Woolly Warmers


Before Christmas Irony posted how her knitting needles had gone mad and produced an abundance of woolly things.   I was too late to buy any that she’d posted but she did a special order for me and mailed them before Christmas.

This week they had still not turned up and I started imagining some postal worker doing their rounds with  something of mine keeping their wrists warm!

Then surprise!   Yesterday they were in the box.   It’s always exciting to receive something with international stamps:    And there was a lovely card enclosed:   

And these are just perfect:   


46 responses

  1. Fabulous! I am jealous. I want her to knit me a colourful coat like that.
    The post is indeed incredibly long these days. And expensive!

  2. They made it, they made it, they made it!!!! lol And I am so happy that they fit you so well! Thanks for posting the pictures.
    I can’t even put it words how great it makes me feel to see something *I* made with someone else.

  3. Yours are so beautiful! I got the black and white ones I had bought just in time for my Monterey trip, but they were too big for Daughter #2, the intended recipient: so I got them instead. (No, I’m not gloating. Well, maybe a little. 😉

    Irony did such a great job. She really should start her own little shop, as those sort of handwarmers aren’t easy to find.

    • I agree that Irony should start her own little business – mine are so perfect – the stitches are beautifully uniform in size and tension. I love colour so these were the perfect choice for me.

    • I’ve never seen any in stores – but then that might be because I’ve never looked. When I saw them on her post I knew I “had” to have some – soon I’ll be saying that I don’t know how I got through so many winters without them! LOL

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