Christmas passed …. in both hemispheres


Well that’s Christmas done for another year.     The manservant and I did not slouch around the house feeling sorry for ourselves (well, that bit would really only apply to me as we could visit his parents over in the west if he wanted to…..)

We spent Christmas Eve with friends, 7 year old twins, an adorable 3 year old, a couple of dogs, a cat, a lot of food and liberal doses of passionfruit mimosas.

Then on Christmas Day nine of us got together at another friend’s house where we shared heapings of good food,  a lot of laughs and more than a few delectable pomegranate liqueur-champagne cocktails.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world …..

My kids –   the Economist & his girlfriend and  the Princess & her boyfriend spent Christmas Eve with the Locksmith and his wife  who cooked up a feast:  and then on Christmas Day they went off to the “in-law”  families.    The Princess has basically been adopted by Nick the Greek’s family and the Economist was taken home by his girlfriend to meet her parents for the first time!

My siblings spent Christmas Day at mum’s house and they managed to get dad home for Christmas which was wonderful.     Jane took this shot of him with a couple of things I’d sent him  –  the shirt and the cap.   The cap is soooooo soft but Jane says it is too big .  He looks so much better than he did on his 80th birthday.  

My mother said she laughed when she opened her gift to find *four*  tote bags – hopefully at least one of them will work with the walker.    Apparently I’d hidden the beads in a bag as she only found them today!

Back to work tomorrow  –   I wonder how many of my business clothes have elastic waists…..



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  1. too funny. i love the hat on your father. i didn’t remember the “sting of beads” part. love that you bought 4 walker bags!

    hope everyone had a lovely day and continues to enjoy the year end.

    • Mum told me she’s going to give me a “report” on each bag as she uses it. The first one seems to have passed the test and she told me she’s worn the beads 2 days in a row so she must like them. The little cap reminds me of the tea cozy things you put on tea pots.

  2. Glad you had a nice holiday! Love the picture of your dad…I saw the Christmas crackers on the table from the thumbnail in my reader I thought Dad was wearing a paper crown! Thanks again for the card, it is so cute, I will probably keep it forever.

    • LOL @ the paper crown. We always had crackers – they are a bit harder to find here (well, decent ones anyway) – and there are many photos of us sitting around with those paper “crowns” on – the colour used to run on some of them so by the end of the day with all that sweating you’d have red or green all over your forehead.

  3. Jane mentioned that Christmas dinner in Australia is far lighter than the traditional American dinners because it’s in the middle of the summer. That dinner looks as colorful as it must have been delicious. And your dad has the most delightful smile! You’ve said he’s stubborn, but in that picture he looks like a cutie. And four bags! I hope one of those bags is the perfect one for your mother.

    • Yes, my daughter-in-law did a great job on their lunch. I asked the Princess if she had taken anything and she said “no, they didn’t ask me to” .. LOL – I never visit anyone empty handed, not even family. Dad always had a wicked sense of humour and Jane has captured that in this photo I think. The first bag has been tested and passed; the second bag gets a try out this weekend…..

  4. I’m finding it a little difficult to look at pictures of food today after what we filled up on last night Emjay. I swear it’s not going to happen again next year!
    Very impressive the way your extended family includes such useful professions; economist, locksmith…….if you could find a mechanic it would complete a very good trifecta.

    • LOL GOF – “I swear it’s not going to happen again next year!” – that’s a line I’ve repeated yearly for many years. We do have some useful professions don’t we – they also include an air-conditioning mechanic – someone they’ve found handy in summer.

  5. Happy! & Merry! to you and your Emjay! Sorry I’ve been such a slack online friend over the past year. One of the great things about blogs though is that now I can read back over everything you’ve been doing. 🙂

    • So far that quest seems to be successful – well at least the first bag has passed the test so that’s good. Yeah, I was so happy to see dad looking so much better than when I was there in September.

  6. I hope one of those tote bags work! When my mom had her broken ankle, she had to use a walker for a while. I gave her a little-bitty purse-like thing designed to hold a cellphone. It was perfect!

    • That’s a great idea what you found for your mother. I don’t think it’d be big enough though for what my mother needs to cart around – I hope more than one of the tote bags work so that she has choice like women normally have with handbags – just as long as she doesn’t forget to transfer all the important things over 🙂

  7. Your dad looks happy, and the colour suits him. Men do like them some yellow. I have noticed this.
    That is indeed a feast! Looks fabulous!
    Elastic waist, LOL. I have on sweat pants of course today. And of course they have bunnies on them.

    • My dad loves colour – he’s been wearing a sort of rasta cap for ages – I told mum I was buying a cap so his head would stay warm while the other one was washed; mum replied “Oh, I don’t think it’s ever been washed” LOL – it reminded me of the kids with their little comfort things you could never get away from them long enough to wash and dry!

      I bet your bunny sweats are really cute! 🙂

  8. “We spent Christmas Eve with friends, 7 year old twins, an adorable 3 year old, a couple of dogs, a cat, a lot of food and liberal doses of passionfruit mimosas.” I wish my holiday will be like yours in the future.

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