Noisy Night!


One good thing about a row house during a big tropical storm is that there are fewer windows & doors to worry about than in a conventional house.  We also do not have a basement.  As Irene came visiting during the night  it sounded as though she was trying to enter by ripping off the skylight in our ensuite bathroom while her minions turned the stairs and hallway into a thundering railroad.

The sheets of rain came pounding into the front of the house;  the storm door leaked copiously, two front windows leaked steadily (one downstairs/one up) and the skylight in the spare room let in enough water to soak more than a third of the spare bed and dampen the carpet underneath it!   Although the power flickered ominously it did stay on.    I am lucky – so many others have a much bigger clean up this morning than I do.

The manservant who is sitting on a mountain in Chile (of course) rang yesterday to see that I was okay and prepared.   I’ve done 9/11, pneumonia, cast & crutches, broken shoulder, earthquake and all the snow storms on my own so I thought I could get through a downgraded hurricane.   But I suspect this means I will also be dealing with the locusts on my own ……



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  1. Oh No! Take care. I suspect if the Man Servant were around you might not know what to do with him during a crisis! I am glad things went well. I need to check in with my family…my sister is getting the Tropical sotrm end at this time now….

  2. Sorry about the water and the clean up. I’m glad it wasn’t worse and you didn’t really lose power.

    I’m sort of jealous that I am sitting here in blue sky and sun and 74 degrees and not getting any excitement whatsoever. (I know, perish the thought!)

  3. lol @ the locusts! That manservant! If he would just stay home once in a while the weather would be fine! 😉
    Wow, that wasn’t so good for you overnight…I know as you said that others had a lot worse but now I feel lucky–well, even luckier. Sounds like you had it all over your house, I am picturing me running from room to room dealing with it all. Well I hope the worst of your cleanup is done and you can relax with a glass of wine! I mean, a bottle of wine! 🙂

    • Thanks cranky – I did indulge in some wine and I ate an entire box of chocolates! I’d bought them intending to make them last a few days but once they were open and that wind was howling there wasn’t a chance any of them would see the next day! I probably didn’t put on any weight though as I dashed up and down the stairs changing wet towels!

      I must check the manservant’s schedule to see how often I’ll be shoveling snow this winter….. 🙂

      • Yeah – it could’ve been worse. I’m annoyed about the skylight leak though as earlier this year we had someone re-seal both the skylights. The other one is over a bathtub so it wouldn’t matter (except for the water damage to the ceiling) if it leaked! I’m just glad my aunt & uncle weren’t sleeping in the bed – they were going to come and visit but decided to stay in Canada when they saw the forecast.

  4. Well, at least it didn’t rain frogs and the river didn’t turn to blood! 😀

    Seriously, I’m glad you’re okay. I haven’t talked to my older daughter in New York yet, but it sounds like they just got tons of rain, which is a not-so-great way to find out what parts of your home are watertight and which aren’t. (Now you know where all the drafts are coming from during the winter!) But I hope you have a week of dry weather so you’re able to clean up and dry the spare bed. And you are welcome to come out here if you’d like to spend time in dry, sunny climes!

    • I like to leave the wooden front door open to let in light (because row houses are always dark) and on a couple of hot days the manservant complained that I was letting all the air conditioned air escape through the storm door ……. that should’ve been when he went to Hopeless Depot for weather stripping. 🙂

      Everything is dry now and the manservant arrives home tomorrow.

  5. Glad to hear you survived even though you do have a mess to clean up. We watched the weather channel most of the day yesterday. So glad you are okay. How does the manservant manage to be out of town every time something exciting happens? Wish you could send some of that rain out our way!

    • The manservant has some innate knack for being away at the “right” time 🙂 but, his telescope schedules are actually determined by allocation committees and usually involve observing around the time of full moons. There are a lot of dry areas in the country needing rain now – things are never fairly distributed.

  6. I glad that there wasn’t much damage and that you are safe and sound! My brother is in your area, he mentioned the lights flickering also. Sorry Manservant wasn’t there! 😦 Maybe your luck will change and he’ll be there to beat off the locust for you. 😛

    • Thank you Alicia – I hope your brother didn’t have a leaking house or falling trees. The last lot of people who lost power (Pepco customers) got it back today – they must’ve been really happy!!

  7. Maybe he’s saving up his strength for those bothersome three horsemen… Glad to hear you made it through to the other side though. Was there a rainbow afterwards?

  8. Oh, locusts. We had them this summer. They come out about every 14 years and they screech until we think we will go mad.

    I am glad you made it through the storm safely. I would not want to be alone!!

    • Thank you Freedom – I guess I’m so used to being on my own now through these “events” that it doesn’t really bother me. My biggest fear actually is falling down the stairs and not being able to move and no-one finding me for days! That could happen on a sunny day… 🙂

  9. Ugh, water damage is such a pain. We had tons of flooding here but we’re lucky to be in the high areas where it did not affect our home, just closed a bunch of roads. I felt rather trapped last night. What people don’t realize about the drenching rains is that it’s what loosens the tree roots and causes them to fall more often, which is what killed many people this last storm. The wind was actually worse a few hours after the eye passed over us. Glad you guys are okay anyhow.

    • Yeah – that’s what happened with a lot of the trees here. The root system is not very deep so they just fall over when the ground is so saturated. I read that DC Dept of Public Works cleared 267 tons (12 tractor-trailer loads) of tree debris on just Sunday and Monday alone!

    • Thank you monsoon – I was able to get everything dried and the manservant will deal with general repairs and roof man next week. I’ve been wanting to paint the spare room and maybe pull up the carpet and have polished floorboards in there – this might be a catalyst to getting started.

  10. Sounds like you got a good whopping. Do you have insurance to cover this kind of thing? Will you have to replace the mattress and carpeting? What a mess!

    • It’s probably not worth making a claim as our deductible is high. We are going to have to have someone repair the flashing on the roof at the skylight; I think the storm door is just a matter of buying/installing more weather strips (that will be the manservant’s contribution), ditto the windows. The mattress had a plastic protector on it as well as a really thick quilt on the top so the bedding was sodden but the mattress was only sort of damp. The carpet seemed to dry ok – though wet carpet smells nasty!

  11. I am glad you weathered the storm okay. Where I grew up was completely flooded, as it would be, on the coast, during a hurricane. Your description of what it is like to be in one, is spot on.

    • It’s amazing how many areas are still flooded as a result of Irene. Pepco announced today that they’d finally got all their customers here back on the power grid and a friend finally got a tree pulled off his house yesterday (luckily it only did minor damage to a dormer window).

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