Happy Halloween ….


The lollies are in a couple of big bowls and the stoop-light is on.   Now we will open a bottle of wine, sit back and wait to be scared ….

Happy Halloween


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  1. I took my candy money to the store today, but got grumpy while I was there and left without any candy. I ended up using the money to buy myself lunch. Now I’ve got to hide in the back of the house for 2 hours so the kids don’t know I’m home. Grrr.

    • Well, if I had to choose between a decent lunch for me or candy for the neighbour’s kids I’d go with the lunch. I’ve been throwing a bag of sweets into my groceries each week for a few weeks so I didn’t have one big expense on the w/end. I suspect we might have lots of candy left over – there’s been nary a knock so far ….

  2. hours to go here… 2.25 before kids can trick or treat legally, probably closer to 5 hours before i get home. i had not planned to drink tonight but you’re the 3rd person I’ve seen who’s posted such… so why should I buck the current trend?

    • I didn’t realize there were laws governing when you could trick or treat – I just assumed you could start at dusk though I did see a story on the news tonight about some place where it is illegal after 8pm and you have to be 12 years or younger. You should never buck a drinking trend 🙂

  3. Happy Halloween, Emjay! Do you guys have a regular holiday this year? Ours is as messed up as ever – but supposedly we will have trick or treaters later in the week. Sitting back with some wine and waiting to be scared, that’s brilliant! Sounds like something out of Masterpiece Theatre. 😉

    • Hi Emmy – yes we had the regular day for Halloween as we were really not badly affected by the storm. Each time the door bell rang (or some kid pounded on the glass door -why do they do that when we have a bell!!) the manservant jumped up and said things to the kids like “ooooooh, you’re scary” or “wow, look at you” I heard a lot of “you’re so cute” – so I think there were more little princesses than there were goblins.

      It would seem really weird to have Halloween on a day other than Halloween.

  4. I hope you had a happy Halloween! We got 52 trick or treaters tonight, just over half of what we had last year. I think since it was a Monday, it cut down on the number of parents who took their children out, though I did see some T-or-T’rs who looked old enough to be parents themselves.

    At 9 p.m. I brought in the jack o’ lantern and shut off the porch light, then opened up a bottle of wine. I discovered that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups don’t go well with cabernet sauvignon. Unfortunately, we have a whole bucket of peanut butter cups—not of cabernet, sadly—so I suppose my parents will have a field day eating all the candy.

    • Wow – you had a lot! We got about half the number of kids this year to what we had last year – I fill 2 bowls of candy each year and we didn’t even start the second bowl this year. LOL @ RPB with cabernet sauvignon- that’s something I wouldn’t even attempt (I’m not really a PB eater). I don’t buy any candy that I like – that takes away all temptation to dip into the bowls.

      Yes, about the young parents – we had a few youngsters with youngsters too.

    • We did enjoy the parade at our door – and I think the manservant really likes his role of handing out the candy. He just holds the bowl and lets the kids stick their hands in and they get so excited – if it was me they’d be rationed!

      A few people around town got into the “hubbub” in a more serious way – 6 people were shot in 5 incidents in DC on Halloween night! No deaths but one case was a mother and child at around 9pm – makes you wonder if they knocked on the “wrong” door or too late.

  5. Very brave of you to post that photo of yourself …

    “Legally” trick or treat is 6-8 here … no age limit that I know of. But it’s not like it matters, I didn’t participate this year. Only had a handful of kids last year.

    • Halloween is not a special day in Australia either – I remember how my children used to be so jealous of the American children who just knock on doors to be given candy. We would see a bit about Halloween on TV or the news and my kids would ask “can we do that?” and I’d say “no way” …. 🙂 Probably saved a lot of money at the dentist.

  6. How fun Emjay. Did you get a lot of Trick-or-Treaters? Every year I meet up with a few neighbors and we sit in one lady’s driveway while drinking pumpkin beer and having a few snacks. Its a lot of fun.

  7. There was a radio warning on our local ABC that parents should always accompany their kids trick or treating because ” there is a high disapproval rate” amongst residents of town towards this recently introduced activity.

    Hope the wine slightly numbed you to any scariness and that you had an enjoyable evening.

    • Yep – I can imagine that “high disapproval rate”. In my last couple of years in Sydney I remember being surprised by kids knocking on the door – they were most disappointed to be told they could have a sao with vegemite.

    • Isn’t it a great lawn decoration? It was drizzling as I took the photo and I dropped my umbrella as I was trying to juggle it, the camera and my gloves. It fell upside down so that when I picked it up it was full of water – I was thinking then how annoyed I’d be if the photo didn’t turn out after all that.

      I think we got about 20 groups of kids – not as many as last year so I’ve had to bring a lot of leftovers into work.

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