Post Script to H ….


I can’t believe I forgot H is for Humidity in my H-post.   It’s the humidity which makes summers here really special!!

Yesterday we broke a record for hottest June day since 1874 – or perhaps it equaled that day, my brain is going moldy in the humidity –  it was 102 degrees which was over 110+ in our backyard  – something our backyard has not experienced before as our house was built in 1920.

Oh and remember that “Protective Action”  DC Alert message of ways to keep cool:  Wear loose fitting, lighter colored clothing. Take a ride on the metro or bus which are air conditioned.

This morning my local news reported that one in every 20 rail cars does not have air conditioning (while they wait for parts).   Metro’s advice to riders:   if you find yourself in an uncooled rail car get out at the next station and move along two cars.   Apparently our rail cars run in pairs and if the a/c is out in one car then it’s likely that one of the adjoining cars will also be inefficiently cooled.

Metro operates 850 cars during rush hours – 814 actually run and 36 are on standby as back up for breakdowns etc.   Trains during rush hours are either 6 cars or 8 cars and each car seats about 110 people and seemingly another hundred standing.    That’s a lot of people squishing into the cooled cars – which then in effect makes them “uncooled”.     It’s a fabulous mobile sauna so you lose weight while you ride!

This quote is from a rider who posted to Twitter:   “I’m one hot-car ride away from fitting into my skinny jeans.”

It might take me a few rides but I’m sure to be a size smaller by the end of summer!



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  1. *grumble* They ought to make it illegal to operate a train or bus without AC on hot, humid days. My daughters and I boarded the bus on this oppressively hot day coming back from the Met, and to our disappointment the air conditioning wasn’t working. The ride itself wasn’t more than 20 minutes, but it felt like eternity. I especially felt sorry for the parents riding the bus with small children.

    I hope the weekend is a little cooler, or you can at least stay in a nice air-conditioned house. It seems so unreal, when in the Northwest it’s overcast and cool.

  2. Oh dear, it is all enough to make one’s blood boil! Shopping malls are better places to get cool, or movie theatres. Or maybe the office of the person who made the subway suggestion!

    Try and keep your cool. Your Australian, you know the drill!

  3. LOL about the losing weight. Just the other day I read an articles that stated that new studies have shown that you lose weight in colder surroundings. So they suggested to turn down the heat in the home a couple of degrees so that your bodies metabolism kicks it up a notch or two. If that were the truth – I would by now start to lose my pants.

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