A moving pressie…


For 11 years, 1 month and 5 days I caught two trains to get to work;  I crossed a state border;  I  went under the Potomac River in a concrete tube and more than once wondered about the pressure of all that water surrounding the rail tunnel.

Recently the company I work for moved their office into Washington DC  – less than 3 miles from home!

A fabulous Christmas present for me!!



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    • I’m doing some train and some walk now. In the mornings I walk .7 of a mile from one station and in the afternoons I walk 1.1 mile to a different station and only ride two stops home. When the weather is nicer I think I will still take the train to that .7 station but then walk all the way home.

  1. I’m so glad to hear that! Commuting is a bitch—I had to drive to my parents’ attorney’s office today, and wondered how on earth could he stand driving 40 miles every day to the county courthouse. Also, when I was in Minnesota, driving from my home to work and back was just a huge pain, especially in the winter when the roads were often icy. But yes, please don’t walk in the dark. I worry enough about my younger daughter walking from her bus stop to her apartment at 11 at night. She says it’s safe, but when I read the newspaper or watch the TV evening news, I cringe at the number of stories about muggings, rapes and so forth. I’m all for saving energy and money by using public transportation, but not if it puts one at risk.

    Have a good holiday, Emjay.

    • Yeah there are some sketchy patches so I won’t walk all the way home until spring. I walk 1.1 miles now to a train station and wouldn’t like to do that much later at night. I was walking on the west side of the street because there were more businesses but one evening I got to a corner just as the police were hanging crime tape around because someone had been shot just minutes before. I started walking on the eastern side and got home one night to hear on the news that a mailman had been robbed by a masked gunman and locked in his van at a street I crossed half an hour earlier! I now take turns on which side I walk and just power along trying to stay aware of what’s happening around me. As I was discussing alternate routes today the manservant said “(that) street is the nicest one for you to walk on”…….

    • Our apartment for about 7 years was one that the manservant chose before I came over here – it was only 10 minutes walk from his office. When I got my green card and a job it used to annoy me a little that I had to commute so far and he was hardly ever here to enjoy his 10 minute walk! 🙂

    • It really felt *very* long whenever anything went wrong with a train. I guess I got used to it though as I didn’t realize how long it felt until I went back for a doctor’s appointment near the office the other day; as I was riding the trains back over there I thought to myself “God, I can’t believe I came this far for so long!” 🙂

  2. I refuse to be resentful, because I adore you so. However, my agency moved too, and now my commute has doubled in size!

    But a walk home during the lighter, warmer days could be marvelous. However, do wait until the brighter evenings. I’ll be hustling rides home until Spring if I can, otherwise I’m waiting at a bus stop beneath the freeway overpass.

    Yes, a fine gift – if somewhat difficut to wrap!

    • Oh that’s frustrating for you Aubrey and there are many people in my office who are now in a similar situation. A lot of employees live in Virginia so their commute has not only become longer but if they drive, garage parking fees doubled. A bus-stop anywhere near a freeway can’t be very healthy.

    • Our lease in VA is down to its last year and we owned a company in DC with 9 years left on theirs so we’ve sort of amalgamated. Most of our employees are now in DC with just 2 departments left in VA. It will be interesting to see what happens when that lease expires as there isn’t room in the DC office for those people – ultimately they want to have everyone under the one roof so goodness knows where we’ll all finish up so I’ll enjoy this while it lasts.

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