A-Z blogging challenge …… T is for…..


Things   –   A matter of concern, state of affairs, an object or entity, a notion or idea and  stuff filling shelves & cupboards around the house.  A handy word used when the real word doesn’t come to mind:  “I need one of those things”  “you know the sort of thing”  “what the hell is that thing?” ….   or just a list of “things”

T is the 20th letter in the alphabet and it’s a busy little letter.    It’s the most commonly used consonant and the second most common letter used in the English language (after “E”)  – except in that sentence where T outnumbers E!

Here are some T-words that popped into my head without taxing my brain or my time:
  1. Talk  –  I’m very good at talking;  I practise a lot.
  2. Tacent  –  not in my nature.  (see number 1).
  3. Telescope – some place the manservant spends a lot of time
  4. Time –  does anyone have enough?
  5. Type  –   something I’m pretty good at.
  6. Taser – if only I had one in my handbag I’d get more seats on the trains – at least until the police take me away!
  7. Train – my major mode of transport other than my feet
  8. Theater –  where I went yesterday to see a Sydney Theatre production of Uncle Vanya with an all-Australian cast including Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and Jacki Weaver
  9. Trucks  – things I played with instead of dollies
  10. Trees & Tullips – wish there were more of them.
  11. Toil – it doesn’t have to be physical does it?
  12. Telephone –  I answer it about 300 times a day.
  13. Temperature  –  my ideal  = 70 F/21.C
  14. Thyroid – something I’d like to blame my extra pounds on.
  15. Toast – to myself for making 54 years in July.
  16. Tarantula  –  are there really some big enough to eat birds?
  17. Tartan –  a short black watch tartan kilt in high school.
  18. Tired –   Dont’ think I’ve experienced much of the opposite.
  19. Tapas – I’m hungry
  20. Trylle Trillogy  – currently reading the first book “Switched”.
  21. Troll –  what Trylles really are.
  22. Temple  –  I should treat my body better.
  23. Tent-   this girl does not camp!
  24. Tan – something my legs never achieve.
  25. Turkey – something I’d only eaten at Christmas until I came here
  26. Turkey – a country I’d love to visit – if only for the great Turkish food
  27. Tahiti –  perhaps my legs would tan there.
  28. Togs – Aussie slang for swimmers (aka costumes) – something I’d have to buy if I went to Tahiti.
  29. Television – something I watch way too much of.
  30. Teacups  – belonged to my grandmother & are beautiful.  They are never used.  Terrified of breaking them!
  31. Taffeta –   gorgeous rustle of a  taffeta skirt.
  32. Tantamount  – one of those words politicians use a lot.
  33. Tedious –  many days are
  34. Traits  –  I have some good ones;  I have some bad ones.
  35. Tapestry – something that involves a needle & thread so I’d be bored.
  36. Technical –  anything that I’m not good at
  37. Tick  – an evil little creature that once imbedded itself in my groin.
  38. Tornado – scary
  39. Tautology  –  I love the sound of the word – it’s a shame I can’t use it more often as I love the sound of it.
  40. Taxi – something I got to ride in a lot when I had my leg in a cast.
  41. Tender –  how my shoulder feels.
  42. Temptation –  looks like a piece of chocolate.
  43. Tomorrow –  if you wake up tomorrow celebrate it!

15 responses

  1. LOL at “Taser!” The thought of you marching into the subway, pointing your taser at the other passengers and demanding a seat cracked me up. I will admit however, that I really wanted one when people began crowding up against me in the subway in Manhattan. Yes, it’s crowded at rush hour, and yes, I know you can’t always help it, but the man who smelled like he hadn’t showered in weeks and who pressed rather intimately against my backside deserved a tasering, I think.

    Tautology? Well, heavens, you live in D.C.! You can grumble loudly about the ceaseless tautology of politics in that town. Use it enough and you’ll probably be asked to sit on a panel on Face the Nation. 😉

    • There are so many things I’d like to arm myself with on the metro – like some sort of sharp implement strapped to my outer thigh which digs into people who insist on having their leg against mine! The other day a guy stood on my foot as he went to sit down and then proceeded to rub his hand up and down my shin as he apologized! Weird!!! I’ve never had anyone press intimately against me while standing on the train (that I’ve noticed) but I did have a guy press up against me on a crowded escalator which was pretty gross! And one day I happened to catch a guy in the window reflection “rubbing” himself!! That was an image I had in my head for many days!

  2. You are too funny Aussie May! You are too GOM…

    I need to go back and catch up on all these posts. I hate missing so much since I started working. I’m still trying to figure out how to get paid to stay at home and blog.

    • hi Freedom – yes I decided to do the A-Z challenge where you write something for each letter of the alphabet – though I think you’re supposed to do it every day. If you’d scrolled down a bit you’d have seen the previous letters to T – and seen just how slack I’ve been at posting them! LOL 🙂

    • A lot of the words sort of ran off each other as I went along – you’ll notice the majority of them are T-vowel words. They popped into my head without much thought (there’s a word I didn’t think of) TH-words don’t sound as though they start with “T”.

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