A – Z Challenge ….. P is for ….


party.   And,  I am having one because it’s my birthday today.   I had 44 – oops only 43 –  middle-of-winter birthdays before moving to America;  I had my 50th back in Australia at Uluru and I’ve had 10 middle-of-summer birthdays in DC but I have never had one as hot as this one.    I think my party will involve a lot of frozen margaritas and air conditioning!

I just hope my friends will still come out in heat later today!

Edited to add:  thank you to my sister Jane  for a nice post today that made me smile.



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  1. Happy birthday! I too had a middle of summer birthday here a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t yet as hot as it is now. It wasn’t my first hot weather birthday though, as I lived in Indonesia for 6 years where it was always hot and humid.

    • Oh – happy belated birthday Maju! The best thing for we Aussies having a birthday here is that we get messages for 2 days 🙂 Yep Indonesia would be up there in the heat & humidity stakes. I’d originally thought about have a barbie this afternoon LOL !! Glad I changed my mind on that – I don’t think even the hardiest of my guests would sit out on the deck in this weather.

      The time zone on WP is confusing …. I think we can change it but I’ve never really looked into it. Going by that time stamp my birthday will be over before midnight!

  2. By the way, what time zone is WordPress based in? I notice my comment, which I posted at 1:05 pm local time, is time stamped 5:05 pm.

  3. Enjoy your day! I just read Jane’s post and saw your adorable childhood photos. (Jane’s cute too!) I also hope it cools off for you and your friends—good grief, I saw the news and wondered if the East Coast is going to bake into a giant desert.

    • Thank you HG – I had a wonderful day and evening even though it was literally baking outside. I worried that our a/c might give up at the crucial party time but it battled valiantly along struggling to keep the house at 75 F. I bet it was very happy to have us go off to work today and turn it off for a rest even though it meant us coming home to a horribly warm house. My veggies would love some rain!!

  4. Party on, lady! Jane loves you enough to post adorable photos of you in your swimsuit and pajamas – quite the looker you are! I hope your margaritas stay frozen and your salsa stays hot. Here’s to another trip around the sun (and hoping we can move just a leeetle further away from it soon).

    • LOL re those swimsuits and p-jays and the very unattractive red trousers! Childhood photos give us a good laugh as we get older – but jeez some of my teenage outfits were positively embarrassing! Iceland looks nice this time of year…..

  5. Just catching up now – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUU! Just imagine a melodious voice serenading you with a birthday song … and that wouldn’t be me! I hope it was a happy day, and a most happy birthday week.

  6. Oh Crap! I’m a day late but know that my “Happy Birthday” wishes include the WHOLE coming year! You are one if not my favorite blogger here on the net. I have learned sooo much from you about the D.C. area.
    I’ve always writen that I live in the “Green rolling mountains”, hoping to paint a place of cool, clean air blowing over green fields. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth this last week! LOL It has been in the mid 90’s and my normally green grass is the color of gold. Even though I’m 150 miles north of you it is HOT here too. Happppy Birthday to You

    • Thank you so much Denise – I love you popping in 🙂 My garden is getting crispier every day! “Green rolling mountains” really do sound wonderfully cool even if they are not. Perhaps now you are getting some cooler weather – it was very slightly cooler here today but not so much that you’d really notice.

  7. Much happiness to you! Sorry to be late, but to recite all of my excuses would sound churlish…so let me just say happy, happy belated birthday!!

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