What’d you hear?


The manservant does not hear very well –  too many stage-front Grateful Dead concerts in another lifetime.

I was watching our pathetic little TV when he came in and asked:   What are you watching?

I said:    Something I’ve seen before.

What he heard:   Sunday night football!!!!

Hell would be starting to freeze over before I’d be sitting there, unforced and on my own, watching football!



22 responses

  1. Did he bother to look at the screen to see that it wasn’t large men in uniforms?

    My manservant has the same problem (tho not from the Dead) and it can’t be blamed on accent since we grew up less than an hour apart. I’m working on training him to ask “what?” which is annoying but not as annoying as a blank look or a stupid assumption.

  2. LOL me too Emjay, I hate footie.

    Same here with my ears – bad car accident left one ear a bit dodgy, then too much standing at the front of gigs means that I find some things hard to hear.. especially when daughter chooses to yell at me from the other end of the house! I can lip read fairly well face to face though – handy if it’s noisy.

  3. Years ago Andrew’s hearing was tested for a job he was considering (not sure why the testing had to be done, but whatever) and he was told he hears slightly below normal. They said he has hearing conservation. So I call him that now whenever he doesn’t hear or understand what I’m saying. And he has always been horrible with song lyrics.

    The B52’s Love Shack where they say, “Tin roof…..rusted!” He thought that the rusted was busted! So I guess this hearing issue has been going on since he was a kid!

  4. Mrs GOF used to prance around the house singing “lang, bang, how”….the chorus of a recent popular song until Inga came home on holidays and told her the real words were “Leaving home”.

    We need to get Mrs GOF and The manservant together in conversation. 🙂

  5. That is one thing I am not. I may have the attention span of a cat on cocaine, but I can hear a mouse fart at the other end of the house, 80 feet away and one floor down.

  6. Ahh I do love the Manservant now…as I was once a frequenter to the Grateful dead as well…My Hearing seems however to be “ok” . Sunday Night football isn’t for either. I actually find the injuries that the AMerican Footballers get to be sort of distressing.

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