The manservant’s away ……. so, of course, it’s snowing!


There was snow on the ground when I woke up this morning –  probably an inch.   I left for work and by the time I got out of the train in Virginia it was raining.  Then we had a period of nothing and then there was sleet and freezing rain and then it was back to snow.  Big fat, juicy, heavy flakes…

The Federal Government closed at 3pm – but we all know that the company I work for never closes so I was resigned to staying until 5pm until someone I work with offered to give me a ride home if I could leave a bit early …. oh please boss can I?

I was warm and comfortable in the car but it was not quicker than the train would’ve been..    this is what it looked like when we left the office at 4.15pm:

An hour later and still on the road – about 6 miles from where we started!   It was getting very icy…..   and I still had 4 miles to go!

My friend did not attempt to get into my street so dropped me off on the emergency route main road where I crossed  *with*  the walk sign and was almost run over by a turning snow plow!!!  (sorry no photo!)

Things looked pretty as I walked along the footpath: 

But now it’s really coming down –  about 2″ an hour.   

The weatherman just suggested we should shovel a couple of times before we go to bed as this is the wet and heavy snow – the sort that causes heart attacks – well the snow doesn’t cause heart attacks but the shovelling might…

I suppose I should pay attention to that –  and at least make sure my          outwards-opening storm door is clear of snow before I go to bed!  A lesson learnt from last winter when I woke to find myself trapped in the house!

I see that my neighbour has already made one pass on her path and her share of the footpath!    So I’d better rug up and get out there with my shiny red shovel.


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    • LOL – the manservant has never had to shovel snow here! He did get to deal with one ice storm though ….

      No mishaps on my first pass with the shovel. Happy Australia Day to you too 🙂 I did mention at work yesterday that I thought I should have today off but they were not very accommodating.

      • The worst of the storm hasn’t hit here yet. I’m due for work at ten am, and has it showing as sunshine at nine am, so despite more than a foot of snow to get through, I just know they are going to expect me in to work on time. I already shoveled my 150 foot driveway once tonight, just to save me some time on it in the morning (actually in the vain hope that this snow won’t be as bad as predicted, and that maybe possibly I will be able to drive out over it). Pfffft.

        • They forecast that this will be over fairly quickly here – maybe 10pm. Though it’s still falling really heavily, I hope that the next shovelling I do before bed will be it for this storm. I thank God I don’t have 150 feet total to shovel!! There was lightning when I was out shovelling! How cool! Never seen lightning with snow before.

    • My first year here I thought it was “magical” too! I still get a feeling of wonder when I look out and see it all pretty like this but the novelty wears off when you have to “deal” with it.

  1. Of course the manservant is away! He’s more reliable than the meteorologists!

    I just shoveled about 45 minutes ago, not long after I read this. Holy crap, I couldn’t believe there was another 6 inches out there. I couldn’t get out the back door. I leave the storm door propped open a few inches for the dog and then keep the main door shut, well when I opened it to see how it was when he needed to go out, there was a whole snowdrift in between the doors, so it was easier to just go out front and shovel a path for him. I can’t WAIT to get up and do it all again in the morning!
    That damn groundhog better give us an early spring.

    • LOL re the snowdrift between the doors! … I’ve just finished my second shovel and the snowfall has really tapered off so I probably won’t have much to do in the morning. I don’t want to get up earlier than usual so I’m tempted to leave it until I come home from work but then it’d probably be ice and much harder to remove. I’ll see what sort of night’s sleep I have….

  2. So sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Australia day yesterday.

    Very good point about the shoveling that causes the heart attach and not the snow. Be careful. We don’t want you getting hurt.

    • The statistics for injuring oneself whilst shovelling snow are quite high – lots of bad backs and sore muscles but also a surprising number of heart attacks in the over 50’s. I took things nice and easy. Thank you for the Australia Day wishes 🙂

  3. I was thinking that you probably would have gotten home faster on the train, though walking back from the station probably wouldn’t be much fun. And as for the snowplow almost running you over—I always had mixed feelings about seeing the plows in Minnesota. On the one hand, if you saw one go by, you knew your street was clear for driving. On the other hand, they always threw snow up in front of the driveway and all over your freshly-shoveled sidewalk. I also had to make sure the kids weren’t playing by the road when the plows drove by: there was one case where a little boy in our town was struck and run over by a plow.

