A-Z challenge – B is for ……


…………    well,   “B”  rhymes with “P”  and at the moment my Peonies are looking gorgeous.   If I wait until I get to P in my alphabet posting the plants will be sad and straggly looking.  So, my B is a Beony – though that’s actually a fly on top of the flower!



But for the rigid rule-followers ….  B is for Banana.    For many years I took a banana sandwich to school for my lunch.  Mum would slice one on the slant and  squish it between two slices of buttered bread.  Those were the days of greaseproof paper, not cling wrap & sandwich bags, but  I don’t remember it ever being all gross and brown by lunch time!

Then I grew up, left home and still had a banana every day though it became breakfast instead of lunch.  For at least 10 years I’d cut a banana into rounds make a sandwich, butter the outsides and then pop it in the frypan!  Occasionally, because the whole fat & frying thing wasn’t bad enough,  I’d sprinkle brown sugar over the banana!

Then I went through a 15-year health phase where breakfast consisted of a banana and glass of cranberry juice and lunch was plain yogurt and a banana!

Having obviously overdosed on them I now rarely eat a banana.  But,  considering how good they are for one’s health & wellbeing I think I should start eating more of them again.


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    • I wondered how yours were going – you were the person who told me about the ants! 🙂 The ones out the front are a deeper crimson colour – I was going to photograph them but my neighbours were hanging out on their front steps and I would’ve felt silly out there with my camera.

  1. Well, “botan” (pronounced “bow-tahn”) is Japanese for peony. You could squeeze your pretty peonies in that way. 😉

    A few years ago I saw a booth at the Minnesota State Fair, selling deep-fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. They deep-fry everything at the state fair, so I didn’t pay much attention to it: but now that you’ve described your own fried banana sandwich, I’m a little sorry I didn’t try it. It sounds good!

    • OH – I wish I’d known about botan before I posted this – I’ll have to run things past you in the future 🙂 Wasn’t one of Elvis’s favourites a peanut butter and banana sandwich? I’ve never tried the combination as I’m not very keen on peanut butter. My fried sandwich was so easy to make and tasted so good and was also really cheap – though Jane & Worker have horrified me with the current price of bananas!

    • I remember my mother would ask “wouldn’t you like something different today?” LOL… occasionally I’d have an egg sandwich but I didn’t like them nearly as much as the banana ones.

  2. The flowers are divine! Love it – and hey, rules are for breaking, right? 😉 I think I had a banana sandwich once too. Actually I think there is a restaurant who makes them with sprouts and mayo, strangely enough. I love fried banans but I actually heard that they have high levels of radiation right now! No idea if that’s true or a total myth, though.

    • I wish I could grow bananas! I’m guessing that our climate is not conducive to that venture. 🙂 I’ve started investigating growing blueberries in containers – I think that might be doable and they’ll be good for my memory.

    • The Iris you gave me bloomed this year – they were beautiful. I think you might have given me some Daffodils too in the “mixed group” – they bloomed but were defeated by the crappy weather. I hope those Peonies bloom this year – I gave some to a friend the same time I sent yours – hers flowered this year.

  3. Oh, bananas… I go through phases (like now) where I want one or two a day. Then I’ll go months without any. Peanutbutter and banana sammiches were my best friend growing up. Butter and banana? Totally on my list now. It’s butter. What could be bad about butter?!?

    I bow to cranky’s excellent use of B with “beautiful blooms” – adding to your creative reinterpretation nicely!

    • Re butter – it was strange for me to come here and find that no-one seems to put butter on sandwiches. We routinely butter both our slices of bread and then add the filling. On the odd occasion that I buy a sandwich for lunch they seem to have trouble finding butter to put on my bread and they charge me 5c for the extra filling !!

  4. Your mum made your lunch every day. My mum did nothing for ours as well as would not give us any money for lunch so we went without lunch at school for most of our youth. That is ok – I was tough! And I always made sure my son had lunch. I would make him Caesar salads (his favourite), bought him gourmet crackers and put in with salami and sliced farmer’s cheddar, home made choc chip cookies, etc. A friend teased me my son was “the little prince” with food. But look at him now, a chef. LOL!
    I like PB and banana with mayo sandwich. Masha nearly vomits when he sees it (with his Vegemite toast! gag)
    Your peonies are beautiful and rich in colour. I planted 3 but alas they are first year and I only see one wimpy bud. They are my favourite flower, along with star gazing lilies and hyacinths.
    Hah – I did not know how good they were for you – but I had a wonderful doc from Korea back in N.C. who I miss terribly. She was always sensible. WHen I was in grad school and went in because my eyelids were spasming (maddening!) she said “I can give you a muscle relaxer.” I said to that “No, I hate drugs.” She: “Then eat a banana every day. It’s surely from stress and that will cure you.” It worked and I still eat them. Not every day as I should, but I try to fit one in at lunch at work to balance the stress and the salami.

