Thank God the wine was already chilled …..


Well, since Sunday I’ve unpacked, washed things, put everything away, done 5 full days at work and almost got myself out of the habit of waking at 4am wanting a glass of wine!

I was certainly happy to see 5pm come today and was really looking forward to getting home and having wine at a socially acceptable time whilst contemplating whether I wanted to do anything over this weekend or just slack about.

Normally my first train comes within 5 minutes of getting to the station but not today; nope!    Twenty painful minutes ticked by with nothing happening and nary an announcement about the delay.   In the meantime 7 or 8 trains went past in the opposite direction – by then they must’ve been stockpiling them at the end of the line.

Around the 24 minute mark the station master announced:  “those of you waiting on the New Carollton side of the platform, the train coming through the station will not be stopping;  please do not attempt to board it.  I repeat do not attempt to board the train”.

We all laugh as the train barrels through at 40+ mph – how could you possibly “attempt”  to board it? …    –  actually, at that stage, maybe I should’ve been surprised that no-one tried to slam themselves into the side of the train!

Another few minutes crawl by and then another announcement:   “the next train for those of you going in the New Carollton direction will be in 5 minutes”   made as a train barrels out of the tunnel and screeches to a stop.       Shortest 5 minutes I’ve ever experienced!

But now my weekend is more than 1.5 hours shorter than I thought it was going to be!    (Cumulative effect of missing my second train and then having to climb a thousand steps at my station as the escalator is out of order!).   I was a seriously annoyed commuter by the time I got home – and no, there aren’t really a 1,000 steps; my lungs just think there are.



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    • LOL – it’s all relative isn’t it. After driving in Sydney for years (pretty horrible in rush hour) I went off to visit a friend in Adelaide, the state capital of South Australia – when I told my friend what time I thought I’d be arriving she said “oh no, that will be awful; it’s the middle of peak hour traffic” – it looked a suburban street in comparison to Sydney and was so easy.

  1. There was no explanation at least of why the train was late? They’re just giving the GOP another reason to argue against funds for public transportation, lol.

    When the kids and I tried to take a public bus from the Tenderloin in San Francisco to the Haight shortly after Christmas, we found the bus packed with tourists from Denmark, along with the very irate locals. We wondered what tour company put the tourists on board a city bus, but at one point the driver refused to pick up any more riders, even though he braked at every stop. The people waiting to catch the bus looked incredulous as he yelled at them, “No more room! Catch the next bus!” I thought the Danish tourists were getting a very poor impression of the city—the driver was rude and grumpy, and the locals very angry—but I silently cursed them for thinking a single bus could handle 30 additional passengers on top of the locals just trying to get to the other side of town. My younger daughter says this happens all the time around the holidays. But I just wanted my car back. 😦

    • Oooh – my pet hate is tourists riding in rush hour… 🙂 they seem to become double clueless when thrown into a crowded train. I was a bus-commuter in Sydney for a few years and many drivers refused to pick up once they got crowded (to be fair they are licensed to carry only so many people standing) but it was really frustrating and they’d say “there’s another bus right behind me” …. of course the ones “right behind” were *many* minutes away and also full by the time they got to my stop!

      Whenever I get a ride home (a couple of times a month) I come into the house thinking I want to buy car! 🙂

    • Thank you cranky 🙂 It is such glorious weather I’m really taking advantage of the sun out on the back deck. Yesterday I thought about weeding the back garden but the thought was *very* fleeting!

  2. Glad that you are back in the US (Thanks for the postcard, btw!).

    Dealing with public transportation us can be trying at times, but that’s what the wine is for 😉 When I was in Italy and Switzerland I think I used every form of mass transportation available. The Swiss are eerily punctual!

    • I’m glad the postcard turned up – I’m never sure I have things in the right order or on the correct lines with your address. Punctual public transport seems like an oxymoron….. 🙂 I found the trains in China (the ones I took anyway) to be extremely efficient and exactly to the timetable.

  3. Welcome Home! With the huge time change you deserve at least two weeks of everything running smoothly. Hope nothing else goes wrong. 😉

    • Thank you Denise 🙂 I was going to sit at the computer yesterday and sort through my photos but the weather was too nice to be inside. It’s beautiful today too so I shouldn’t sit here too long.

  4. Commuting does not sound fun. That is funny that the man announced for no one to try to board the train that flew by 🙂

    I hope the rest of your weekend is going well!

    • Commuting certainly has its challenges here as our Metro system is aging now – when it works well, it is a great system but when things go wrong it can really suck – and actually there is a website specifically dedicated to that called unsuckdcmetro 🙂

    • Yeah – I was a bit envious of you driving some of the way & then walking over the bridge when you were working in DC. There is some talk of our office moving to Tyson’s Corner in a couple of years, once the metro runs there …. Then it will be a toss up between which is worse – the metro or the road as I’m told traffic is terrible in that area. I guess if that happens though I will still be sans car and on the train – so no debate for me!

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