Autumn & Money


I love it when I get a ride home from work through Rock Creek Park –  and it is especially pretty in Autumn.   This was taken the Friday of the weekend Daylight Savings finished.  Now a drive home from work would be in the dark but I’d still give my friend a hard time about his streaky windscreen:      

I  would feel pretty nervous getting money out of this ATM especially once the sun went down.    Positioned next to  a Parking Lot and right on the footpath in an area known for crimes like bag snatches…


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    • I’ve seen where NCIS and Criminal Minds have had scenes in our Metro system and I’ve thought “that’s not the same metro that I ride” … I like watching shows set in DC to see how much of it is “real”.

  1. As the medias tell us that cats crushed, we could believe that it’s no longer any living cat ! This is not the case … I do not think as justified to fear as if a crime were not exceptional …
    Have a nice day …

    • Yeah because of those fees I only get cash from the ATM inside my bank and only put my ATM card in my wallet when I’m going to do that. I usually carry less than $50 in my bag; the manservant never has cash – he relies on plastic for everything but I feel weird putting anything less than $10 on a credit card.

  2. Being at work so early (most of the year before there’s even light in the sky, let alone the sun) and sometimes getting out (whether 1 job or 2nd) after dark makes it hard to do banking errands cos I’m afraid 😦 When I had a lunch hour, that was an appropriate time to run and errand or 2 but with 30 minute lunch–where I work–you can only get to a gas station or 2 fast food places & still get back. The other day, I couldn’t believe I made it to the next town over to get at a real bank (used drive-up) and made it back but I drove FAR above the speed limit to do it and that wasn’t a comfortable thing but I had to post that money to pay a bill. 😦

    • Yeah 30 minutes lunch doesn’t give you much time to do anything. If I have to go to the post office I can spend all that time just in the queue. I’ve never used a bank’s drive through (no car) but I have seen people walk up and do it which has made me laugh. We have a Bank of America in our neighbourhood and they have a guard stationed at their ATM and another one inside – I still wouldn’t get money out of it though because you just don’t know who is watching and ready to follow you…..

  3. Oh my, that looks like the type of ATM people use when they are kidnapped and taken to an ATM under knife point! I fear in Australia someone would back a 4WD up to it, tie a rope around it and attempt to drag it away!

  4. I was wondering the same thing as GOF, lol! We’ve had several spectacular thefts of ATM machines out here—the thieves have no fear, apparently, as they’ll even break into convenience stores, wrap a chain around the ATM, and yank it out of the building behind their cars.

    Fall is so lovely out your way! Here it’s cold and wet, but the leaves are just barely turning. I’m afraid we’ll lose all of the leaves before they change color.

    • Yes, we’ve had similar ATM thefts so I’m not sure why this one has escaped attention. Perhaps they don’t keep much money in it – or perhaps it’s not spectacular enough to just rip it off a cement post without having to break through a wall first.

      My Japanese Maple seemed to turn red overnight – I had been thinking it was going to go bare while the leaves were still green.

    • Thank you GW. I walked past there this evening and noticed that it’s quite dark in that area too (I’d expected lights in the parking lot but there weren’t any on) – I suppose people must be using it or the bank wouldn’t leave it there.

  5. I try and get rides home as often as I can – if not, it means standing in the dark underneath the 10 Freeway in Culver City (our agency’s new – and very unfortunate and UGLY – location). I so miss the birds and gardens and trees!

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