His or Hers ?


I’m betting this car is not driven by a guy…    I added the blue smudge on the number plate but not the pink squiggle along the bottom – and it might be difficult to see without clicking on the photo but there is also a Miss Kitty on the plate.



17 responses

  1. So why shouldn’t there be a guy who likes Hello Kitty and the color pink? 😉

    In all seriousness, I have to wonder about the age of the driver. She’s young enough to have Hello Kitty on her seat covers and license plate, but has the money for a Porsche?

    (Then again, I have a Hello Kitty keychain for my car keys. Does that count?)

  2. This has got to be a girl driver. On second though could be a boy. Why? Sanrio plans to start the New Year by unveiling a new line to attract boys! So we never know… 🙂

  3. In reality, I’ve seen a lot of guys driving cars with their wife’s name on the front plate (we only have rear tags in Oklahoma) … or with “decorations” in the car that they didn’t necessarily pick out for themselves.

    I even know a guy who is driving a pickup with a religious type thing on it when he’s not a church-goer at all. Why? Because MY WIFE put it on there without asking me, and I don’t really care.

  4. If it was my car, it would have Miffy seat covers. But then, if I had the money for a new Porsche, I would not buy a new Porsche. I would buy a wonking big barn and have rescued donkeys. : )

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