A – Z Challenge…….. O is for ….


Well,  O is for “Oh”  – not a super sophisticated word but the first word that popped into my head when I asked myself  “O is for…??”

I then thought of better  “o”- words like obsequious but then I’d have to dedicate a post to the manservant and it’s fairly obvious that I’d rather write about oneself;  I could write oodles on an obscure disease of the octopus or ostracod or I  could write of objects or people that attract my odium …. but nope, “Oh” is my word.

Oh is one of those words we use so often we probably don’t realise how often we throw it about.

When your best friend didn’t get that dream job that would’ve meant them moving across country:   Oh, that’s too bad

When you are being sort of dismissive:  Oh dear, never mind, we’ll get another one.  

When someone tells you something sad even though you didn’t cause it: Oh, I’m so sorry.

When things are going wrong:  Oh sweet Jesus not now! 

When you’ve shredded a million dollar cheque at work:  Oh shit, I am going to be in so much trouble.

When you walk outside basically anywhere in America this week:  Oh fuck it’s hot!


22 responses

  1. OH! This is refreshing to read. Probably better than if you had picked obsequieous. Or however you spell it.
    Oh is an interesting little word as it is all in the inflection that the meaning is derived….

  2. “Uh OH” doesn’t qualify here? I suppose it’s similar to “Oh shit,” though whenever I hear it, I tend to go all tense and wonder what the person who said it did and how serious it was.

    Then there’s OMG, which seems to be used for a number of different occasions: OMG, I’m so excited! or OMG, that’s just horrible! Come to think of it, when I was younger, “Oh my god” was quite serious—something awful had to have happened before people would use it. Nowadays my kids toss it out whether they’ve just stepped in a pile of poo or are announcing they’re going to Disneyland, lol.

    But I wish it wasn’t so hot for you guys on the East Coast and Midwest. My older daughter in New York says they’ve been running the air conditioner day and night for the past four days, and it’s not supposed to get cooler for yet another week.

    • I actually heard recently that OMG was first written in a letter to Winston Churchill. I read it in Real Simple so it must be true. (**LOL**)! :0

  3. I should be so lucky; the forecast today for the central Mid-Atlantic states is for temps in the 100’s
    My own experience in the UK (late august) was just how much cooler it was compared to…. In Edinburgh, we actually had to but sweaters!

  4. Loved the O list! I don’t think I’ve ever been polite enough to say Oh sweet Jesus, but I did know a girl who used to say, “oh my heck”! I suppose she was trying to avoid taking anyone’s name in vain. 😉

  5. I thought immediatly “OMG” … but I did not write it speedily … and then, Emmy wrote it perfectly …
    Though, in French, “O”, is water … I send you all the water and rain you need … In Paris, we have too much “O” … we are flooded with water … On the contrary, I have heard it’s too much “Ot” in your town … Oh, sorry, [h]ot …

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