A-Z Challenge – D is for ….


Dreaming……..  dreaming of something delicious out of my garden in the next month or so…….

These are going to be so good when they ripen – as long as the squirrels, stinky bugs or caterpillars don’t get them first:   

with fresh Basil ….    this little fellow has a bit of growing to do:

We rented a car yesterday, a 4WD actually, and went to the nursery where we bought edibles and peat moss, compost and vermiculite:  

The only pretty thing I bought was a Fuchsia –  everything else is edible – though maybe someone can tell me if I can eat the Fuchsia flowers?    We got:  10 pepper plants,   various squash,  2 eggplant, 2 blueberry bushes, tomatoes, herbs, cucumber, Arugula, some things I’ve forgotten and a Peanut plant!     This morning we worked hard “making”  a soil mixture and then planting.   5 peppers are in the front garden (these we share with our neighbours),  everything else is in pots.  Here is  half  of our courtyard… …   

Now comes the challenge of keeping them alive!



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  1. How wonderful!!! Your garden is going to be so lovely and tasty too. If we didn’t have long-legged antlered rats I could have a garden full of fresh fruit and vegetables. I’ll have to enjoy your photos instead.

    • LMAO @ “long-legged antlered rats” – I shall have to post sometime on the lengths we go to to keep them out of our veggie patch – them and thems groundhoglets. Bastids, all of them!

    • LOL LBeeeze @ the “long-legged antlered rats” – the biggest threat to my garden is the evil squirrel! 🙂 We do have the occasional rat but they don’t seem to be vegetarian…..

  2. Yep the fuchsia flowers are edible, and the berries too!

    What a wonderful collection of plants. I have a whole row of little hot curly pepper seedlings in my garden from the seeds you sent last year!! Thank you! I am hoping to get some lovely little curly peppers from them. 😀

    • Oooh, well HG’s link below says the berries are edible but the flowers have high levels of oxalic acid which might close up my throat. Perhaps I will just enjoy it as my frou-frou plant of the season. One of the peppers we bought on Saturday is the Kung Pao pepper – same as the seeds I gave you. I hope the plant is as successful this year as last year’s was.

  3. I think it’s going to be great! Our garden consists of a tomato plant in a Topsy Turvy. Not sure how that’s going to end but it’s not dead yet so I consider that a good sign.

    Vege on!

    • The manservant would like to try one of those Topsy Turvy things and he was also attracted to what looked like a garbage bag that expands as you water it and the plant grows. I’ll see how yours goes before buying one maybe next year…..

  4. Um, I don’t think you had better eat fuchsia flowers.


    The veggies look wonderful however. Did you plant the tomatoes in a large tub or half barrel? And where did you plant the peanut plant? Those can get really large and spread-out. I also like the concentric tiles in your yard (patio?). I wish we had something like that in my parents’ yard, but we have a hard enough time just keeping the concrete walks clean, lol.

    • The tomatoes are in half barrels – though the plants did not do as well last year in the barrels as one did the year before in the garden. But I’ve filled that spot in the garden with bulbs now so there’s no room for a tomato. I put the peanut plant in a pot – though after reading your comment I think the pot is too small! It had a height on the tag but not a width 🙂 Thank you re the fuschsia flower link – I think it would be a shame to eat them anyway because they will be so pretty out there amongst the veggies.

      I love the tiles in what I call the courtyard. The manservant would rather pull them up and make more planting space but I’ve resisted mightily as he travels so much I’d be the one weeding and maintaining it and I don’t want to do that – toooooo hot out there in the middle of summer.

  5. Those look lovely Emjay – your own bit of countryside in the city 🙂

    I’m afraid that I have been very slack this year and don;t have any veg at all in yet!

    • We are late putting stuff in this year – but then the weather has been so weird there didn’t really seem to be a spring. It’s near 90 today so they will be feeling a bit stressed.

    • Peppers are easy but then we have the advantage of all day sun in that courtyard. Last year we planted more than 20 in pots and I was supplying neighbours and workmates with peppers we had so many! This year I thought I’d prefer a bit of variety in my pots and on my plate.

    • I am always so envious of your backyard but I’m not so prepared to put in the work and effort that you must devote to it. I can’t remember the last time I moved a rock – though I love the idea of having a rock garden.

    • LOL Christina when I was your age I had some hardy indoor plants and thought I was doing well keeping them alive for a year at a time. My mother once made the remark that perhaps I should consider plants to be like other people consider cut flowers – disposable!

    • Ooooo nooooo! One year I planted the biggest garden I had ever planted. In the night a deer or several deer ate every plant down to a stub.
      Since then I plant a few veggies right up by the house.

    • LOL GOF – I’d *love* to find a wallaby in my garden! Today I came home and found holes dug in just about every pot and an evil little squirrel in the act! And I love the idea of “dealing” with all these pests – the squirrels pick the tomatoes and eat one bite (making them unsuitable for human consumption in my opinion) and then throw them on the ground! Wasteful little buggers!

  6. What fun! I love gardening so much. I wish my corn and beans looked better, this is the last time I try to grow those over here. But my tomatoes look okay and greens seem to grow like weeds in the UK. I bought a pepper plant too, but I doubt it will do much with out real blazing heat like where I came from.

    • I bought bean seeds but when I got all the plants in the pots I realised I had no more pots! I have Beetroot seeds too so I guess I’m going to have to buy a couple more pots this weekend. My courtyard is in the sun all day so the peppers have the sun and the heat radiating off all those cement pavers to encourage them along – they do really well.

    • Hi Margy – yes we’ve had a week of lovely sun now. Before that we had miserable grey skies – the w/end is supposed to be grey and raining though so perhaps you will get sunny skies then.

    • We have one trip a year to the nursery and it comes with all the excitement of going on vacation. We rent a car; we plan, we write lists and then we take a “road trip” interstate to Maryland (adjoining state to DC). We run around like kids in the nursery – it’s such an adventure.

  7. What a gorgeous collection of pots – I AM JEALOUS! You also chose some lovely veggie combinations. I hope you post some of the recipes you make. Blueberries can go well in cold pasta salad.

    • Ooooh – thank you for the suggestion of blueberries in pasta. I’ve used them in a chicken salad before and they gave it a nice “zing”. I’m going to have to buy some more pots as I bought some seeds, (carrots, beetroot and beans) and don’t have anything to plant them in! LOL – not as organized as I thought I was!

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