A- Z Challenge ….. Q is for


quaffing   – something that I’ve had to cut down on a bit since this heat descended on us.   As much as one would like to, it’s not really advisable to race in the door and quaff down a glass, (or 2 or 3),  of white before first quelling heat stroke with a big glass of water.   I don’t like water at all but I’m following the guidelines for being sensible now that I’ve had a birthday and have grown up.

Today I was reminiscing  about winter 2010 when I chilled my wine on snow!    Ah, those were the days! 

I apologize but the heat has turned me into a horrible WP neighbour.   Social Networking is frowned upon at work and the heat seems to have made our home internet service really erratic – I know that’s probably not really a cause & effect under Comcast’s service calls, but on the (relatively) “cooler” days it works slow-to-fine  but then grinds to a virtual stop on the 95+ days!


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  1. Since it got hot out here, our internet service (Comcast!) has been crashing with daily regularity. I was wondering if, because of the heat, everyone was staying at home and downloading movies and watching online videos. But I’ve been drinking beer, which has caused me to gain five pounds. I’m going out tomorrow to get a nice riesling and chill it—but no snow or icy spring, alas. It’ll sit next to the beer in the patio fridge.

    • Perhaps it’s a Comcast “feature” not a bug – designed to save on electricity bills! LOL. You might be correct about all those downloading movies affecting the speed, reliability etc. It’s very frustrating though as the expectation is that I wriggle my mouse and presto! have internet. I started sending my “aussie emails” from work incase I got home and found no access.

      I don’t like beer – I think I might be the only Australian who doesn’t! 🙂 I didn’t have a/c in Sydney and on really hot days used to hang out in the cold food section of the supermarket.

  2. In France, we use to say that water is for frogs ! … 🙂
    In Paris, after a very hot spring, we have a cold weather since the beginning of June … We can drink our old bottle of wine ! … 🙂
    Have a nice day …with icy water ! …

    • That’s a great saying apolline! 🙂 I also like the one accredited to W.C. Fields ” I never drink water; fish f** in it”… There was a nice bottle of white in the fridge waiting for me when I got home from work today – I did have a glass of water while I was opening the cork.

  3. I love to drink, goodness knows but chilling wine? Ewwww! Granted, as I was recently saying, I’d chill a cider with this heat. Hrm. Okay, go ahead and chill your wine! I never liked anything but room temp (as I was raised drinking everything except milk or things that were actually hot) until THIS SUMMER. Yeck.

    • Red wine should be served at room temperature, but that rule was established in northern Europe, in drafty castles, where room temperatures would have been lower, like in the 50’s or 60’s Fahrenheit. So it’s good to chill it for a half hour or so. Or drop an ice cube in.

      • @ kim – the manservant has his red super chilled while I prefer mine at room temperature. A lot of those old “rules” have gone by the wayside as people seem to drink whatever they want with whatever they like and at whatever temperatures. I learnt all those classical pairings of food with appropriate wines but we don’t seem to have any friends who are wine “snobs” – they just toss back whatever we offer LOL. 🙂

      • Oh no ! … Sorry ! Ice in your wine ! … Please, don’t ! … If you like chilled wine, it’s really desirable to put your bottle in a champagne bucket ! …
        Red or white wine cannot be cooled lower than 16° Celsius. Cooler, they loose their aroma (flavor ?)and taste.
        Have a nice day

    • MT- yeah, I grew up without electricity so things were chilled either in cupboards that had gauze on the sides to allow the breeze to blow through or on giant blocks of ice my father would buy from the ice factory and put into an “ice box” . I don’t like things super chilled but the manservant has everything just this side of freezing including his red wine!

    • New record today – 104 at Reagan National airport – which means it was probably 110 in our courtyard! My poor veggies are having a tough time – and I don’t think wine will help them 🙂

  4. Someone else on another site was mentioning that the heat slowed their connection to a crawl, and I was wondering the same thing “expat” said above – why?

    We are on day 39 in a row of over 100 … and a total of almost 60 this year. And it’s not even the end of July yet.

    • Yeah.. I’m pretty sure Comcast doesn’t have “heat” as a reason for their service failing but it’s weird how it happens – just the same as something annoyingly important breaks when the manservant is away!

      I saw those extended horrible temps of many places the other day and, in good conscience, couldn’t really feel sorry for myself. You guys are made of tough stuff – I’d be locked in an air-conditioned cave for 3 months!

  5. How odd about your Internet service on hot days. Glad that doesn’t happen here in AZ or else I’d never be able to connect. 😉

    That wine in the snow looks so inviting. It is 105 here today so that would be very refreshing.

  6. Well, you’re a great WP neighbor in comparison to me. I’ve been offline fro nearly a month, sort of. Haven’t been using electricity so I can use the A/C. This heat is HORRIBLE!!!!

    Trying to get cuaght up nnow.And I’m enjoying your “quaffing.”

    Stay cool!!!!

  7. Maybe you could quaff (see, I know that term living over here) some lemonade instead…that is what I quaff, that or cranberry juice mixed with soda water. Masha quaffs beer and does just fine, LOL, it’s in his blood.

  8. Aubrey, the glycemic index of grapefruit juice is 45 in spite of zero for alcohol red or white wine, champagne …
    In my case – I like sugar but it hates me ! – it’s desirable to drink a glass of wine and avoid a glass of grapefruit juice.
    As you see, it’s difficult to recommend a drink over another : there is a misconception that drinking wine is “not well educated” 🙂

  9. Aaargh – sounds awful. It’s a BIT more temperate here in Boston, but not much. Stay hydrated. Plain ol’ water is the best thing. Stay out of the sun, too.

  10. It hasn’t been that hot in Southern California this summer,but for some reason I have been really liking iced drinks. I usually will just drink cold water from the tap or from a bottle.

    So glad I don’t live in Oklahoma City, where my brother lives-it’s been 105 plus degree weather there.

  11. I was so glad to be in Perth over last weekend – it was only 20C there! (Unusually warm for winter but great for us after the DC heat.) Now we’re back and glad that the heat has abated slightly.

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