Bye blossom…


Well the cherry blossoms have bloomed and wilted another year.   The Cherry Blossom Parade was yesterday.  There were concerns that it would have to be canceled because of the uncertainty of the Federal Government shutdown.  Some of the parade route down Constitution Avenue is under National Park jurisdiction and US Park Police. But the day was saved when the DC  Police Department stepped forward and said they would assist if there was an absence of Park Police.

I did not go down to the Tidal Basin this year – the one day I’d half planned on going was the morning we woke to freezing temps and a smattering of snow.    Staying in bed seemed a much better idea.

So this was as close as I got to the cherry blossoms this year:                        Billboard on one of my metro stations: 


And a sign taped onto a wall near the fare machines –  I didn’t realise I was cutting off the important information at the bottom when I was taking this shot! 


On a walk around the neighbourhood yesterday I found that we have our own little bit of spring pink:      



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    • LOL I love my neighbourhood – always something different and mostly confusing. I assume the art is about some expensive dental work – though there is no dentist on that block. I suppose it could be the tag of a gang member who’s spent a lot of money getting a special front tooth…. (like those gold ones you see on rappers).

    • LOL I was thinking it did look like a molar. And I have myself some expensive molars and so does my 22 yr old son who finally has started taking better care of his teeth from the pain involved if not my complaining about he cost (fingers crossed).

    • I really enjoy the graffiti “art” in my area – though I realise it is crime some works are quite aesthetic. There is a program called MuralsDC, a publicly funded program run through the DC Commission on Arts & Humanities, which has created some lovely murals around the city – I doubt the pink tooth was done under this program though!

  1. Strangely enough, the cherry blossoms were white this year. I walked past the ones near the Washington Monument one day on the way to class (I took a detour) and was very surprised not to see any pink.

    I too have seen that “Pink Line” sign at Metro stations.

    • I think there is a combination of pink and white. The Yoshino has single white blossoms and the Kwanzan has pink double-blossoms and there are a couple of other species too including some weeping cherries. Perhaps the section you walked was only of the Yoshino variety….. I think taking a detour through the cherry blossoms is a wonderful idea!

  2. They’ve come and gone already???! We just barely hit above 50F here today! I’m alarmed, can’t you tell by my punctuation??

    Love the pink line idea.

    • Yep been and gone 😦 I think the cherry blossoms always bloom around this time it’s just normally a bit warmer and they last a little bit longer. This year we had snow on them one day and then a few days of horrible winds and rain – I don’t think there were actually many blossoms left for the Cherry Blossom Parade! We had a little stretch of hot weather and my daffodils all opened; then we got a frost and they all wilted and died! It was 85 here yesterday and 50 today! My blood is confused as to whether it should be thinning or thickening!

  3. Last Friday my employee was seriously thinking about furloughing the ones that would be unnecessary. Good for me I was one of those for I was looking forward to some time off.

    • The pink line was clever. Depending on what you read DC has somewhere between 500,000 and 700,000 tourists visiting in those 2 weeks!! I wonder what the plant is in that last shot – probably a hardy weed. 🙂

  4. *sigh* San Francisco had their Cherry Blossom Festival last weekend, but most of the cherry blossoms had blown over due to the heavy rains and winds of last week. I felt bad for the Japantown Association that had sponsored the event, but blossom blooming is an act of nature, not of the Chamber of Commerce or the Japantown Business Association. That doesn’t stop the Japanese bakeries from offering sakura manju or o-mochi, cherry blossom rice cake, however.

    Cherry blossoms in Japanese culture are supposed to be symbols of the ephemerality of life. It seems odd, but in Japanese art one often sees a samurai dressed for battle while cherry blossoms drift about him. It’s supposed to show how a warrior at the height of battle is like a cherry blossom, blooming briefly and beautifully before dying. I find it a sad and disturbing metaphor, but it seems appropriate to remind oneself that you should enjoy life while it allows you some pleasure.

    • That is really interesting about the samurai art – and yes, you are right that one should enjoy life whilst able. I must remind myself of that more often – too often it’s easy to think “I’m too tired” – plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead.

      There is always much speculation (guessing?) each year as to when the blossoms will be in “peak bloom”. The Cherry Blossom Parade closes the Cherry Blossom Festival and does not always fall during the peak bloom period! It’s a 2 week festival that begins on the last Saturday of March – every day there are sushi/sake celebrations, classes about cherry blossoms, art exhibits, cultural performances, rakugo and kimono fashion shows. On the second Saturday there’s a ceremonial lighting of the 360-year old Japanese stone lantern. Then on the last Saturday the Parade happens followed by the Sakura Matsuri-Japanese Street Festival which is the largest Japanese Cultural Festival in America.

      You should come visit one year!

      • I didn’t know the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. was so ornate! I’ll have to plan a trip out there, especially since I’ve never been to D.C. My kids have been there, so it seems ridiculous I haven’t been out for at least a few days’ visit!

  5. I just now saw this post. LOL!!! The graffiti artist has such a good sense of humor.

    We’re supposed to get down to 30 on Friday. I really hope we don’t get THAT cold, and not for very long all the beautiful blossoms will freeze.

    I can’t believe they used tape for the pink line sign. Really high tech.

  6. Our neighbour has a big arse charry tree int heir garden and it hangs over into ours. One morning when it had first bloomed (they are sneaky with it, cherry trees, it is so sudden) I was out there half asleep and said to Masha, “which flowers smell so good?” and he pointed. Oh…big giant heap of white and pink next to me…
    Happily for me, it spawned a small tree in our garden next to the fence. I finally figured out the type. It is a birch bark cherry tree.
    I once went to DC and on mistake it was the cherry blossom weekend. It was so pretty!

    • You are right about the cherry blossoms being sneaky over their blooming. “Experts” predict when the peak week will be – it develops into a blossom watch on the nightly news -makes me laugh. They have an amazing perfume.

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