches they’d carry the bags into the kitchen and when my arm was in a brace & sling a few of them unpacked the bags for me.

  3. My Grandmother would tell me NeVeR to flush tissue paper. “it’s simply not made for the same purpose.” (Said with and English accent) Not sure if this is true or applicable…

    • LOL – I love the accent. It’s probably true about tissues – I grew up with an irritable septic system and only 2 or 3 squares of toilet paper could flush down the toilet at a time – and it was only the scratchy kind of toilet paper.

  4. LOL! Facing a day of blizzards without toilet paper in the house is awful. But I think every corner convenience store carries small packages of TP for those of us who forget.

    But this reminds me of when I was invited for the first time to this very hoity-toity couple’s house for dinner. I was very nervous and agonized over what to wear, what wine or hostess gift to bring, and what I should say on entering. Then I got a phone call from the hostess a couple of hours before the event: I was sure I was being disinvited, but instead she said, “Do you think you could bring a roll of toilet paper with you? We’re all out and don’t have time to go to the store!” I burst out laughing, and from that night on we were great friends. Toilet paper is a great equalizer!

  5. Oh this made me laugh. I think of myself as pretty organized as well – but running out of toilet paper? I wouldn’t even dare to start counting.
    Being the allergic with the always runny nose I am less likely to run out of tissues – so I do have a rescue substitute.

    • I seem to have a natural inclination to “collect” paper goods – we have a broom closet totally full of paper towels, then boxes & boxes of tissues spread around the cupboards and normally dozens of rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom. I’m (usually) much more likely to run out of food!

  6. Sounds like it’s time to change the ‘no substitution’ policy on at least one thing.

    We also get the ginormous packages that barely fit in the cart. In a pinch I guess I could swipe a roll of the sandpaper that passes for TP at work.

    • I took the substitution thing off our groceries because they used to substitute so many of the things with the “home brand” version – and many of those were pretty awful.

      Work places seem to either have the sandpaper type or the sort of shiny stuff – neither of them are something I’d like to have to swipe – though they’d be good to use for Leeenda’s suggested emergency roll………

  7. Growing up in the middle of nowhere (and raised by somebody who grew up in the Great Depression, whose family ONLY survived — those who did — by her brothers leaving and working in CCC and WPA camps), I have an insanely large stockpile of bum paper. Insane. I’m single. I don’t care.

    Glad you have tissues!

  8. LOL!

    I tend to have large stocks of stuff like TP and toiletries, but not because I’m preparing for a storm. I just hate shopping, so I buy a bunch every time I go so I don’t have to go as often.

    Although this last time I bought TP, I was down to the last roll…

    • I call bulk shopping being sensible. Normally every one of my Peapod orders has packs of toilet paper and paper towels – the rolls can build up to stupid numbers. There have been times when the cupboard is full and I have to stack the new packs up on the floor against the door, then I have to really force myself not to buy any for a couple of weeks…..

  9. Mrs GOF assures me that coleus leaves can be used in an emergency Emjay. A large potted coleus in the bathroom could serve two purposes, being both decorative and practical.
    This may be why she ALWAYS has at least 20 rolls of toilet paper stashed away somewhere. 🙂

    • LOL FD – that’s funny. The only time I’ve ever been asked for toilet paper is in public toilets when an unfortunate woman finds herself in a cubicle with no loo paper. I have too many tissues in my handbag, and too much pride, to have to ask that.

    • 🙂 monsoon. I think I was firstly bewildered to find we didn’t have any in any of the 3 bathrooms and then really annoyed. Now it’s funny…. but that’s because I have a huge stock again LOL.

  10. Whoa……crisis. Good thing you had tissues, but still…no TP?

    I keep a big supply of it too. As long as there’s water, there’s a TP requirement.

    You get grocery delivery! That’s very cool!

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