A-Z challenge – A is for….


Last year I was doing a much better job at regular blogging.  I was doing the photo-a-day project and I had a broken shoulder to moan about.  Now left to my own imagination and no injuries I’m finding it hard to come up with posts.   I obviously need prompts…

GOM has been doing an A-Z blogging challenge and I think I might give it a go too.   I’m not going to dither over, or research, what word to use for each letter;  I’m going to approach this as if I’m on an analyst’s couch and he’s got 26 flash cards and is instructing me to “say the first thing that comes into your head”.

So A …..

Now, you might think that Australia would be the first word to pop into my head but no, my “A” word is Attitude.

The first time I heard the word Attitude was probably via my father saying some version of   “you’d better improve your attitude young lady”.

Now I’m a big, grown-up adult my attitude and disposition is generally a happy, positive one.   We’ve all heard that a positive attitude will get you a long way in life and through life.  Well, I’m still waiting for this positive attitude to take me a “long way”  but then I suppose it did get me a long way from home!

And, I hope that it will lead to a long(er), health(ier) life because sometimes being positive can be bloody hard work!  Much harder than being negative and hostile which probably comes naturally to quite a few of us.

But I think it’s worth trying to adjust our attitude towards the positive end of the spectrum because as  Cavett Robert  said:    If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one.  



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  1. If one is feeling somewhat negative about life too bad one cannot “miss” a day here and there….you know, take a time out. It would do wonders for one’s attitude. That, and good chocolate.

  2. You do come off as being a naturally sunny person. I’ve come to the conclusion that some people are born sourpusses, and no amount of attitude change is going to help them unless they really, really work hard at it. I used to think my father was grumpy all the time because he had such a hard, unpleasant life. Then I found one of his old baby photos, and he’s scowling at the camera. He can’t be more than a year old, and he looks like a took a bite out of a pickle. I can’t believe his parents did that to him. He was just born that way.

    • LOL @ the baby photo of your father. My second son used to sit quietly in the pram, never making a noise – the perfect child. People commented that he was a “deep thinker” just sitting and observing the world. Maybe it makes sense then that he turned out to be the academic one. My baby photos show someone destined to be in customer service LOL.

      • The photo is huge and in an old glass frame. I’ll have to see if I can photograph it and re-image it; otherwise I’ll have to take it out of the frame and have a commercial digital imaging company do it for me. Dad looks like a little sourpuss, but you can tell his mama loved him. The portrait must have cost her a small fortune.

  3. I love it! I always thought the idea of a positive attitude was a hard one because it’s so vague – what exactly does it even mean? We all have our own way of approaching life and it’s all relative. For me people think I’m cheerful but I’m also mistrusting and skeptical – so it’s involved to change that in the correct way. It’s all about personal demons, I guess.

    Looking forward to more a to z challenges if it works out for you!

    • “Positive Attitude” is a vague concept isn’t it. What one considers to be sunny and optimistic another might think of as a bad day. I guess it’s ultimately how we, as individuals, are going through life – a sort of averaging it all out. Hopefully most of us have better days than sad and sorry ones! 🙂

      • Well, I think of you as an exceptionally kind and patient person, and a good friend. Taking care of ourselves is another goal – I think you have much of it down already.

  4. That sounds great, Emjay!
    I have been enjoying Sue Grafton’s A to Z series and read up to S. Her A is for Alibi.
    Now I am happy to have another alphabetical series to look forward to!

    • Isn’t copying is a form of flattery….. I suppose I’m supposed to come up with a letter a day but that’s not going to happen. At the rate I get on here this will be a 2 or 3 month project. I think a word will easily just pop into my head but I will have problems thinking up a paragraph to go with it.

  5. LOL – I do find myself being aggravated with many things. I think my job has a lot to do with it. When some one wants a refund for a skirt she obviously has worn and it smells of her stinky dog, positive attitude my arse. Just kidding mostly – I do try not to judge people too harshly lately, I think I have gotten right grumpy in my old age and I do not want to be the old lady yelling at the kids to get the hell off her flowers.

    • LOL @ “grumpy” – like the Grumpy Old Men series! As I get older I’m certainly more easily annoyed by things – luckily we have a high back fence or I might be the old lady yelling at the kids! 🙂

  6. Humpf! And why is that? I am too a happy and positive person – but there is so much negativity around that it is hard to stay up-beat. How is it possible that all those miserable people can drag one down so easily…. Is there a cure you think? 😉

  7. I remember me about your broken shoulder-it was bad. And I have also your projekt “photo-a-day” in my brain…that was very funny and interesting for me…your are smart and have very good ideas-I´m nosy about your next project AND I love the slogan:”If you don´t think every day is a good day, just try missing one”

    • I think I will do the photo a day again next year. I’ve sort of missed it. I liked seeing what others posted in the challenge too – it’s interesting to see everyday “things” from other people’s lives and from other countries.

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