Chaos & Sweet Love


At work yesterday there were many horror and “war” stories after our storm on Wednesday.  Tales of people getting home between midnight and 2am and then finding no power;  the guy who travelled 4.5 miles in 4 hours before deciding to leave his car on the side of the road and walk the last couple of miles.   The lady whose car broke down in the middle of the road and had to decide whether to stay in the rapidly freezing car or attempt to flag a stranger down.   The guy who found a cheap hotel whose prices had suddenly escalated to more than $200 for the night!  The pregnant girl who was  stuck on a road in her car for 8 hours (baby bouncing on her bladder) before her husband found one of his work colleagues she could stay with.  The guy who got out of his car and helped others push their cars and assisted with jumper leads. The guy whose wipers snapped off under the weight of the snow (yes, I laughed at that one though it’s not really funny!).   The guy who spent the entire night on one of the freeways –  trapped until 5am when traffic finally started to move again.

Then today I  learnt of one young guy’s odyssey that almost brought tears to my eyes because it was just so sweet.    He is fairly new to the company; he comes from a little further south where there’s not so much snow.   He left the office before 5pm and after  more than 3 hours stuck on the road he decided to turn around and come back and catch the metro.  He rode the train to the end of the line intending to catch a bus home from there.  Unknown to him the buses stopped running at 9.30pm because Metro considered road conditions to be too dangerous.

Finding no alternative he walked *ten miles* home!!!!!     I asked “why didn’t you stop at a hotel?”    He replied:  ” well, my girlfriend had been at home all day  by herself with our 7 week old baby so I just wanted to get home and help her” ….

He did not make it into work yesterday  – he said that when he woke up he could not move his legs – they were so stiff and sore from trudging through that snow!


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  1. that is a sweet story. 🙂 If she ever wonders about his love, she’ll just have to think back to the time he walked ten miles in the freezing snow to get home to her. LITERALLY!


    • Yep – I’m so glad that I have never been in a position to have to decide to do something like that! When my kids were younger I probably would’ve but now they’re 21 and over I’m sure they would be happier to know I was safe in a hotel.

  2. oh man! 10 miles! What a guy, getting home to help with the baby! awww!
    I had a quick fright this afternoon–I usually clean off my car pretty well, I have a small SUV, a Hyundai Tucson, but yesterday I left some snow on the roof between the rails for the roof rack. My car was still warm when it started to snow again the night before, plus we had some freezing rain and it was pretty difficult to get the snow off. Usually I open the doors and step up into the car so I can reach but I didn’t bother yesterday because of the sticky icy snow and my sore back. So today as I left the office some numbnut coming the opposite way turned in to their driveway in front of me, when if they’d waited 3 more seconds, there was no one behind me, and I had to brake kind of suddenly. I had my wipers on already and this huge pile of snow slid down onto my windshield right on the driver’s side, of course so I couldn’t see without leaning over toward the passenger side. My wipers couldn’t move so I quick turned them off before they broke. (I don’t know if they would have, but still…) so I guess it slid a little and the wipers then were able to shove the pile off.
    Also, sometimes when it snows and my car is in the driveway I’ll pull them up so it’s easier to clean off the windshield–thank goodness I didn’t do that the other night, I bet they would have snapped. I think I had a bunch of snow fall off the roof of my house onto the car (which added to the difficulty of cleaning off the car) so yeah, good thing I didn’t put them up.
    The End. 🙂
    But man, you sure heard a lot of horror stories! I hope I never have to deal with any of that.

    • I can’t imagine trudging 10 miles through snow – and he wouldn’t have been in proper snow boots or anything. For my relatively short 2 hour ride (normally it would take 25 minutes to drive from the office to my place) – when we were in Rock Creek Park and stopped I told my friend that if we got stuck or didn’t move for more than half an hour I would get out and walk. I only live about 3 miles from where we were and I think I could walk that. Plus, because I’m always walking, I’m pretty prepared in the clothing and footwear department.

      I hope you never have to deal with anything like that too – but then I think Philly is probably better prepared when it comes to snow. A combination of the timing of this storm and the rain during the day washing off the chemicals didn’t help and then once the Federal Government closed thousands of people hit the roads at the same time and the plows couldn’t get through. Just one big mess.

      Snow falling down over the windscreen would’ve scared me too! I think there’s a law here now in DC that you have to clear all snow off your vehicle before you drive it. And LOL about the wipers – the first time I saw wipers flipped out on cars all along the street I thought “hoodlums” must’ve walked along doing it! I didn’t realise it was so they didn’t freeze to the windscreen! LOL – such a snow novice!

  3. I didn’t know why people at work pulled their windshield wipers out. That does make lots of sense.

    What an incredible nightmare. I heard lots of horror stories on the news, but reading them here makes them so much more real, especially the superguy who hiked 10 miles to get home to his girlfriend and baby. Dang!! I can imagine it’s going to take a few days for his legs to feel normal.

  4. I have to admit I’m feeling bad at this moment, reading these stories. Here the news has been about the heavy fog and the fact that we haven’t seen sun in 72 hours, but that’s tame compared to what you guys are going through.