    • Oh Bettina that’s awful! There is a school lunch program here in DC and I’ve heard that it is the only meal of the day that many of the kids get – that’s one of the reasons DC is reluctant to close schools in bad weather. You Americans love your mayo 🙂 LOL. Anything that comes with mayonnaise I always order it on the side because the helping is too “generous” for me.

      And to think we learnt that it was an apple a day that kept the doctor away! I like the idea of banana and salami now that you’ve mentioned it.

      • We had too much money for free lunch. Ironic! Never mind that.
        I have been eating a banana a day since you wrote this. It does help especially since I have cut out putting sugar in anything except in flapjacks and fruit breads for a month – I eat too much of the stuff. Tea without sugar! Sigh.

  5. I am glad you gave the Beonies , lol, a chance for a stage. They are lovely. I like the colour.
    And bananas are playing a big role for our breakfast, too. One morning sliced and put in yogurt, or in a milk shake and sometimes in a monkey style. But I have never tried them in a sandwich. Will try one morning!

    • A banana sliced into some plain or vanilla yogurt is a lovely way to start a day Magnifika. It’s been years since I’ve had a milk shake or smoothie – I feel like one now! 🙂

  6. Banana sandwiches….yum! I eat them all the time. Banana and mayo, banana and peanut butter…either way is awesome. I also eat pineapple sandwiches…the sliced pineapple you get in a can…with mayo. Not something I admit often because lots of people gross out about it. I always thought it was just a southern thing, but obviously not. lol

    And beonies! I love it. They are very pretty!

    • I love pineapple on hamburgers! That’s probably a little weird because there is tomato sauce (ketchup) involved 🙂 I think I would like pineapple with a bit of mayo – I’ll try it next time I have some pineapple.

    • Bloomin’ Banana…. It’s funny how food combinations can be so particular to countries/regions – I didn’t realise there would be so many people here that had never had a banana sandwich.

  7. I’ve never tried that. With brown sugar I think it’d taste great. But I don’t think I’m willing to try it too soon. 😛 I like chocolate dipped bananas. My two favorite foods put in one. XD

  8. I don’t remember even seeing a banana until I was an adult. Now I eat a banana almost every day, not usually in a sandwich although I do like banana sandwiches. I used to have jam sandwiches nearly every day for school lunches, occasionally changing to cheese and Vegemite.

    I think this alphabetical blogging is a great idea, btw.

    • One of my boys had a vegemite sandwich every day for most of his school life – no butter though – I thought that must’ve tasted awful! Vegemite and cheese is quite nice – especially toasted in something like a Breville or jaffle (spell check doesn’t like either of those 🙂 )

    • When it comes to food I think everything is worth trying once. When I was in China a few years ago I made a pact with myself that I would try everything I was given. The only thing I spat out was the “stinky tofu” – I really just could not swallow even half a mouthful. (It was incredibly rude – I probably really offended our host but it was sort of a survival reflex I think – it happened before I had time to put it back on my chopsticks and on the side of the plate).

  9. I call them ‘nanners’ if for no other reason than it makes me happy.

    Father hates nanners because when the TV editors were on strike – and he being no strike-breaker – the union found a job for him: carrying crates of nanners off the boats in San Pedro. This was a long time ago but since then he can’t tolerate them.

  10. Your Peonies are gorgeous! They remind me of my Mom. She had both peonies and hydrangea flowers growing in her backyard.

    Very true, banana is a good source of potassium. Eat bananas for your health, and have a good time doing it. I love them too!

    • LOL Raymond – hard to imagine me at a loss for any words – I’m a real chatterbox. I’d love to say that the black “thing” is a bee but it’s actually a fly…. You have an amazing memory – I’ve managed to get my paper towel obsession down to a more “respectable” 20-25 rolls – it does make me nervous having so few though 🙂

      I don’t like peanut butter very much – it would have to be a mere scraping so as not to ruin my banana.

  11. Oh, by the way…try bananers with peanut butter. Actually, one doesn’t mix the two together, as I’ve written, but, rather, one puts the banana rounds on the other piece of bread, uh, the one that has the peanut butter on it. ‘Course, one could put the peanut butter on one piece and put the banana rounds on the other piece of bread…in which case, I hope you’re fast enough. Or, if you’ve the usual stock of 47 rolls of paper towels, just do it however you wish. 🙂

  12. Sometimes I love to chop up a banana into a bowl and put a huge glob of peanut butter in with it. Yummy! I will admit, I’ve never tried a banana sandwich. It sounds pretty good, though….I might have to make one someday!

    • Mmmm – not sure I would like this as I’m not that keen on peanut butter. I wonder if your tastes will change much while you are pregnant… when I was pregnant with my first I ate peanut butter and alfalfa sprout sandwiches but once he was born I couldn’t stand the thought of having one (and don’t think I’ve had one since!) 🙂

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