A – Z Challenge …. X is for ….

When ever I wondered  “x is for ….  ”  the words that popped into my head were ones like exciting, exact, ecstatic.   None of which actually start with x even though they sound as if they might.
I was still pondering on it when the house sitters came on Friday and we headed to the airport on Saturday …
Then as  I was exiting the country for my exciting though exacting trip I got to find my x-word as I had to go through the airport x-ray machine!
Then as I took my (thankfully) aisle seat next to a 200+lb giant I thought I wish I had some Xanax!
(BTW – the manservant had his own aisle seat a couple of rows ahead of me).
So, excuse me if I’m slacker than usual doing the rounds for the next two weeks.  We are in Oz to help my father celebrate his 80th birthday.   Next weekend is the family get-together and although it will be in the function room of the nursing home I’m sure it will be fun.  I just hope dad can stay awake enough to enjoy it too.

14 responses

  1. Best wishes for a happy birthday to your Dad! And enjoy your visit! I suppose it’s finally spring down there and you won’t have to deal with coats or sweaters.

    I wish I had some Xanax when I was flying to New York. Everyone was crabby because we were all trying to sleep on this all-night flight, but there were two screaming babies aboard. By the time the plane touched down at JFK we were all groggy and dying for coffee!

  2. Take LOTS of pictures to share. I luv being able to experience the other side of the world through You. (Because I’ll never get there myself) Have a Wonderful time!!

  3. You crack me up! Ah, the joys of flying across continents. I do hop eyou enjoy being back in Oz again and look forward to loads of great photos. I also look forward to my adventure soon and we booked our flights with an airline I dislike but M insisted and you know how men are so stubborn.

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