My own twilight-years blankie……


I have a work friend who crochets beautiful baby blankets for new babies born into the company family.  You have to be special to D to get one but over the 10 years I’ve been there she must’ve made at least a dozen.

A few months ago I started asking when she was going to make me a “knee rug.”   It was what I would call “joking on the square”  – a desire made to sound like a joke.   She asked “what the hell’s a knee rug”….    Well,  LOL,  when I scanned the internet I found most results were Australian or English and related to charity knitting groups and geriatrics!!

Recently a new baby was shown off in the office swaddled in one of D’s blankets in a beautiful purple colour.  I immediately sent D an email:  “I’d like my knee rug to be deep purple please  🙂 “……

This week D brought in a huge bag and presented me with my very own twilight-years blankie and it’s much bigger than a scabby little knee rug!

She told me how annoyed she’d been when I’d sent that email about the purple because she’d already started one in lilac!    So mine is two tone.   But that’s okay because I will be able to line my TV dinner up on the dark sections….  

I brought it home from work today; a day when it was 72 degrees!  I don’t care that I don’t need it this evening I’m snuggled under it anyway!

Thank you Miss D.


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  1. One of my sweet friends made me a fleece purple blankie. I have used it every day – regardless of the temperature – for the past five years. Nothing feels like a purple friend-made blankie for snugglin’ and lovin’!

  2. What a lovely blankie! That’s actually a great gift for old people who are chair-bound, or like my mother, determined never to leave her chair, lol. But it’s also very comforting when you’re tired or feeling a little down to snuggle under a blanket like that.

    My cousin, who volunteers at a hospice, says that purple is also a healing or soothing color. Maybe I should have my older daughter knit a darker purple lap blanket for her grandmother, since lately Mom has been so grumpy. My daughter made a lilac scarf for her, but it doesn’t change her mood very much. She threw a fit last night and told my brother to go to his room. I said to her, “If he doesn’t, are you going to spank him?” 😀

    • LOL HG – I’m sitting in my armchair now with it over my knees just like an elderly lady! I thought about commissioning Miss D to make one for my father now that he spends his days in a “go chair” but I think it might be too heavy for him to move with his one usable hand.

      It’s very frustrating the first time you realise you can’t “make” your children go to their rooms anymore! 🙂

  3. Lovely! In my family, we call it a lap rug but as reported: I speak a patois of Irish, Elizabethan English, modern American English and Ozarker.

    It causes great confusion for everyone but me. 🙂

  4. Very nice colour and so warm blanket ! … May be a little havy ? … I wanna a same one !… Is it possible ? 🙂 Your friend is going to work, if we all ask for having one ! …
    Have a nice day ! …
    Here the time of my glass of red wine ! … I struggle not to crack for the french “camenbert” ! … Yes, I know, I have a lot of defects ! …:)

  5. Your knee rug is beautiful. My mother used to make knee rugs by cutting up old jumpers into squares which she sewed together like patchwork and backed with cotton fabric.

  6. When we were first married and before the babies I crocheted a number of rugs. My favourite is the size of a double bed and so warm that no other blanket is needed. Daughter1 “borrowed” it when she first left home and strangely enough it has never come home again, but that is okay as she adores it. I made about 4 and we still use them some 30 years later. Mine are mostly multi coloured. Nothing as soothing and comforting as a hand made rug! Enjoy, lucky Emjay!

    • Oh you are a clever woman FD! Crochet was one of those skills I never learnt – I don’t think anyone in my family crocheted. The closest I came was Nancy doll knitting! 🙂 I hope mine lasts as long as the 30 years+ yours have – that should just about see me out!

  7. Oh! What a wonderful gift! It must mean a lot. My mom crochets and makes all sorts of baby blankets and large comfy blankets. She made one for me when I was about 10, and I’ve treasured it since. I would really like a new one. Purple is what I’d like too!

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