A man & woman, around 25 years old, stood close to me on the station this morning waiting for the train.   We all watch as an athletic looking young woman strides confidently down the platform to say hello to the 25 year old woman.

After “hellos”  the 25 y.o. woman says  “this is my boyfriend  Eddie”

Young woman:  “Hi there.  Excuse me if I don’t shake hands but I’m very un-coordinated” …

There was nothing un-coordinated about her as she strode along so perhaps she’d forgotten to pack her hand sanitizer……  or suspected Eddie would grip her hand and throw her off the platform!



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  1. How odd. Maybe she was missing fingers or something. I’ve heard of people not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time but never so uncoordinated that they couldn’t shake hands with someone.

  2. Hm! What an odd comment. Was she carrying a load of stuff and possibly was afraid of dropping everything onto the platform? Or maybe she lacked social coordination, lol.

    Sometimes when I’m standing out in public—in line, shopping, whatever—I just block out people’s random comments and conversation because I don’t want to deal with human weirdness. I realize I might be missing some interesting tidbits, but most times it dawns on me that a number of people are strange, and I start hoping they don’t have children or pets at home. o_O

    • LOL @ hoping these strange people don’t have children or pets at home 🙂 Everyday I hear wonderful strange random comments and conversations on the trains – most of the time I don’t remember them once I get off. LOL.

      Nope – she didn’t have anything in her hands. Even her “handbag” was a messenger type strung across her body.

  3. That is a weird comment. She could have just sneezed into her hand and not wanted to pass the love along, but you think she would have said, “You don’t want to shake my hand right now….” If I have a cold I tell people I’ve got a cold and they probably don’t want to shake my hand.

    • LOL – a lady came into our office yesterday for a meeting and she had a *huge* box of tissues under her arm (not one of those neat little Kleenex cubes). It was a really good prop, though a bit cumbersome, because my co-workers coming out to reception to meet her didn’t even attempt to shake hands with her!

  4. I agree, if she just has her reasons for not wanting to shake hands, that would be an odd excuse to choose.
    (Was she blonde?)
    Sorry. Sorry. I’m fully aware that some of the smartest, most successful women on earth are blonde. And that I’m going straight to hell. 🙂

  5. I LOVE THIS… I’m going to use it the next time some undesirable stranger tries to engage me in conversation. “I’d love to talk but I’m uncoordinated… blubblublblub. Seee?!?!”

    • Oh, Kalita – I’m sorry you have arthritis in your hands and can imagine how uncomfortable shaking hands could be for you. Many months after I’d broken my shoulder I would find some people were so vigorous in their shaking that it would hurt my rotator cuff! I started telling people that I couldn’t shake hands because I couldn’t lift my arm up that high LOL. (which was true when I first came out of the brace/slings) .

  6. Personally, I think if someone does reach for your hand it’s a bit rude to back out. People like that should imitate Queen Elizabeth, she always shakes hands wearing gloves. 🙂

  7. Here’s one back at you. Got off the train this evening, head towards the escalator to take me up from the platform, and hear this:
    “This station is so nice and new (it is). We probably won’t be around when it turns to crap. Or maybe we will.”

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