    So do be careful while you’re out there. It sounds like this has been a brutal winter for everyone on the East Coast.

    • I hate the fact that no-one comes along after the plows have been through and makes “cut-aways” to the footpath. Tonight I had to trudge over hills of snow from the pedestrian crossings to the footpath! DC has been in a weird sort of donut hole for the last few storms; snow has fallen to the south of us and to the north and we’ve just had a dusting. I think we made up for a few things last night. A *lot* of people are still without power tonight as the snow was so heavy (weight) that it brought power lines down. My lights flickered for about 20 minutes but they stayed on!

  4. …wet and heavy snow – the sort that causes heart attacks – well the snow doesn’t cause heart attacks but the shovelling might…

    Thanks for a great laughter to start the day with!!
    The snow if fine, what I don’t envy you is the ice beneath it. So just for that reason I hope it’ll thaw away quickly. Too much risk for broken bones.

    • Oh yes – I noticed when I went out the second time that the snow on the bottom was basically iced to the cement. It required a bit of scarping with that shovel! Some melting happened today and tonight’s really cold so there will be a lot of black ice in the morning – I will be walking like a granny!

  5. I sympathize ! … To walk in the snow fearing to fall, to shovel all this snow, with your delicate shoulder ! …
    But in spite of all that … snow is so beautiful … all sounds are muffled … the birds are coming on the windows to be feed … Winter is not a so sad season.

    • Thank you re the photos Apolline. Yes snow can be very beautiful and can be fun if someone has time to just play in it. It becomes difficult when we try to do normal activities like getting to work though. I love the silence that occurs during a snow storm – except this one had thunder and lightning with it! Quite amazing.

  6. Lovely snow, and how fast it’s coming down… we’ve had a little bit this morning but nowhere near THAT amount!

    Get yerself some YakTrax – great and you never fall over when wearing them – can’t have you injuring yourself again!

    My father was always away on business when we had bad weather, including the ’87 hurricane!

    • Yep 2″ an hour is pretty heavy! I have some Trax that fit on my joggers but won’t stretch to my heavier boots. When the snow gets this high I wear the boots to keep my feet warm – I also don’t know how I’d take them off when I got to the metro station. The Metro does a really good job at clearing their entrances right out to the roadway so I’d be walking out of snow straight onto cement …

    • Oh – there were so many “war stories” today – people not getting home until after midnight and 1am. … then the poor guy who sat on a parkway *all* night stranded in his car – he finally got home around 6am!! Then the 2 people that just abandoned their cars and went back to dig them out this morning. So yes, my trip was a breeze compared to the majority.

      • Again I am glad you got home alright. Maybe your luck is changing. ; )
        We did not get any in the end but it got very cold again. Your beau in back in the bedroom. I just couldn’t take how cold his ears were when I would go in to visit him.
        The babies are fine out in their hutch. They are used to it plus have thick thick fur and each other to snuggle, and loads of hay and straw as bedding. Apparently they are already 3 months old, the vet said! And both female (big sigh of relief cause buns can breed at 3 months believe it or not). No wonder Rupert loves to run and jump for them. A little harem. : )

        • I’m glad that Rupert was warm! 🙂 Today a woman came back to work still shaken from her experience. Her car stopped running and she said she had to make the decision whether to “die in her car; or get out and hope a stranger would be kind”. She got out of her car and stood at the side of the road trying to flag someone down – dozens of cars went past her before someone stopped to pick her up! What does that say about society!! She wasn’t even dressed properly for standing out in that weather! She was lucky though as the guy who picked her up took her all the way home when really all she wanted was a ride to the nearest cafe or hotel!

  7. It must have been so strange for you going from Australia where snow is a curiosity for most to living knee deep in it each year. Do you ever drop the hint to the manservant about retiring where the snow don’t go – Australia, not Florida?

