A – Z Challenge…… K is for…..

kitty …. though I once had someone spell a word to me over the phone and begin it with “K as in cat”!

Although kitty is a shortening of the word kitten it is generally accepted as meaning a cat of any age, and according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word was first used  ~1719.

We don’t have any pets.  For many years I had fish but they don’t count in the cute and cuddly or man’s best friend categories.  I go through stages of wanting something cute & cuddly but generally anything furry makes me sneeze and it would be cruel to have anything bigger than a chihuahua in our little courtyard especially in winter (nah, I wouldn’t really leave it out in winter).

But that doesn’t mean we do not have kitties… we just have the outdoor variety.  Two alley cats in particular have taken a liking to our back deck – it’s a wonderfully sunny spot and they now laze about as if they own the place.

They used to scamper if they saw a shadow in the glass door but now they will  watch me while I talk to them but the instant the door-handle moves so do they.

Not sure if it’s male or female but this one is my favourite even though it never comes any closer than the outer railing:     
One foot down ready to run: 

And this chubby guy sits in my chair right against the house. When it gets too hot on that metal he moves under the table… :  

and pretends that he can’t see me as I point a camera at him: .   


25 responses

    • He has such a cute pink nose – i’ve been trying for more than a year to entice him closer but he remains really skittish. The ginger one was lying under the table when I got home today and actually let me open the door to talk to him but the instant I looked like I might walk out there he was gone.

  1. It’s the accent that has them befuddled … They’re sticking around more to see what ‘interesting’ words they can learn to tell their friends about.

    I’d bet they’re both males, btw. And they look well fed.

    • I had a strange conversation today with a man on the phone who called to ask about a “garbage collection project” and during the conversation I accidentally said “rubbish” and he was very quick to tell me “no, it’s a *garbage* project ma’am”….

      I think cats in my neighbourhood have a smorgasbord to select from: discarded chicken wings on the footpath, open rubbish bins/dumpsters and rodents. There is also a woman who drives around the alleys in a station wagon and feeds the strays (not everyone is happy about that).

  2. They are cute, but so wise to the ways of the world. It’s like they know that to survive they have to smile at humans from a distance and then run like the wind if anyone takes a step towards them!

  3. This is such an awesome post. You absolutely captured their personalities in your words and photos. Well, at least for me you did!!

    I especially love the dangling leg shot. Do you ever leave them food?

  4. I love cats and especially kitties and have had one for most of our married life, though not since the last departed a couple of years ago. Now I want to be free, free to travel spontaneously if I ever get the chance. They are a long term commitment – our last car died after 13 years and the one before that was 18 years! Every time I weaken and think..maybe… I just summon up the memory of a litter box in high summer. Then I come back to my senses!

    • I smell that! The summer heat just hit this week and my house REEKS! I need to get some tea leave litter ASAP but my schedule hasn’t allowed me to swing by the ONE store which carries it. Hopefully this weekend!

  5. K is also for…KITTERS! My new name for them.

    I’m not allowed to own pets, but I see enough cats on my walks to work, in my neighborhood, in my parents’ neighborhood. So my life is never without felines, thank goodness.

    Your kitters have such beautiful, jade eyes – full of mystery, pride, and when-am-I-getting-my-leftovers.

  6. Kittums!

    I’ve had one or two of the little beasties my whole life, except for when I was about 2-5, when I demanded a kitty for my b-day, and for a few years when we lived in an apartment that didn’t allow them. But when the apt. changed the rules, I had a kitten a couple months later.

    I love visiting kitties as well. I really miss TK’s daddy. He was afraid of us for several years, but he finally got to the point where he demanded food and pettings, with a loud WAOW.

    Yours look pretty well-fed and don’t seem to have a lot of fight scars. They both look lie boys to me — whichever, they are quite handsome.

  7. Those two visitors of yours look adorable, but I’ve learned not to feed or otherwise entertain what might be someone else’s pet. Our old tomcat was in the habit of visiting everyone in the neighborhood, and even though he had a collar, a number of people believed he was a stray and tried to adopt him. I wasn’t sure whether to be amused or mortified—I paid for the vet bills and shots and fancy cat food, but other people got to enjoy his company. One day he stopped coming home, and I figured he must have found a place he liked a lot better. (I hope—I never let a cat outdoors after that.) But when I get furry visitors, I greet them and that’s that.

  8. Great post. The gray and white one is one of the most beautiful kitties I’ve ever seen. Why oh why do people lock their cats outdoors….it should be a crime. I would take that w/g one in in a heartbeat if he were in my town.

  9. “I go through stages of wanting something cute & cuddly”

    I thought the manservant filled that role admirably for you Emjay.

    Oh…and I like the cat on the fence best….looks like he might be useful and not jus lay around doing nothing all day. 🙂

  10. What a great post, I too have stray kitties visit on a regular basis and they no longer run when I open the door, in fact many a day I have to step over them to get out. It’s an unfortunate ongoing problem where I live when a tenant moves out they tend to leave the cat behind. In the 8 years I have lived here there have been about 20 strays.

  11. LOL the red tabby could do with a diet.
    You are right the gray and white one is gorgeous.
    Here I am cuddling more and more with the cat, because he totally won me over, even though I know I shouldn’t. So far all I,thankfully, do is sneezing. But if I keep it up I might have trouble with my eyes again…
    Sigh! Cats are just the most lovely creatures.

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