This is Why Mothers Drink


Part 3 of a probably never-ending series….

Remember my Economist son who got swept off a yacht   when one of the ropes on the boom whipped him across the throat?  The same son who a few months later suffered a  spontaneous pneumothorax ….   well…… 

As I was on my way to work this morning the princess called to tell me that he was at that moment undergoing an emergency appendectomy.  Surgery was 9pm their time.   The hospital told her to come at 11pm as that’s when he’d be out of recovery.  The princess did not sound very impressed with *that* plan – but what are good sisters for if not to attend their stricken brothers in the middle of the night.

Now, 9pm their time is 7am my time, which is a little too early to hit the bottle – and besides that would be illegal on our transit system,  but now that I’m home, have spoken to him and know he is okay,  I’m going to make up for the stress I’ve felt all bloody day!


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  1. Oh for the love of fish!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know what to say, Emjay. My empathies/sympathies are so with you!!! My ovaries just fell out. (ok, not really, I had a hyster 7 years ago).

    Anyway…thank Everything that he is ok once again!!!

    Where’s my wine?

  2. See? I keep telling people that kids are nothing but a pain in the neck. And if he keeps that up, he’ll have no usable organs available when you need a transplant! How selfish of him!

    Glad everything worked out. My sister would tell the hospital to call her if I died … otherwise just let her sleep.

    • LOL – only yesterday I was promising him I’d be in better shape when I’m 80 than my parents are so he wouldn’t have to worry about looking after me let alone giving up organs. In-case Jane reads this I’d better say that I’d go to the hospital for her 🙂 – actually that’s where kids come in handy, if you have enough of them you don’t have to rely on your siblings to be there at ungodly hours.

  3. Better start a spreadsheet for the series; I have a feeling you’ll want one to keep track of the sagas.

    It’s perfectly okay to drink white wine or beer at 9am, so long as breakfast is part of the equation.

  4. Happy that things are OK. I hope that as you’re reading this you have a glass of riesling in one hand and a whopping big hunk of chocolate in the other.

  5. I cringe at the adventures of Action Economist, and I don’t even know him. I hope you’re sound asleep and soundly drunk by now. I really would have had a nip before work.

    The only good thing is that he was at home with his sensible sister. Now it won’t go bad when he’s out in the middle of nowhere.

  6. You mean you need an excuse, Emjay? ;o) I’m told it gets easier when they turn 60, start to slow down and get a bit of sense…

    • I saw a young man escorted off by two metro police on my way to work the other morning – it was only 7am and he was basically passed out. I think a passenger must have called them and complained even though the guy wasn’t really causing any trouble – though he was taking up an entire seat to himself. They didn’t cuff him but they had a firm grip on each side of him.

  7. Oh, I am sorry you have been undergoing the situation in need of drinking again! I hope and believe this will end Mr. Economist’s bad luck period. I had a good laugh at inaformerlifeanexpat’s comment. lol

    • Thank you magnifika – I hope it is the end of his bad luck period too; my liver might give out LOL. I would hate to be arrested on the metro for breaking their “no eating; no drinking” law 🙂

  8. I’m so sorry Aussie May. We should all chip in and buy you a flask that you can carry with you on the transit ride. Then you can drink when and where you want to! lol

  9. Oh Emjay, that must be so hard to be so far away. Well, they say these things happen in 3s so I hope this is the end of it for your son. I’m guessing a stop at the liquor store right after work is in order.

    • Thank you monsoon – it is hard being so far away and knowing that it would take me two days to get there if there was a really serious emergency. I hope this is the 3rd and final episode!

  10. So glad he’s OK.

    I am so thankful that we only had one child, and that it was female.

    I’d like to differ with inaformerlifeanexpat.

    A tasteful picture of you in handcuffs after drinking on the metro would be quite acceptable for my early-morning entertainment. 🙂

    • LOL GOF – you really shouldn’t encourage me … mind you, it wouldn’t take much. We supposedly have random bag searches on the metro now though I don’t know anyone who has had their bag searched nor have I seen any searching done, but I have a friend who insists that if they ask to look in her bag we will all be watching her on the evening news. Makes me wonder what she has in there ……..

    • LOL Amanda – that is so true – I’d be in serious trouble if I was “nipping” for 3 at a time! Even when they were little there was mostly only one child being “bad” at a time.

  11. Oh dear! Hope that he recovers soon – and you too!
    It must be so hard for you at times like this, so far way. However, it probably has some up sides. Daughter1 has a terrible fear of needles, and her husband is worse and I always “joke” that I want to be on another continent when they have babies!

    • Thank you FD – yes it can be really difficult being so far away when things happen. I used to be terrified of needles until I had kids – watching their inoculations toughened me up – I couldn’t be a sissy when I had to set a good example for them.

    • LOL yes I could drink Mimosas but I think the popping corks might give me away to the metro police 🙂 He went back to work today – he just told me it feels as if he has a “continuous stitch” – perhaps he should’ve had a few more days on the couch.

  12. Moms need to keep their bar stocked at all times. I am sure when we are being placed in the coffin at ninety two, we’d be clutching our bottles because our seventy year old had an angio !
    I hope your son (and you) feel better.

  13. You could always hide that wine in a travel mug, no one would know……

    So sorry for this stress and I hope your son recovers soon. The good news is that appendix surgery is extremely common and I’m sure it’s routine for the medical staff. Your level of stress, however, is off the charts! Take care of yourself! Drink some wine, do some yoga, but not at the same time. 😉

    • Thank you Emmy. I was surprised at how soon he was out of hospital – it was like day surgery except it was done at night. I remember when the incision was huge and people were in hospital for 10 days; now it’s laparoscopy – done and home before any of those nasty hospital infections take hold.

      LOL at yoga and drinking simultaneously – why not? 🙂 It might make me more flexible…..

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