Where I spent most of the weekend ….


Sitting right there in that chair………

reading my book and going through a stack of catalogues and mail.  Sometimes there was a cup of coffee on that table and sometimes there was a glass of wine….

. Where I should’ve been …………..

down there tidying up that horrible mess!   Most of those vibrant green “plants” are actually hideous, evil weeds which moved in during the two weeks I was in Australia.

I have the day off work tomorrow and, given the forecast for another delightful day, chances are I will not be weeding then either……



19 responses

    • Yeah it’s only about 18′ wide by 17′ deep – and I’ve only got garden beds along the fences so you’d think I’d have better control of something so small!
      I like your definition of not slacking ….

  1. Haven’t you heard? You’re not supposed to work on Sundays! Something about the Sabbath being the day of rest. At least that’s what I used to tell my kids, lol.

    Seriously, I’m glad you had a nice weekend to yourself. I tend to wander into chores: I notice a pathway in the yard is overgrown, or the car has litter all over the passenger side, so I just start pulling weeds or picking up trash. Before I know it, I’m washing the car and hauling bags of leaves to the curb. It’s not very efficient, but things do get done in their time!

  2. Oh by all means, you need some recovery time! It’s been SUCH a beautiful two weeks…and a couple more nice days to come. I have some yard work to do today since I have the day off. And there’s always housework. But if I want to peruse the intranets or just sit on the porch and read…you bet I’m going to! 😀
    Emjay, I got your postcard!!! Thanks SO much! I just love the gigantic sheep! He’s so stately and huge and aloof! I’m so glad you had such a fantastic visit home!

  3. Ahhh, you have to enjoy this beautiful weather while it’s here. Word has it that Tuesday night the rain will be moving in (in my area, anyway). I spent a bit of time on my back deck this weekend too. I did do some yard work Sunday morning though while it was still cool out. You can remember relishing this lazy weekend when it’s raining or snowing out.

  4. Bah humbug. If I looked back years from now and had to choose, I’d say hang out, read, enjoy a good drink and wait for the snow to cover up the plants, LOL

  5. Looks like you made the right choice! Wine or coffee enjoyed with a good book or magazine on a sunny porch will always be an excellent choice (especially when the alternative involves weeding or other household chore).

  6. love this place outside…same here…sit outside – reading a book-drink a glass of red wine…fantastic…..but summer is away and the winter comes soon…..hate it-but you know it…I´m very happy about your card to me-very very 🙂

  7. Reading through catalogues is very time consuming; as well, it consumes brain and nerve power, making it a very wearying process, indeed.

    And you are not completely ignoring your madcap garden – by thinking about it, you are subconsiously planning, so when gardening actually does start, you will know exactly what to do. And THEN you’ll do it. So actually, you’re saving time.

  8. I’ll add my voice to the chorus that cries, “I’ll raise a glass with you!” Sounds like a perfectly lovely way to spend a Sunday and I say you made the right choice of (in-) activity. — JG

  9. Looks like the perfect place to escape on the weekends or any time you need a breather. The garden area looks great and the weeds will still be there when you are ready to pull them, or at least that is what I tell myself.

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