One of those weeks….


This is indicative of the sort of week I’ve just had on the phones.  Thank God this was Friday afternoon because I’d hate to start a week like this:

Good Afternoon XYZ Company

Caller:  Who is your  Whatever  Manager?

Me:   Tom XXYYZZ

Caller:   how do you spell that?

Me of course spells out the (more difficult) last name.

Caller:  OK,  that’s the last name.  How do you spell his first name?

Me:    Tee   Oh  Em

Caller:    Is that T as in Tom ???

And, no he was not joking!


23 responses

  1. Police use certain words to spell out words, like the military, alpha, baker, charlie, and so forth. To be clear to others everyone pretty much agrees what word is to be “A”, “B”, “C”, uh, and so forth. The word Tom happens to be one of the words the police use to represent the letter “T”. So, if someone says ‘is that T as in Tom?’, well, you’re probably talking to a donut shop commando of the blue persuasion. 🙂

  2. My mother did something very similar—she was taking a message from one of my father’s friends, who was named Tom, and she asked him how to spell his name. After a pause, she said the exact same thing—“T as in Tom?” I burst out laughing, but felt a little bad afterwards. She does struggle with writing now, and I have to help her spell very basic words like “mail” and “phone.”

    But that would have made my day at work. Like Irony said, I think that guy ought to go back to his college and demand a refund on his tuition. Though it sounds to me like he needs to go back to high school. 😀

  3. OMG, perfect. It’s like people go into robot mode and don’t simply listen anymore. My coworker had to spell the name of our truck plate to a AAA guy after the truck broke down, but she was not familiar with the system so she was saying stuff like “W as in wobble, B as in bats…..” I thought I was going to pass out laughing.

  4. I can’t help but think this person was a few fries short of a happy meal at the time of the call…just the same, how very frustrating!! It must have been reaolly hard to not laugh or cry or scream bloody murder.

  5. May I suggest some spelling payback?
    M as in Mephistopholese
    I as in Ipanema
    C as in See ya later dude
    H as in How long is this going to take
    A as in Ayyy. Remember the Fonz from TV?
    E as Eeeeeeee! There’s a mouse under my chair
    L as in Lovely chatting but I really must get back to work

  6. LMAO.

    What cranky said.

    Its like me with ‘pen’..maybe its my accent, but no one EVER gets it. They always come back with ‘Ben?’, and then I have to respond with ‘peen’, which makes me giggle.

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