Pig Heaven ….


Okay, okay – I know  “hog Heaven” is the actual expression but I’m about to engage in some mighty “piggy”  behaviour…

A couple of months ago I had an exchange with Geology Woman about what we missed from our respective homelands and what we could not buy in our respective adopted lands….

She lent towards the more practical,  a certain brand & type of mascara, while my yearnings were more visceral ….  chocolate  – old fashioned cheap and nasty Cadbury.  ( Cadbury here in the States is made under license by Hershey and it does not taste like Aussie/English Cadbury).

So  an exchange was organised and I sent her the desired mascara and she sent me chocolate!  *LOTS*  of chocolate!

Obviously  Royal Mail is saving pennies and sending their mail across the pond by sea as GW had just about finished one mascara before my choccies turned up!    I love seeing the Queen’s Head on things (yeah, you can take the girl out of the Commonwealth but ….etc……..)

Every day, for more than a month,  I’ve been ambushing the poor mailman at work.  He was starting to eye my approach as one would view a mad, rabid woman!  Today, with great flourish, he presented me with my package!   He also gave me a package containing a skirt I’d ordered online and which is sure not to fit after I’ve eaten all these:  

Note the wonderful rabbit photos attached to the chocolate!   Rupert is my favourite!



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  1. This is so fun!
    I love all of our peeps! 😀

    When I was in Ireland we ate so many Cadbury Fruit and Nut Chocolate bars….oh, heaven….they were The Best! Malteasers, malted milk balls are about a billion times better than the US mmbs, too! 🙂

  2. LOL! That sounds like a wonderful trade. Poor mailman. 😛 I was upset with the mail service yesterday because I suddenly remembered that it was Presidents Day. Poor Jobby’s letter is going to be late. *sigh* XD

    • I’m sure Jobby will be delighted whenever your letter turns up 🙂 It’s nice that a lot of post offices open on Saturdays here (mine doesn’t) – something we have not had in Australia since I was a teenager.

  3. You just can’t beat good chocolate. I’ve never been a fan of Cadbury’s, but perhaps it is as you say. I’ve not had the English version. Now I’m making myself wish for chocolate. Thanks goodness there is none within easy reach! Enjoy your treat!!

    • Isn’t awful when a craving hits and there’s none in the house! LOL. For 3 years we haven’t had a store near enough to just run out and get some but now that we have the CVS a block away …. so dangerous! 🙂

  4. My memory of real UK Cadbury chocolate is hazy. (Old fashioned, cheap and nasty?) I do remember Roald Dahl had written a kind of rapture to Cadbury chocolate in his autobiography: there was a candy store on his way home from school, and as soon as he got any money he would head for the store and buy Cadbury bars. Later he was a taste tester for Cadbury, which became the inspiration for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    I hope GW is enjoying her mascara as well, though I think you got the better deal!

    • Well I think when I wrote “old fashioned, cheap and nasty” I was meaning it in a nostalgic way – it’s not a hoighty toighty chocolate – it’s a comfortable, homespun comfort type of food. The UK Cadbury tastes slightly different to the Oz version but it’s way above the Hershey’s version. A guy from work went to Australia for work and asked me if I wanted anything and I said “yes, grab me a Cadbury Dairy Milk” When he got back he presented me with a box of Haighs (expensive, I think handmade!) – and he said “I saw those Cadbury chocolates and they looked cheap and nasty and I thought she surely doesn’t mean those” LOL 🙂 (yes, I did!).

  5. Any time you need UK chocolate just shout Emjay 😉

    You will be glad to hear that after much consumer pressure, Cadbury Creme eggs are now made using free range eggs!

    I have an Aussie friend who i worked with in London, she went travelling in Europe and I sent her regular parcels of UK goodies to her Poste Restante addresses

    • Oh Claire I still remember the wonderful biscuits you sent me at Christmas a couple of years ago 🙂 My mother used to send me “red cross” packages but it’s become a bit difficult for her to do now. According to a website I found the Birmingham Cadbury factory produces 2 million eggs a day!!

