Will They Shut Down…..


DC’s Mayor, Vincent Grey, issued a  DC Government Shutdown Plan today so we are prepared if the Federal Government closes down on Friday.

I’m not sure how much impact a closure of the Federal Government would have on the actual running of other cities (none?, a little?  a lot?)  – but there is nothing good in this for the little citizens of DC.    Now I don’t care that I can’t register a car or a business as I have neither nor am I about to get either;  I’m not about to try to lodge building applications or apply for permits – heaven knows it takes the Department ages to get these through when they are open!

I do care that some businesses will likely be crippled –  all those little sandwich and coffee shops that rely on federal workers for trade and the small subcontractors that survive on government jobs.

I will feel sorry for tourists who arrive to find that their trip of a life-time is to a closed up DC.

I care that  rubbish will not be collected and it’ll be annoying that the libraries will be closed (though I have enough books in my to-read pile to get through a very long shut-down).

WMATA (metro)  announced this afternoon that their ridership would be down up to 20% in the case of a shutdown but that they would run trains as frequently as if all those government workers were riding – but,  the number of cars per train will be less!   Hopefully not too many less for the rest of us.

Oh yes –  never a dull moment living in the Federal City!



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  1. Interesting times we’re living in, huh? I just read earlier today that a family in Ohio had planned on arriving there this Friday to visit some of the museums and they are all going to be closed. Sounds like this shut down could have been organized a bit better. I hope you won’t be too effected by it.

  2. The immaturity of our elected officials in Congress never ceases to amaze me. They refuse to stand up and do their jobs because of their fear of not being re-elected. This nation’s government is so screwed up… and I am ashamed to say it is the little people in the small businesses that will end up paying for it. Our state government is in a total mess. and I am hoping our governor will be recalled this summer to serve as a warning call to the members of the state legislature that their jobs may be in jeopardy too.

    • It is indeed a shame RM when it becomes all about re-election rather than serving the people. It is so frustrating to have DC’s day to day running so tied into the Federal Government. We should not be a sort of Department or “arm” of the Federal Government.

  3. Good reminder about all the businesses who also benefit from the govt employees, Emjay. It’s funny how the only ones who suffer are the struggling Americans who keep this country running. I’m lucky to have my State job and those small jobs employ many people. The right wing should be ashamed they caused this chaos.

    • Today I heard a souvenir shop owner interviewed – she has a booth inside one of the museums and so will be greatly affected if there is a shutdown. I had assumed that all the souvenir places *inside* our federal museums were also federal. I am lucky not to be a federal employee or an employee of any other company here in DC which will be affected if there is a shutdown.

  4. I say we shut down congress. Let’s leave the rest of government open, but congress is failing to serve us, so we can shut them down. That works for me.

    BTW…. I cannot BE-lieve the Repubs and Tea-Baggers are proposing budget cuts to the Women Infants and Children program, which literally feeds babies and pregnant women, but think it’s just mighty fine for billionairs NOT to have to pay their share of taxes.

    • I was a WIC mom (while being a military wife, ironic isn’t it?). That milk, cheese and peanut butter served us well at the time.

    • I was a little stunned to read that about the billionaires and the proposed lower taxes! I think Americans would be shocked at some of the tax rates levied in other countries…. It is a pity that Congress can’t be shut down alone without shutting down all the Fed agencies and departments.

  5. Waaaaay back in ’95 or whenever it was they did this: I was a military wife. My husband at the time would call me up because everyone was at work, but no one could do anything. No flights, no nothing.

    Such a waste, politics. 😦

    • I thought of you (and your son) this week when they were saying that the Cherry Blossom Parade would have to be cancelled because the parade route has some Parks land. There are bands coming from all over America and one from Japan and the organization lobbied hard to have it go ahead. Today they announced that the Parade will go ahead as planned – the first good news to come out this week.

    • Perhaps that’s the problem FD – I’m not allowed to vote! It is like a melodrama in that they have until midnight tonight to come to an arrangement which would forestall or stop the closure and they are going to milk it right to the very last minute. Oh well, I won’t be staying up!

  6. I read this and thought “hmm belated April fool’s?”
    What’s the point? Just creates more work for the people who get shut down, in the time after taking up work. How can they possible create results through that?

  7. I’ve been wondering that myself. Will it stay open? Will it close? Will all hell break loose or will we be wondering what the shouting was all about?

    • I knew they would keep up us on tenterhooks until the 11th hour. I have friends who work in Government who say the last few weeks they’ve done no work other than workup contingency plans for a shutdown.

  8. When state workers in California were furloughed every Friday for a year, downtown Sacramento was like a ghost town. It was easy to find parking on Fridays however, so just a month after I arrived in CA, I stopped by the Crocker Art Museum (happily not run by the state). Sadly, the place was virtually empty—the cuts in pay for the state employes also meant no one had the money to go to the museum. Ditto the little artsy coffee shop down the block, and the small bookstore and bistro a little further on. The latter two closed up less than a year after that: I wondered if “the Governator” was even aware of the havoc he wrought on the capital city. I wonder now if members of Congress even have a clue of what they’re doing to the average person in the street, or even the average people in their home districts? Do they really believe there’s nobody receiving Medicaid or WIC among their constituents?

    • I think the people of DC are getting tired of Congress imposing their values on local government and population. Currently the federal government does not allow DC government to spend local tax dollars, some $5 billion annually, without Congressional and Presidential approval. I think we are the only city or state in America with this rider and probably most Americans do not realise this is the case. It would be nice to be autonomous.

  9. Whew..I believe that the crisis has been averted..for now.

    My apologies for having been away for so long..how have you been, Emjay?

  10. How extraordinary….a Government “shutting down”??
    Were they elected to shut themselves down occasionally…..I understand that it didn’t actually happen, but I find the concept totally amazing.

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