The manservant’s brother and 4 children ( 5 – 16years old;  3 boys-1 girl ) came to stay on the weekend.  On Saturday afternoon they were watching the football when the 14 year old boy  got up and wandered around the house.

He came back to me in the kitchen and asked in a tone that only a teenager can muster:  “how come you have a great computer and such a crappy TV?

LOL – well,  I think that shows the priorities of the manservant.

Our computer is a Mac with an impressive sized monitor.  The manservant writes  his codes on it and does scary science “stuff”.

Our television is an old cathode ray model which sits in a corner and almost requires binoculars to see the screen!

Without a wife the manservant would not have a television at all.




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  1. Out of the mouths of babes! Sounds like something one of my girls would throw at someone. We have discussions here about thinking before you speak but they haven’t helped yet. I hold my breath every time we go somewhere. This is one of those many things about having children around that I had forgotten about, dealing with the consequences of the things they say, or worse, the things they repeat that YOU say! lol

  2. I only have TV(s) because I have Mr. sKz. Maybe you two would like to meet? We also have numerous Macs of various breeds so maybe the manservant would like to meet him, too?

    This comment was Made on a Mac™

    • LOL @ This comment was Made on a Mac™ . When the manservant lived in Sydney one of his co-workers felt so sorry for him not having a TV that he got him one… the manservant immediately put it in the back of a closet!

  3. Just tell him “You know, if you run out and get a job, then you could buy me a cool TV for Christmas”. Then tell him you might even let him watch it the next time they come to visit. hahahahaha

  4. I used to hear similar things from my kids: “If we got a better TV, video games would be awesome! We never would have to go out for a movie!”

    I would respond with, “So you want me to take money out of your college fund and buy a new TV?” Sheesh. Kids. Especially teenaged kids.

  5. LOL, I’m afraid that I’m with The Manservant on that one – we have a tiny (20 year old) 14″ colour portable TV. Rarely watched I have to say. I wish I had a great pooter though – the one at work is fine, but the home one……

  6. Whoa! We don’t have a working television at all. Sometimes I watch shows on the computer via Hulu, but even that’s pretty limited. I wonder what the teenager would say about that.

    • That is pretty true – most stations now run their shows on the internet anyway (incase you miss an episode..) The manservant has EyeTV on his computer so he can watch his screen as a TV if he really wants to though he does stick to sport.

  7. I think we are the same in this house Emjay.
    Increasingly I find little worth watching on TV….especially the commercial channels….thank goodness for SBS and the ABC for their wonderful advertisement-free documentaries.

    • We seem to have more than a hundred stations but there is never anything to watch! How can that be! The other day we found “retro tv” and have been watching Peter Gunn from the late 50’s !

  8. i would be the same way except my dad is a electronics (in regards to home theatre) junkie. it’s ALL about quality for him which means that he likes to keep up to date with his stuff. and that means we get the hand-me downs. so maybe we only have a first generation blu-ray player. it’s more then what we would have if we were left to buy our own electronics.

    but we have two very decent computers. and yet, i have the crappiest pay-as-you-go mobile phone. people are often surprised. because i’m known to be a geek, they figure i’d have an iphone for sure.

    • LOL – I have a pay as you go mobile too (though not the crappiest anymore because that stopped working on my last trip home to Australia and I was “forced” to upgrade to a much fancier Nokia which I mostly only text on) and I have an old 2nd generation iPod which looks like a brick compared to the new ones!

  9. Don’t the Young People watch movies and all on computers and i-whatevers? A TV must be either the height of luxury or the depths of necessity! I’m surprised that he even noticed the TV!

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  11. “Our television is an old cathode ray model which sits in a corner and almost requires binoculars to see the screen!” yes, that is quite old. You might want to upgrade to a model that has at lest a HDMI connection. Have a nice weekend.

    • Yeah our television is a bit of a talking point! We keep looking at TV prices and hoping they will come way down in price but then think “oh well, ours is still working” ….. there probably won’t be a new one until this one just dies.

  12. I recall when I went back to school after ten years of working my butt off. First night in class, everyone stood up, said their name, where they worked, what they made and why they were coming to school, what were there goals afterward. One of the “kids” in the class, fresh out of high school, still living with mom and dad, working at a local radio shack part time spilled his story just before mine. He was going to make $200,000 a year being a system administrator. I tried to keep from laughing.

    I was next and related who I was, where I worked and got to the part about how much I made when his head about snapped off his neck swiveling around. His wide-eyed remark was, “I didn’t see no Lexus in the parking lot”. LOL. Ah, the wonderful ideals of kids. Big TV, Big priced car, little tiny room in mom and dad’s basement. LOLOL

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