  6. Hershey’s suuuuucks!
    I find it a major mystery anyway how something, that is made somewhere for some company, does taste differently in another country.
    We have this chocolate in Germany “Kinder Riegel” (which I right now figured is internationally called the same :-P) which I love.
    Same thing is sold here in Norway – doesn’t taste even nearly as good. It took me about 12 years to ignore that fact and like eating the version that is sold here.
    Shhhhh – secret link ;):
    (just found it *harharhar*)

    • Oh yeah we have Kinder in Australia – they had a little toys in the middle? I’m not sure where they were made. It is funny how we get addicted to things from our homelands and then find them disappointing when produced elsewhere. I drank Ocean Spray cranberry juice every day in Australia and when I came here I thought it tasted terrible – same bottle and label! I rang the company and they told me that there was a difference in the % of juice between them and Australia’s was sweetened with sugar while the US had corn syrup (it’s recently changed to sugar). I gradually got used to the US version because I had no alternative and then I’d go home and think the Aussie one tasted weird! LOL.

  7. Yum, Cadbury Creme Eggs! I should get somebody to send me some for Easter. I don’t consider Cadbury to be cheap and nasty; it might not be too expensive but it’s not nasty. One good chocolate I’ve found here is Godiva, and I also love Reese’s Pieces.

    • Hi Maju – I love Cadbury so I was really using the “nasty” in a good way – meaning not a swanky chocolate. Poor choice of words I think now 🙂 I really like Godiva too and I don’t mind the packs they sell in CVS though I really like going into a Godiva store (there’s one in Union Station) and choosing individual chocolates. I don’t like Reese’s at all – I always feel as though pimples are popping out of my face as I eat them.

  8. Awesome! Even the chocolate in Canada is better than what we have here in the States. Not sure what went wrong there. That is so great that you guys were able to do the exchange. How fun. It was great getting the wristlets from Irony in the mail from Norway. We really have created such a nice little global community here, haven’t we?

  9. What is the difference in the Cadbury Creme Eggs between the US/UK versions? Do tell! I always thought the creme eggs were disgustingly sweet (coming from me, it must be pretty sweet)
    Occasionally I can find some English import chocolate. I could go for a nice Yorkie bar right now…that’s the big chunky milk chocolate bar, right? I’m not even that big on milk chocolate but when you get some good stuff, it’s delicious.

    • I’ve never tried a Yorkie (they’re not for girls! LOL – I think that was their advertising campaign). They are made by Nestle and I don’t think they sell them in Australia but I saw them in London. I think the American creme eggs taste much sweeter than the UK ones (perhaps they are sweetened with corn syrup??) they were also not as “creamy” and smooth as the UK/Oz ones. I remember being so excited when I saw a creme egg here and then so disappointed when I tried it! I had a very big sad face 😦

    • LOL GOF – Fantales are lovely and there was always that bit of movie trivia in the wrapper. Fantales sort of melt in the mouth if you leave them but I was told by a dentist once that Minties were one of the main culprits in fillings being “lifted” out of teeth.

  10. All I can say is…..thank God I haven’t experienced extra good chocolate from England, because I can hardly keep away from from the U.S versions. If given a choice of a t-bone steak or a hershey bar, I’ll reach for the chocolate every time. Please don’t share any English/Aussie chocolate with me. 😉

  11. We had a Norweigen (sp?) exchange student stay with us when I was in high school. I immediately fell in love with their chocolate, and she continued to mail me some for years after she returned home (and we would mail her things she loved from the states). I think it’s really cool that you and your friend are able to do the same thing!

  12. I am so happy it finally made it. I was really beginning to think they had confiscated it because of the eggs. You just never know what stupid thing they will come up with in customs…apparently nail clippers are dangerous and you can not take those on a plane, is one of my favourites. (you might give a pedi to the pilot?)

    • Thank you soooooo much! 🙂 Food things that I’d send to my mother were always being confiscated – I’ve given up now! Last year she asked for some brand of talcum powder she can’t get there – customs opened the box and cut the tins open! When she got the package it was mostly loose powder floating around in the box and very little in the tins! I can understand how it might look like a “suspicious powder” but I wish they’d been more careful in examining it!

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