Hungry for Chinese….. Or Mexican


I’m told that “junk mail” can not be put into mailboxes unless it goes through the United States Postal Service  – something about it being a federal offence – and that that is the reason I find Chinese restaurant menus flying around my front garden every morning, or jammed into the stormdoor frame (really aggravating!).

This place apparently used to serve all sorts of delicious food  –

Now they sell strange things like swimming pigs: (edited to add:  see Seafood Dinner)

When is a triple a quintet?   When it’s a Mandarin Triple Crown of course – and it’s the “secret sauce”  that makes the family happy…..


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    • Our Chinese places seem to “do” every type of cuisine and the other day I saw a rib pit that did fish which I though was a little strange but I guess they are trying to appeal to a wider audience. I hardly eat meat so I’d never to into a rib place….

  1. What an odd combination, Chinese and Mexican food. I wonder if they had a Chinese owner and Mexican cooks, which is common here in California.

    One of my students bought out a Chinese takeout restaurant, then renamed it “Fried Chicken and Pizza.” I asked her why she named it so, and she said, “That’s what it says on the sign.” So I drove by her business one evening and sure enough, saw a neon sign in the window announcing “Fried Chicken and Pizza.” But under the neon was a paper sign that said, “And Chinese Food.” I guess so many people in the neighborhood knew the place as a Chinese takeout, she had to bend to pressure and offer Chinese as well.

    • You might be right – there are very few Asians where I live – actually at my local elementary school there are only 4 Asian children in the entire school population! That’s funny about your student’s restaurant. We have a place called “EatMore Fried Chicken” which is run by a Korean family – the cuisine is “southern” and there is not a Chinese/Asian dish to be seen.

  2. Flyers are annoying. I don’t appreciate people leaving flyers all over my front porch. The ideal thing to do is just put the flyers or cards or whatever in the recycling.

    I’ve never heard about swimming pigs!! That menu looks like Chinese and Mexican food with and Italian touch! 🙂 Here the Chinese run all sorts of (non-chinese) ethnic restaurants. Gee, now I am wondering if they’re selling “burritos Chinos” and “Guacamole dumplings” 🙂 Lol

    • LOL – Guacamole dumplings sound like something I’d try 🙂 I put a little trash bin down the side of our front steps & a note on the mailbox to “encourage” people to put junk mail in it but no-one ever does. I’m always chasing flyers around my front garden and footpath or getting them out of the branches of my Japanese Maple!

  3. Nice one. I wish they would stop shoving flyers in my apartment door as well. Unfortunatly I never have the sense to save the flyer for the day I want Fried Chicken Pizza and Chinese food too…. 🙂

    • It’s so annoying when they’re stuffed in the door frame as they blow away when I open the door and then I have those few seconds where I consider just letting them litter the street before my conscience forces me to chase after them. Mmmmm Fried chicken pizza 🙂

  4. I’d be concerned that a restaurant that does “everything” wouldn’t do anything well.

    Several years ago we were driving through a bit of a run down area where I knew there was a hole in the wall barbeque place. My mother in law was with us. I enthusiastically said we ought to stop there just to see what kind of reaction I’d get from my mother in law. It was priceless.

    • @ “I’d be concerned that a restaurant that does “everything” wouldn’t do anything well”. That’s exactly what I was wondering when I saw how extensive this menu was (there’s a double page I didn’t scan) some of those “fresh” items would have to be frozen I think. LOL – MIL’s are funny creatures – I’m guilty of doing similar things to mine 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s what I was told by the organization that I deliver newsletters for. On windy days I do pop them into the letterboxes – as they are locked I figure the USPS won’t know (unless they are spying here 🙂 ). I would much rather have my junk mail put into my mailbox than blowing around the street.

  5. Chicken Gizzard? Really? Do people ever ring up a takeaway and order a portion of chicken gizzard? Because if they do, that’s rank. We get loads of flyers here. Pizza ones go straight in the bin because I don’t like cheese and can’t eat pizza dough, the rest get scrutinised – if they look like they serve fried alsatian they go in the bin, if they don’t look like they some with a side order of e-coli then they get shoved into the kitchen ‘random crap’ drawer to await their final trip to the recycling bag when I do my annual clear out coz the drawer won’t shut.

    • LOL Vicola – you are truly funny! 🙂 I know people who not only eat chicken gizzards but also chitterlings (pig intestines) and swear that both are delicious. Black pudding is as daring as I go!

  6. …geez, looks for me like “chaos”, chines food and mexican food, seefood and chicken…and I must laugh about the swimming pigs-it suits 🙂

  7. It’s illegal to leave flyers at my house, thanks to my sign

    But your post makes me miss the one from the place that had pizza, mexican, chinese, and peruvian food. I was a teeny bit interested in checking them out but changed my mind after driving past the place – it was a dump!

    • What a great program Long Beach has! I don’t think we have anything like that in DC . In Sydney I used to have a “no junk mail” sticker on my letterbox which worked well. Years ago we used to order pizza that we thought was really good until we read about them getting a whole lot of health violations, including keeping their pizza boxes in the rest room! After that we referred to them as the “toilet pizza place” – we never got sick from their pizzas but after the violations we never wanted to order them again.

  8. Our house has a front door and a side door, and for some reason whenever menu’s get left, they get jammed in both doors. Either they think our house is split into apartments (which is common in our neighborhood), or they hope that by blanketing both doors it will double the oddds that we will come eat at their restaruant. Either way, I find it extremely annoying!

    • LOL @ leaving 2 to double the odds of you trying the restaurant. I’m usually juggling bags, keys etc both coming and leaving the house and having to deal with papers stuck in the door at the same time is likely to make me swear 🙂

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