A family tale….


Once upon a time there was a little angel called Emjay who commanded all that she saw. She had more power in her little finger than her beautiful mother and her dashing father who spoke differently to all other men who came to the kingdom.

Her serene world was dashed unexpectedly, and unacceptably, by a squawking little thing with a 3 syllable name.  Emjay did not like having to “share” her things (a concept she still finds difficult) and those 3 syllables just had to go!   Emjay and Min eventually fell into a sort of reluctant acceptance of each other – more acceptable to Emjay as she realised she had a new sort of power –  that of bossy elder sister!

Then the nice ratio of two parents:two children was destroyed with the arrival of another squawking new thing  –  this one with a squiggly bit at its groin – but once again bequeathed with a 3 syllable name.

Somehow or other that squiggly thing at its groin gave the boy more power than 2 girls combined!  And,  this boy proved to be very good at throwing fantastic (sometimes destructive) tantrums when Emjay tried her bossiness  – actually she was a little in awe of those tantrums and wished she’d thought of them!

Eventually Emjay was put into a motorized box,  already inhabited by many bigger, meaner children, and driven away from home for many hours.   Emjay was forced to leave her goods and chattels unprotected for all those long hours.  A fact not unnoticed by the 3 syllable-ers and one certainly taken advantage of!   Emjay’s happiest day in many years was probably the one they joined her on that school bus!

There was a long period while the Leaders rested and regrouped. Emjay & Min and sometimes the boy went off to school each day happy in the knowledge that there was no-one left behind to get into their precious things or receive any unshared parental attention. 

Then, one day, Nan was there to pick them up from school joyfully imparting the news that the circle-graph of attention was to be split all over again.   At least this one came with a one syllable name!

Happy Birthday Jane!




25 responses

  1. Ha! I am also the Evil Eldest Sister in our family, though happily my parents stopped adding more rivals after my brother, the Royal Pain, was born. When I realized I couldn’t compete with the Royal Pain’s tantrums however, I hid. If I saw my younger siblings coming, I’d run off and find a corner to read. And I still do! 😀

    Happy Birthday Jane! Don’t you love being the youngest?

    • Being the baby of four is lovely. It’s almost like being the invisible man. And its definitely like being Peter Pan. Every time I have birthday it makes every one else in the family feel older. If the baby is getting older then they must be really old!!

  2. I’m glad they had that break between you three before they had me because I avoided having to wear the hand me downs. Twice by the look of it as you and Min seem to be always wearing the same outfit.

  3. Happy Birthday Jane!

    (And yeah, I’m glad I was the spoiled younger sister of the family, not that all younguns are spoiled, but you know…..it’s easier).

  4. I too am the Evil Older Sister to the one sibling, Poop Pants as I used to call him. Fortunately after 16 years or so our relationship got easier and we stopped hating each other. Now we get on very well!

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