Spring has arrived in my garden….


At last I have a bloom in my garden!   And, it’s a beauty!

I did have some daffodils but they flowered before winter was finished with us and their life was shortened by a frost.     My peonies are full of buds, it won’t be long before the Day-lilies start budding and the hydrangeas are slowly coming back to life.

I was surprised to find it was the 1st of May today.   I don’t feel as if I have a grip on 2011 yet.



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  1. Pretty!!

    I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’ve eight lovely pepper plants going from the seeds you sent me last year. Those suckers are HOTHOTHOT!!! and oh so pretty. Thank you!

    My daffodils suffered the same fate as yours did. They’re pretty much all gone already. 😦

    • Oh – that’s great about the peppers! I did wonder if you’d managed to get the seeds to germinate. I successfully sun-dried a lot of those peppers and we’ve used them through winter. They looked pretty in large Moccona coffee jars.

  2. A lot of our yard was dead this Spring after the snow-thaw teeter totter thing that went on. Most of the flowers, don’t know how, but they made it and bloomed very nicely. Daffodils were kind of scarce this year though, maybe the frost killed a bunch of them around the second or third snow-thaw thing.

    I definitely hear you on the 2011 thing. It’s May. Holy cow. Where did this year go already? I’ve been so busy working on shuffling money and making money and trying to finish up projects that I’m almost halfway into the year. Yikes. Need some slowdown time pretty quick. Vacation anyone?

    • Yeah the teeter-totter thing was tough on the plants. My hydrangeas budded and fresh tender little leaves came out just in time to be destroyed by an unseasonal snow!! I pruned the bushes back and they’ve just started to get baby leaves again. A vacation would be lovely….

  3. It is a BEAUTY!! How pretty.

    I think it’s hard to get a handle on 2011 because the weather’s been so weird. It’s cold here now. In the 40s!! You can see your breath.

    We’re reading a book I read 15 years ago and loving it. I think of you when we’re reading. You’d love the story. Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon. It’s such a compelling read in so many ways.

  4. I’ve always associated iris with Memorial Day, which is when they would appear in Minnesota. I still haven’t seen them here in California—we’ve had such odd weather this spring, one day chilly and wet, the next day almost hot. I think some of the flowers are so frustrated they’ve just given up, lol.

    I can’t believe it’s May either. This year seems to be going fast.

    • Iris were my mother’s favourite flowers (not sure if they still are) – she used to do fantastic floral arrangements – even winning competitions – and Iris featured quite often. I loved the simplicity of an iris and a bit of driftwood or a squiggly dead branch. She was very artistic – I can barely get a bunch of flowers into a vase!!

  5. Love the colors!

    I know how you feel about 2011. How can it be May already? Also, I’ve got to go along with Hangaku Gozen, the weather is really weird this year. We didn’t even have a dry season and winter happened in the middle of summer.

    • I love that winter happened in the middle of your summer – that gave us the wonderful photo of you in your knitted cap etc. 🙂 I noticed a clump of Iris beside the road on my walk to work this morning – it was sort of unexpected and more lovely because of that.

    • My poor hydrangeas got surprised by an unseasonal snow which killed all the new baby growth. I had to prune them back after that and they’re just starting to get leaves again. I wonder if they will flower this year.

  6. So beautiful!

    We’re still having temps in the morning hovering around freezing. And up in the mountains, they’re still getting snow dumped on them. So I think a lot of flowers are getting “nipped in the bud.” It’s May, for Pete’s sake. It should be shorts and sandals weather now!

    • Here in DC we seem to be shorts & sandals one day and pants and sweatshirt the next! It’s getting tiring now. Iris are such a beautiful flower – this is the first time I’ve grown them and I was so happy to see them come up and actually bloom.

  7. Our daffodils always come out early and die quickly … except that this year they stuck around a little longer. Everything else was so thirsty they took forever to bloom and then were beaten to death by a couple of hail storms.

    • I’ll bet you have more than my 3 bulbs! 🙂 I planted these last year so this is the first flowering – I’m looking forward to them clumping a bit over the next few years.

  8. Pretty! I haven’t seen any irises blooming yet, but they are definitely budding in my neighborhood. Most of my flowers out front suffered the fate of contractors’ boots and late snow/frost. Not one tulip will bloom this year, I just hope they come back next year. my hyacinths were weak.

    • I’ve never tried tulips – there are a lot around the Tidal Basin (near the cherry blossoms) – they look fantastic when there are so many of them. I got a lovely vase of them for Admin Assistant’s Day last week – they were gorgeous.

    • LOL – that’s always the way! It’s amazing how quickly everything bursts into life once a few things start. I was looking at my peony buds today and wondering how soon before the ants appear…. 🙂

    • I got my irises in a swap with a Vox neighbour – I sent her peonies and she sent me the daffodils and the iris. They didn’t flower last year so I was really happy to see them bloom this year.

  9. wow-so impressing-I love this colours….what a long winter and now a quickly/fast spring….all is now here green since 2 weeks…..and I say “No to the snow” you remember about this slogan 🙂

    • It’s such a lovely colour – I was so happy to see it open up – the *only* flower in my garden at the moment. It was a very long winter – too long – and it will be winter again in about 6 months time!

      • yes at the moment is this your only one….but the summer is long and mor flowers for you 🙂 and I agree in 6 months is again winter-but 6 months are long 😉 summer summer summer for us 🙂

    • Hi Robbie – I was thinking of you today when I was on zazzle! “Spring has been a little cranky this year” – what a great expression! It certainly has been temperamental.

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