A-Z Challenge – C is for …..



Seriously, did you think it would be anything different!     While other kids were being programmed to learn C is for Cat I went straight to a 3 syllable word that sounds as good as it tastes.

Back when I was a sole parent of 3 kids I would buy a box of Cote d’Or Bouchee chocolates every week – a little reward for Emjay for getting us through another week.

I did not have to go to a fancy chocolate boutique to buy them –  nope, they were on the shelves of my Woolworths supermarket.    One box of 8 chocolates – one per day with a spare for a really bad day –usually I still had that spare at the end of the week because even on a bad day I was scared to eat it incase the next day was worse.

In Australia, in March, the princess and I shared a box and it brought back so many memories and reminded me of how good they were.   When I got back to DC  I tried to find some – to no avail. But isn’t the internet a fabulous savior?      One can visit and shop in Belgium without leaving the couch.

I loved how I could track them, though the first time I saw unknown under “location”   I was a little worried for my mental state.  Luckily the box kept reappearing though!

The chocolate industry is a $50 billion a year worldwide venture  that I contribute to – quite unashamedly!    It’s just as well there are a few health benefits and some excitement to eating it.

So C is for chocolate;  Cote d’Or chocolate.



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  1. I googled “Cote d’Or chocolates” to see if I could find them locally, and your blog showed up as reference #12. The company should pay you for referring new business to them!

    Seriously, I think nothing draws mothers and daughters closer together than sharing a box of chocolates. My older one just asked for a box of See’s Chocolates, which you can’t find on the East Coast, apparently. Since they only sell them in their own little shops, I’ll have to venture into downtown to buy a few pounds—one won’t be enough, since the younger daughter will be joining us later in the week, lol. I wonder however if the chocolate industry funded the research that discovered chocolate was as good as kissing. It might explain why chocolate is sometimes recommended as a cure for heartbreak, but most times I would prefer a box of chocolates to a man. There, aren’t I terrible? 😀

    • That’s funny about Google. Some of our fancier liquor stores sell some Cote d’Or but not the Bouchees – ditto, online I could find US sites selling various Cote d’Or but not *the* one I wanted. Strange – but then the only ones in my supermarket in Australia were the Bouchees.

      I know you won’t want to leave it to the last minute but if you fly out of SFO they sell See’s in the airport. I used to take boxes back to Australia for someone there and would get them as I flew through either SFO or LAX.

      Yes I’m sure chocolate companies fund most of the research into the benefits of chocolate (but I still believe every one of them LOL 🙂 ) – I found another one: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6430777.stm These people drink up to 40 cups of cocoa a week! And, I agree – a box of chocolates often does more for one’s wellbeing than a man! 🙂

    • “but most times I would prefer a box of chocolates to a man. There, aren’t I terrible?” No…if I would not have met Masha, I would have been perfectly content to eat my dinner on the sofa, pref. takeout Mexican from an authentic restaurant, watching HBO, and have some choc for dessert. I was quite content doing that for years!

  2. C is for Cadbury! Yummy yum yum. But I do love Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Today I walked a mile to a farm shop I found out about…they had them! No way! I have eaten two already. They’re best refrigerated.

    • The manservant just got back from a trip to Australia laden down with Cadbury and a few other things I miss. LOL @ walking the mile for Reese’s – desperation can lead to exercise! 🙂

  3. Chocolate is good for the brain regardless of whether dark or not 🙂 the best combination is chocolate with red wine 🙂

  4. I knew ‘C’ is for chocolate, and I’m glad you came thru. Three letters down twenty and a few to go…come on, you can do it. Treat yourself to a box of chocolate and give old Webster a run for his money! 🙂

    • LOL at “I knew ‘C’ is for chocolate” – I was very predictable on that one wasn’t I Raymond! Today when we were gardening I motivated myself by thinking of a chocolate reward. Very Pavlovian – I’m conditioned to doing well if I think there’s a chocolate at the end of the task. 🙂

  5. How did you ever keep the children from eating them??!! Absolutely, sometimes chocolate is the only answer. At least it’s the one a body needs first and foremostly until one’s state of mind is sufficient to suss out other possible solutions…..and sometimes, a good dose of chocolate is all that’s needed.

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