A filler post….


My Happy Valentine’s Day post should not be at the top now that we’ve passed the 14th in all timezones of the world but I have nothing much to say and it’s been ages since I’ve sorted through my photos now that I’m not conscientiously doing the photo-a-day project this year.

So, for a filler post I give you a snapshot of my exciting day.  There are very few variations to this routine in any Monday-Friday period.

5.30am – my alarm goes off  –   sometimes I’m convinced this is still the middle of the night.  I read my Aussie-family emails before I get out of bed (the advantage of a laptop) and then deal with ablutions, hair drying and the application of a generous slather of tinted moisturizer to my face.

6am  – wake the manservant, if he is home, so he can use what’s left of the hot water while I get my breakfast,  clean my teeth, get dressed and put lippy on.

6.35am –  stand at front door and shout at manservant “are you ready? – I’m leaving now; right NOW!” …..

6.45am –  arrive at station and hopefully only wait 2 or 3 minutes for the first train.

7.05am –  transfer trains – again hopefully only having a 2 or 3 minute wait.

7.30ish –  arrive in Virginia and walk to office.

8am  – take the switchboard off  “night”,  dig my phone voice out and plaster a welcoming smile on.

10am –  half hour morning tea break.    I have coffee with the same friend every day –  she locks the chocolate in her cabinet and doles it out during this break  – if our chocolate was in my drawer it would be eaten in one day!

Noon –   After +/- 200   “good mornings”  I get to change to “good afternoon”  .  There can be an awkward transition period of about half an hour where callers hear a combination of morning and afternoon in my greeting.

1 – 2pm –  Lunch!   Every day I eat the same plain Greek yogurt.  My lunch has never been stolen out of the fridge!

4.30pm –  5 minute break.

4.55pm –  I change my shoes,  lock my desk drawers and hope I don’t have to deal with any more long winded callers looking for people who left the office at 4.30.

5pm –   After answering the phone about 300+ times and greeting numerous visitors I finally get to press the “night” button,   pack my pleasant voice away,   wipe the smile off,   lock the doors and bolt for the elevators!

5.07 -5.10  at the station for my reverse train trips home..

Home between 6pm – 6.15pm –   straight into kitchen where you will find me tearing the top off a bottle of wine and taking my first gulp!  Though I do drink from a glass there’ve been times when I’ve been tempted to take a swill from the bottle just to tide me over until I get that glass out!

7pm-ish  – dinner followed by TV/Computer/reading.

10pm – Head off to bed where I usually toss and turn, grind my teeth and alternately sweat and freeze until the alarm goes off at 5.30 and the next day begins!!

I just saw a RoomStore ad on TV where the woman lying in bed has my shower curtain as her bedspread!  It looks nice in my bathroom but hideous on her bed!


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  1. It’s always fun to see how other peeps spend their days. And it made me laugh that your shower curtain is living hideously on someone else’s bed.

    Speaking of wine….don’t mind if I do! 🙂

    • LOL Lauri the funny thing is that I didn’t even notice the ad happening until I saw my shower curtain flashed on the screen. I hope the shower party was full of wine and good times yesterday ……

  2. Digging out the phone voice and putting on the smile, then putting them away at the end of the day. I have to do this when I deal with clients and even some team members.

    Hehehehehehehe…..I can’t help but think we might be alien creatures who put on our human masks and voices.

    OMGosh, at least we don’t eat our young!!

    • My son told me when he was 13, that I was surely an alien implanted in my mother’s womb…I sat there calmly and then replied, that meant he was half alien.

  3. How on earth are you able to be so cheery on your blog after a day of smiling and greeting callers, including the grumpy ones? When I worked in customer service at my old workplace, I was astonished at how rude some people could be over the phone, and yet I was expected to be endlessly patient and courteous to them. After three months of this, I could understand why some of my coworkers were such grouches: but I also didn’t want to become like them, sour and angry all the time. So chocolate, red wine and funny TV shows became my consolations. I suppose having the nice manservant is helpful as well!

    • I think I’m what is referred to as a “people person” and mostly enjoy my job – as well as being Receptionist I’m the Office Manager so I do get to do a few other things. But, the other day I was ranting at a poor customer service person about our copiers not being serviced as requested. I finally took a deep breath and said “I’m sorry, I know this is not your fault; I listen to people complain and shout all day and I should (and do) know better than to be doing it to you” – we both had a good laugh then as we compared our “meanest” callers.

  4. Your weekdays sound daunting, to say the least. You certainly must get your fill of humanity from Monday – through Friday.
    Home sounds quite a comfort, though. Thank goodness for that (and the manservant, of course!)

  5. Tinted moisturiser is a saviour during the winter months. And I’d be the same with the chocolate, always best that someone else looks after it.
    Thanks for sharing your average day – makes a good meme.

    • I agree about the tinted moisturiser being a saviour – I don’t “do” foundation and powder so it helps to even out my different skin tones. I asked the manservant to bring home “one” little bar of chocolate and one only; he brought 4 so of course I ate them all!!

  6. LOL I love that post, will have to do something similar when I get back to blogging (been a tad busy lately)

    Try Femarelle (www.femarelle.co.uk) for the hot flushes; I can’t take regular HRT but found this fantastic and I can now lead a normal life and sleep again, free of hot flushes. It takes a couple of months to work and is entirely natural 🙂

  7. I am a grump in the mornings and if I had to do that walk and commute early in the morning, especially in some of the weather you endure and after having hot flashes all night, I would be answering the phone with a very grumpy “WHAT!!!” I wouldn’t make it in your life. lol

  8. “Home between 6pm – 6.15pm – straight into kitchen where you will find me tearing the top off a bottle of wine and taking my first gulp! Though I do drink from a glass there’ve been times when I’ve been tempted to take a swill from the bottle just to tide me over until I get that glass out!”

    Yeah I bet.

    I seem to remember a lot of blogging about falling down. I’m guessing that happens around 6:30pm which has strangely been omitted.

  9. Aw…every day I hope to see you got the chocolates I mailed. If they never arrive I shall mail just the chocolate bars and no eggs. Bugger all.

  10. LOL I know that feeling of changing into work mode. Sounds like almost everyone does it. Especially in customer related jobs.
    But they way you night is playing out doesn’t really sound healthy….? Climacteric period?

  11. Wouaouh ! … What a hard day you have, every day ! … It’s true that, these days, one can only appreciate to have a work . But I realize you may dream to escape ! 🙂
    I work myself very long days, but I’ve not to repeat the same words all the day long ! …
    Have a NICE day ! … Many loves

    • I could never teach Apolline – I don’t have the patience you must have. Hopefully by the time I am sipping (currently an Argentinian red) you would’ve finished your lovely French wine and be sound asleep 🙂

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