    As for the man who hiked 10 miles in the snow—I wish my husband had been like him! When I was pregnant with our first child, I was at work downtown when we were hit by a snowstorm that dropped eight inches of snow in two hours. My supervisor announced that we were closing early and we should get home before nightfall, as the storm was expected to get worst. I called my husband, but he was home sick with the flu and moaned he couldn’t possibly drive back to pick me up. So I hiked to the bus stop, but was passed twice by the buses, which were packed full of people who also were sent home early. I thought I’d try walking down the street for awhile until an open bus came by, but none ever did—so I kept trudging the five miles back to our apartment. When I got in, my husband said, “I hope you bought soup, because we have nothing to eat in the place.”

    I wanted to dump soup on his head, I was so mad. But right after that I got sick, and so we both spent the next three days in bed. It wasn’t very romantic.

    • Husbands are funny things… we never had snow in Sydney so I didn’t have to test my ex-husband with that. He did, however expend less energy over each new baby; the first one he took a week off work; the second one he had a day off; the third one, he picked me up at the hospital and dropped me off in our driveway! LOL.

    • Oh Lakshmi – that’s a great story though I’m sure traipsing through the cemetery under those conditions was no fun at all! I’ve sussed out my trek from office to home “just incase” and I’ve made sure there are no graveyards along the way.

  5. I’m sure I’d do as this young man : I’d got home at any price to see my baby and my spouse. In anyway, he is courageous. As for the others, their story is a desaster story. I hope you’ll have better weather soon.

  6. Finding no alternative he walked *ten miles* home!!!!! I asked “why didn’t you stop at a hotel?” He replied: ” well, my girlfriend had been at home all day by herself with our 7 week old baby so I just wanted to get home and help her” simply amazing.

  7. What an amazing story! Glad to hear you are no worse for the wear. Don’t know what we would do with that much snow. We have had snow on the ground since before Christmas. But at least it is off the roads now. More in the forecast for tomorrow.

  8. I agree with xman. Wow. To use a European (in this case very British) word: stalwart. Strong in both mind and body. Never mind the soreness, bless him.

    • LOL – that’s exactly what I just said 🙂 I used the word “intrepid” the other day – in the context “only the intrepid have made it in to work today” and the listener looked at me so vaguely I had to explain what I meant!

  9. The one thing bad weather is good for is stories…I enjoyed reading about all the brave folks that managed to take on the snow. Now 2011 will be know as the year that they …….

  10. We had no power for two days but S had worked at home Wednesday so she missed out on a horror commute. She heard stories from coworkers of 12 hour trips home. We also saw cars abandoned at the side of the road, and heard stories of the police towing them and imposing fines. Very petty, I thought.

    • I wondered if you’d been affected by the power cuts – your area had a rough time last year too. One of the younger staff members who left his car went to dig it out the next morning and found it “gone” – it took him quite some time on the phone to find out where it was and yes, there was a “fee” to get it back!

    • Hi GOF – yes, sadly people do perish every winter across the US. A few weeks ago an elderly couple somehow got lost in one of the rural areas not far out in Virginia and they froze to death when their car ran out of petrol. Very sad. My friends with cars have things like blankets, snow boots, sand, shovels etc, in their boots “just in case”.

  11. Heaven bless that boy. I love it when people do the right thing; I Really love it when people do the indisputedly and unarguably right thing.

  12. Wow… What stories! I’m used to snow storms in a small town. Not nearly as dramatic as these stories! But there was a horrible stories of highway accidents and people freezing in their cars or getting out and freezing.

  13. That is amazing about the guy who walked 10 miles to get home. It sounds like that its been a very intense winter back east. My mother said they were expecting another storm this week and they are running out of places to put it once cleared.

    • It sure is astonishing isn’t it. I’m pretty sure I would not do it – but I also know that the manservant would be happier knowing I was in a hotel instead of trying to traipse home to him.

  14. Hi Emjay!

    I dare not comment on your amazing book post as I’m lucky to get through 2 in a month! I love your system of keeping track so you’ll recall what they were about in your ‘dotage’ (that is a great word!)

    I’m very glad I’ve finally tracked you down though I’d not seen your comment on my blog until today(!).
    I hope the new year is going swimmingly for you!

    Here in the Chicago area we’ve had a bit of snow as well. We tend to be a hardy bunch, however and pooh-pooh any complaining. I however, think commiserating is a worthwhile activity. 😉

    Your comment mentioned getting together on my next trip back to Maryland and I’d love to do so. I plan to be there in early May helping my Dad ready his home for the market. My mother passed away last month after a long illness and the house in Frederick is much too big for him to rattle about in.

    It is wonderful to again read of your spirited outlook on the world!
    Take good care,

    • Wonderful to hear from you Cyn! LOL – our President keeps telling us how whimpy we are here when it comes to snow! 🙂 I need to watch a little less (*lots* less) TV if I’m going to make the 75 books challenge….. I’ll send an email with contact details. Emjay 🙂

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