For the want of a nail…


From the Washington Post

DC traffic stop nets more than 20lbs of pot   

By Justin Jouvenal

A routine traffic stop by a D.C. officer revealed a big surprise: more than 20 pounds of pot and $11,000 in cash.

The officer, who was working on seatbelt enforcement, stopped a Nissan Altima after seeing the driver commit a traffic infraction at the intersection of Channing Street and South Dakota Avenue in NE D.C. last Thursday morning, according to D.C. police.

When the officer requested the driver’s license and registration, she smelled a strong odor of pot, according to police. While the officer evaluated the driver’s license, she called for backup.

The officer found the pot, which has a street value of about $96,000, and the cash, while searching the car, according to police. The driver and a passenger were arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.


This is an old proverb – small actions can have large consequences:                         For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.


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  1. I went on a ride-along with our local constabulary once. A guy made an illegal U-turn right in front of the police. This lead to the discovery of many purloined items in the trunk (of the dollar store variety, plus a bunch of… er… feminine itch cream) and the taking off to jail of the two gents for both the theft and the driving while under the influence of nose powder.

    Not as impressive as this, but another illustration.

  2. I agree with phantomxii. The lesson of this fable is really, “Always store your pot in airtight Tupperware and not those cheap knockoffs from the dollar store.”

    And yes, don’t run a red light in front of a cop, especially if you have marijuana in the car.

    • Oh LOL @”.. not those cheap knockoffs from the dollar store.” Absolutely! If you have $96,000 worth of product you think it might be worth spending some of that $11,000 cash on decent containers. Can you imagine asking the Tupperware lady “I’d like enough airtight containers to hold 20lbs of pot please!

  3. With US cops I have the feeling that they can smell that you are about to do something wrong before you do. So I am super conscience how I drive over there. Especially after being pulled over for apparently talking on the cell. When all I did was rest my chin on my hand while looking at street signs which were hidden due to my sitting height and the lowness of the window shield….

    • Exactly. Some areas may be lax but many areas are crazy for pulling you over for anything/ nothing, then finding something to charge you with, even if it’s a citation for noise (muffler, radio, whatever).

      People wonder why Americans don’t set fire to cars and protest our government…cos they pack you off to Syria to be tortured. Dude. It’s not the America we grew up believing in from those B&W films. This is a different America and my parents are heart-broken as they were old enough to witness the decline. It started about the time I was born, so I never got to see “that America” they speak of with wistful eyes.

      • @ madtante – yeah the police are often accused of revenue raising – not far from me a couple of times a week they set up a speed trap on a blind downhill corner – that must net them a fortune!!

        It is a different world to those wonderful old B&W films. Some of the shine has worn off the land of opportunity. Common decency, mutual respect and plain old fashioned manners are becoming more and more things of the past.

  4. A major Interstate highway runs right through my county, and the Sheriff’s office makes good use of the five miles or it they are allowed to patrol. Seems it’s a major drug pipeline from Mexico (El Paso area) to St. Louis & Chicago, and most of the drug “mules” that are caught (and some with huge amounts of cash they can’t account for) are caught because of speeding, lack of seat belt use, changing lanes without signaling, broken tail lights, or even something as simple as not dimming their headlights when oncoming traffic approaches. It happens ALL the time.

    • You would think that if one had illicit cargo or a body in their car they’d check their tail-lights and indicators before hitting the road, they’d strap on their seat-belt and then follow the road rules. So many crims seem to come undone on the road!

  5. When I transport all my pot around the countryside I make sure to have my farting dog in the back seat. I’ve never had a problem with police holding me up for longer than absolutely necessary.

  6. So, we’ve learned:

    Seal the pot in airtight containers, and don’t smoke in your transport car
    Don’t commit minor traffic violations when you’ve got illegal stuff
    Consider an odiferous (but calm) dog.

    • Oh – that is so funny! Synchronicity! It is one of those proverbs I’ve heard all my life along with the stitch in time one. It just seemed so appropriate to this little story. I’m popping over to read yours now…

  7. Excellent proverb. Well worth remembering.
    Just goes to show: if you’re transporting anything illegal, obey EVERY single traffic law, because guaranteed, that’ll be the one time you’ll get pulled over…

  8. Moral of the story: Don’t be an idiot when carrying illegal goods. Drive carefully!


    I’m always reading about criminals getting caught in their stupidity! It’s sort of comforting.

    • LOL paikea – it is comforting in a way isn’t it. I used to read a paper which ran a “loser of the week” column involving criminals and how they were caught. The stories were really funny.

  9. If the only people the police catch are dummies, what does that say about the people who do it but don’t get caught? Law abiding citizens?
    If da judge be de hammer of laws, who be giving away all de nails so dey’s can build all dem ivory towers?
    Lets not spend our money on new technologies for law enforcement when its much cheaper to increase government funding for education. Math and science scores need not be greater than law enforcement IQ’s.

    • LOL Raymond – you’ve given me a good laugh – I like da hammering judge. There must be “clever” crimes (as opposed to brutal or violent ones) that we never hear about – it must be difficult for those “masterminds” not to boast though.

  10. Do not put pearls in a sow’s ear. I have the farting dog. I also have the dollar store tupperware. Does that work? If they found Crystal Meth it would have most certainly been a Speed Trap.
    I always use a speed boat or a helicopter when I transport poundage. Otherwise I smoke before I leave. Never carry your weight in weed. Or at least disguise it as grandma in the back seat in a track suit with a babushka.

    • LOL @ “If they found Crystal Meth it would have most certainly been a Speed Trap”. and LOL smoking before you leave. I left work early today and think some of my fellow metro riders were transporting some poundage. They were disguised as teenagers ….

  11. I don’t have nearly as riveting a story but one time when one of our strays got ill I was pulled over, the officer asked me if I knew why and I said, “probably speeding”. Well, it was just a tail light that was out. He let me go immediately when he found out the cat was on his way to the emergency vet clinic, but I was so shaken up I got lost (it was late at night) and I ended up asking for directions in a strange-looking bar, which I only later realized was a strip club.

    • This is a great story Emmy! And LOL – that’s a trick question from the officer bound to get a confession. I wonder how many people would then get ticketed for both the tail light and speeding… LOL @ the strip club 🙂

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