is it too much to expect the mailman to shut the lid of the box on a rainy day?

It pisses me off to find my mail in this condition: 



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    • I think my post office throws complaints in the trash. The previous owner has put in many change of address notifications & complaints and they’re all ignored – we have complained to the post office and to the distribution center, to the mailman and to a supervisor – we’ve given up. One of my trips home to Australia I put a “hold my mail” form in at the post office and it got delivered back into my mailbox – twice!!

    • Ours is locked but it has a lid which the mailman has to lift to get the mail through the slot into the box. A lot of our neighbours have a slot in their doors including next door and she used to complain that the mailman would not push her mail through properly so that the hinged bit was left open and rain/snow/ice would come through – ruining her wooden floor. I need a big red letter box like the Royal Mail.

    • Yeah and they just announced a net loss for 2011 of $5.1 billion!! Fewer and fewer people trust old fashioned mail to get delivered safely and in a timely manner. I supposedly got a package at work last week because the confirmation said so – but I didn’t get it and as I”m at the front of the office it’s not possible for someone I work with to have taken it. The post office says the sender has to initiate the search and the sender told me they will give the post office until December 4th to deliver it before they do that. The poor screwed receiver is stuck in the middle.

  1. I love it when I open up the bills, and find the enclosed return envelopes stuck together because they got wet. But what tore it for me was when I got a check in the mail, and because the mail carrier failed to shut the lid during a pouring rainstorm, the ink on the check was all blurred so you couldn’t read the amount. So when possible, I ask for everything to be electronically deposited now.

    • That would be so frustrating! Yeah we tend to do all financial things electronically. Once I got a wet postcard where the ink had run so badly I had no idea who it was from. There’s someone out there thinking I am a rude person for never thanking them!

  2. I thought it was just my local carrier, but I guess it’s endemic. Luckily for me, my mailbox is up against the house, on the roofed porch, so while it might get a little damp between curb and box, it stays mostly dry.

    Cranky sent me a package that had the last two numbers of the zip transposed and so it took a week to get here. Thankfully it wasn’t fragile and it was packed well.

    I used to try to have my mail held, and then I wouldn’t get it for days afterwards and I’d have to put in another form. Now I just have the cat feeder bring it in. I had a PO box for many years and that was prompt, but of course they’d jam things in. And I’d get mail addressed to my box but a completely different zip (in which case I’d have to cross out the bar code before putting it back into the system, or I’d get it again!) or start getting stuff for someone, even after I’d had the box for 10 years.

    I’m about to send a care package to some soldier girls in Afghanistan and I bet they get better service — at least I hope so! I have a document I need to send to the executor of my dad’s estate and it’s going UPS or FedEx!

  3. Mustn’t it be nice to have a job that you can’t lose no matter how bad you screw up? We had a great carrier but then he retired and now we are lucky if we even get mail. Funny too because we just had a serious argument with them this week. I no longer think it would be a tragedy if the post office went down, if they refuse to deliver bills to us or refuse to close your mailbox!

  4. Any chance of temporarily fitting an industrial strength spring on the lid that will accidentally bruise his knuckles next time just to remind him of the error of his ways?

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