    • It does seem strange to be a girl from red dirt country now living in snow and ice for a couple of months a year. This morning I said “a grader has not done our street yet” … and the person said “ha, graders move dirt – you can’t take the country out of you!” LOL.

      Yes, I’ve told the manservant that I don’t want to grow old here.

  8. It’s crazy that the east coast has been getting more snow (again this year!) than us. Although lately we’ve been dealing with a couple inches every day or every other day. Is it spring yet?!

    • The weather on this side of the country has been wild! We had a terrible 2010 winter and up till now this winter has been cold but not terribly snowy. The timing of this storm was terrible as everyone was leaving work at the same time and the roads were swamped and plows couldn’t get through. Plus, apparently the earlier rain had washed all the chemicals off the roads. …. result = a big mess!

  9. geez….lots of snow 😦 the weatherman in the radio told today-new snow by us…sigh….it is shit cold here and I need the spring and quickly the summer….all the day my Flip Flop´s say to me “Hello Kerstin” 🙂

  10. OMG! I cannot imagine getting up in the morning and shoveling snow before I went to work. That is truly the pits. When we get snow everything shuts down and it becomes a play day. I love the south!!!!

    • Yeah there’s nothing worse than getting up at 5am to shovel snow!! Although getting up that early to milk cows is close! LOL. DC does not deal well with snow over a couple of inches – even though we get it every year!! :-

  11. We’ve just seen the end of a real cold snap over here in England, we had about 3 feet of snow! Good luck with your shovelling!

    • I used to watch TV stories in Australia of people stuck in storms here in the States. Till this storm I hadn’t known anyone this had happened to. It certainly didn’t sound like fun – quite dangerous when it’s so cold.

  12. Looks like you got home just in the nick of time! We had one of the wet heavy snows here last winter. It was so heavy that oak trees everywhere were ripped to shreds by the weight of it, and a couple of people’s metal storage sheds caved in.

    • This sort of snow looks lovely draped all over the trees but it brought a lot of branches down as well as power lines – a lot of people are still without power. This is the sort of snow that can cause flat roofs (like we have) and awnings to collapse under the weight. After the huge storms we had last winter we had our roof checked to make sure nothing was sagging.

  13. Wholly snowy!!
    A winter storm brought 19 inches of snow to New York, making this month the whitest January. We are all gonna freakin’ DIE! 🙂
    Stay safe and warm – and don’t shovel too much!!

    • LOL @ “We are all gonna freakin’ DIE!” That’s the general feeling everytime a storm is forecast here! Last winter was DC’s snowiest winter ever and it wasn’t much fun! Shovel in moderation is my motto! 🙂

    • LOL GOM! The manservant has been regaling me with the delightful temperatures in Chile too! A ripple effect to him though was that the plane he was meant to catch back from Buenos Aires on Thursday evening was not there because it could not leave DC on Wednesday because of the storm! He wasn’t complaining too loudly about getting another day in the southern hemisphere summer!

    • The manservant is fond of asking “why do people live here?”… Thank you re the photo – it seemed magical walking along my street at that moment. I hate shovelling snow – it seems much harder than shovelling out an irrigation ditch! But that might have something to do with being a bit older now 🙂

  14. Manservant is away for ANOTHER snowstorm? Is he clairvoyant? Poor girl!

    Isn’t this fun, Emjay? It’s like we’re in some kind of fluffy hell. Oh sorry, have I lost my enthusiasm? LOL anyway it does make for great pictures. We have plastic shovels and spend hours getting out then the snowplows fly by and bury us again. It’s been interesting.

    • LOL – the manservant’s a pretty good barometer in winter! He should be home tomorrow and I heard the weatherman saying that another storm is “forming” for Tuesday – perhaps he will finally get to use that red shovel! 🙂 I love your description of it being a “fluffy hell” – you’ve had a tough winter.

      We don’t have that problem with snowplows in our street – we don’t have a driveway for them to bury and we don’t have a car on the street for them to close in – that would be so frustrating – I see people digging their cars out and then the next hour a plow comes past and puts another wall of snow along the side of the car! What I do hate though is that they cover up all the curb cuts for pedestrians to cross and I have to climb over hills to get across the roads!

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