A puzzle in a headstone….


M is also for marriage and one hopes that entering into a state of holy matrimony is not fatal ……

Taking a stroll around a graveyard, the manservant & I found this headstone.   It made me wonder;  did they die together on their wedding day?   Or, is there some reason to put the wedding date but not the death dates?


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  1. Did you check the other side? Just asking.

    Or, maybe they just didn’t want people to know how old they were, lol.

    I’ve known that marriage is fatal for 17 years, 7 months, and 6 days now … just wish someone would have warned me beforehand …

    • LOL – yes, I looked on the other side – blank. At first I thought that was all one name actually and we laughed at the thought that marriage had killed him! I think marriage initially “ages” women but then something bizarre happens and they outlive the man! 🙂

  2. I saw this in a movie last night. They buy the plot so they have the spot near family and each other when they die. I know you can do that here as well but I’ve only ever known people to buy the plot, not to already have the headstone up and ready. The guy in the movie was pretty pissed that his wife had done it. Freaked him out to see his name on a headstone while he was still alive.

  3. I’ll go with the theory about the headstone and cemetery plot being purchased in advance. In the Midwest where you have whole families buried in the same plot, you’ll often see a huge headstone with each family member’s name engraved on it. Some of them have both the year of birth and of death chiseled in; others have just the birth year, so you figure they’re still walking the earth. I think, however, it would be creepy to see one’s own name on a gravestone. In the cemetery where my parents have bought a plot, my sister and I saw a bronze grave marker with my sister’s name on it. It was just by coincidence that the deceased had the same name as her, but by the marker’s reckoning, my sister died 23 years earlier. My sister laughed, but it was an uneasy one.

    • In this cemetery I found a headstone with the manservant’s name on it! I said “oh look, you’re already dead” and laughed heartily – he was not so amused! 🙂 I love those big family mausoleums that have a family name on the outside, fancy wrought iron doors and lovely stained glass windows. Both the manservant and I are going to be cremated so we won’t need a plot. The little town where I’m from had a big “wall” in the cemetery where you could buy a plaque and have a few of your ashes put behind it – might think about that for myself though it’s probably silly as none of my family (siblings/children) are likely to go there and spend time with “me”!

  4. Well … We all have that sort of thoughts … but few of us act them on this way …
    Were you so disturb with the passage of time when writing your pleasant post for us ? Aussie, you’ll never get old ! …
    Many loves

  5. I don’t want a headstone with my name on it until I’m in the ground! No way I’d put one up ahead of time…geeeezzzzz! Maybe the marriage died and they buried it. lol

  6. With some old headstones, I always get pissy cos they’ll give the man’s birth-death dates and the woman’s name but no other data. Like…chopped liver? Hello? Those are in this area during its French-ownership/ colonization (before the Louisiana Purchase).

  7. LOL yep, I did it. My husband and I bought our lot AND tombstone….engraved with our names and birthdays. LOL The whole point was to take care of a lousy job so our kids won’t have to do it at a stressful time of their lives. Also, those over priced tombstones get more and more expensive every year. When we did a drive-by of our lot we laughed and said to each other that seeing ourselves united on the tombstone sealed the deal for our marriage. We’ve got to hang in there since we made this big financial commitment. 😉

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